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Can Usyk live with the Furious One?

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    Usyk is the champion!


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      Will Tyson Fury face him ever?

      Fury has a tendency not out of fear, but out of his own perceived worth 'Not to want to face certain fighters'.
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        No. Fury is better than Usyk in every department.


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          Originally posted by jack_the_rippuh View Post
          ...the self-proclaimed King of the Gypsies, can Oleksandr live with him?
          Ewww, But for the right amount of money Usyk sure can share the same ring with him for an hour in the night.

          Usyk is not a small man. He's 6'3" tall, with a 78" reach. And a skilled boxing southpaw with a battle tested chin beyond the level Fury hits.

          Many of Fury knell title defenses have been weak, so IMO Usky sure can beat him The fight would beed to happen soon as Usyk is 34 year of age.

          WhileFury has some clear advantages in height, reach and weight, he's going need to be in shape here, otherwise Usyk can out work him and don't be fooled by Fury's defense or chin, neither is really good. In fact I think he chin based on who floored him / stunned him is just average.


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            it would be like in 90 day fiance

            Mike and Natalie (with the the ukranian crazy eyes)

            yes i watch it, on youtube, clips only, it's funny.