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Which unsung heroes of boxing deserve to be mentioned?

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  • Which unsung heroes of boxing deserve to be mentioned?

    Which talented unknown boxers past and present deserve to be mentioned?

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    McFarland is probably the most underrated and forgotten fighter of all-time. Greatest fighter to never win a championship. P4P best Boxer until the arrival of Greb.

    Billy Graham. The most robbed and cheated Boxer in history.

    Jofre. Next time you hear someone call Ray Robinson the P4P King, show him footage of Jofre. He makes Ray look like Kimbo Slice.

    Joey Archer - better than Floyd, Marciano, and Holmes. If any of them can claim to go 49-0 and really have that mean something, it's Archer. Like Graham, he was too good for his own good. You'll love watching him Box, but you'll fall into deep depression seeing him "lose".

    Beau Jack. Neon Lights were invented to display this guy's name.

    Canzoneri gets a lot of love. But is criminally underrated on all lists.

    Golota was a headcase, but people forget how AMAZING he was when he was on. He was like a caricature of Tyson. Unlike Tyson, Andy might've actually surpassed Ali, if he could've held it together. Obviously he couldn't. Not even close. But his actual skill and talent was absurd.

    Speaking of Ali, JOE FRAZIER beat him. Going into exile saved Ali from seeing his career ended by Frazier. People rank Ali on top of all sorts of lists, but then exclude Frazier - or have far in the distance. That's idiocy. If you're "The Greatest", what does that make the guy who beat you AT YOUR GREATEST?

    Napoles has a strong fanbase, but generally it seems folks fail to recognize he was one of the absolute best ever.

    Gomez. Like Jofre and Harada, this guy was damn near invincible. Perfection at his best. A few errant decisions devastated his memory.

    Buchanan. Forget Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, DeJesus, Barkley, Benitez... THIS was Duran's greatest foe. H2H I doubt anyone other than Duran soundly beats him at Lightweight, and he probably makes some of the very best fighters ever look terrible (Floyd, Arguello, Canzoneri, Williams, Ambers). The dude was a stylistic nightmare for most fighters - the perfect foil.

    Gil conceded Duran was a force of nature that night, but shouldered the blame for Buchanan's loss because they simply had no idea what they were in for. They kinda blew Duran off.

    There's many more. Boxing runs on heartaches, disappointment, injustice and unhappy endings. I'll just give those for now.

    Ahhh, what the hell. Here's one more:

    Angott - top 5 Lightweight. Totally forgotten. One of the best records in history.


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      Originally posted by sonship View Post
      Which talented unknown boxers past and present deserve to be mentioned?


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        Originally posted by Zaroku View Post
        Nope, not even close.


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          Hilmer Kenty, Kronks first ever world champion, a finer gentleman is hard to find. Great guy...………………….....Rockin'


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            Remembering PH Boxing's Unsung Heroes: Part 3 - Featuring Johnny Jamito


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              (1) Watch "The Fight Game; The Boxer who Beat Hitler" on YouTube

              (2) Watch "Louis Vs Schmeling -The Real Story* (Documentary)" on YouTube
              Very insightful.

              Love these two films !


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                Originally posted by OctoberRed View Post
                Nope, not even close.
                My bad. Respect bro. I always liked unsung hero's. I go to Tekken gyms kinds regularly, and some guys who are better looking get contracts. Japan like America wants to tap into the de la Hoya effect. Be pretty win easy fights impressively.

                De la Hoya was the real deal, bud I'm seeing clowns who best join a j pop group and never lace up or throw hands.

                How you doing bro ???


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                  Francisco "Pancho Villa" Guilledo. Everyone knows Pacquiao but no one knows this guy.


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                    Originally posted by Truth Seeker View Post
                    Francisco "Pancho Villa" Guilledo. Everyone knows Pacquiao but no one knows this guy.
                    I've heard of him