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Margarito Eyes Cotto Rematch, Mosley Wrongdoing Denied

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  • Margarito Eyes Cotto Rematch, Mosley Wrongdoing Denied

    Francisco Espinoza, co-manager of Antonio Margarito, says his fighter is still looking ahead to a June rematch with Miguel Cotto. The rematch plan was in place long before Margarito’s knockout loss to Shane Mosley last Saturday in California. Unless Top Rank has another plan, Espinoza expects for that fight to happen. [details]

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    screw the rematch!!!! go back fighting @ el rancho ball room!!!


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      margarito would LOVE a rematch with cotto, wouldn't he!

      ahahhaha - hopefully he saved up enough money to get out of TJ. that piece of **** doesn't deserve the payday a cotto fight brings.

      cotto should go after shane - stat.



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        I would say this rematch is in jeopardy now. We'll see though.


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          screw that man!! i love margie... i was rooting for him.. but cant deny.. .i felt a lil bit dissapointed with the wrap hand ****...


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            Haha god I love lame excuses. My thought is, let this fraud keep fighting the best and be exposed even more. I want Cotto to brutalize him until he cries.


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              how can you possible justify **** falling out of your hand wraps???


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                I feel ya on that, after Margo cheating he doesnt deserve a rematch, they should never face each other again. and let it be.


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                  Espinoza touched on the hand wraps controversy with Margarito. Last Saturday, 30-minutes before Margarito would head to the ring to fight Mosley, a “plaster-like” material was found in Margarito’s wraps by an inspector for the California State Athletic Commission. Mosley’s trainer, Nazim Richardson, saw something strange with Margarito’s wraps and asked to feel them.

                  “When he put the wrapping on, I asked if I could feel it and when I felt it, I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is too hard,’ ” Richardson said to Yahoo Sports.

                  “When the commission flipped the [tape] over, a little block of gauze-like plaster fell out. I said, ‘Unwrap the other hand,’ and they were saying, ‘Oh, oh, the other hand is good.’ I asked the commissioner, ‘What if I unwrap the other hand at the end of the fight and it falls out of there, too?’

                  Dean Lohuis, the co-interim executive director of the California State Athletic Commission, told Yahoo Sports that both pieces of the plaster-like material were slipped in underneath the legal tape that was already placed on Margarito’s hands by his trainer Javier Capetillo. Mosley’s attorney Judd Burstein had to arrive in the dressing room before a member of the commission put the pieces in a box and handed them to Lohuis.

                  “[Richardson] made them unwrap it. And when they unwrapped the other hand, another one fell out. It was wet with a little plaster on it.”

                  Margarito had to rewrap his hands three times before they were deemed legal.

                  Espinoza says that nobody on Margarito’s team did anything illegal and everything will be cleared up when the California commission is done with their investigation.

                  "We did not do anything illegal. What happened was that Capetillo prepared the gauzes that are used, two weeks before [the fight] and had them in a lump with cloth that apparently was humid and therefore hardened,” Espinoza said. “There was no substance like that there [the plaster]. The commission asked us to bandage his hands again and we did.”

                  I'm waiting for what is left of the Margarito fans to come in here and quote what Espinoza said as fact. They're a predictable bunch.


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                    Originally posted by larryx View Post
                    how can you possible justify **** falling out of your hand wraps???

                    i jsut read that.. and im like what tha f u ck..?? so this **** is for real...

                    ppl say.. tito did the same.. but if im not wrong.. .what was wrong with tito's wrap it was the way papa trinidad tied them up.... not that he inserted some plaster or anything...

                    if anybody can elaborate on this ... ill appreciate it!