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Wooah!! Espn stats show deontay wilder is most famous boxer in the world

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    Didn't click on Twitter link. Why? Because ESPN is not a reputable source for boxing. Hasn't been...ever? But especially now when its coverage of boxing is, what, 5 minutes every WEEK?

    And I'm sure there's NO possible way ESPN talking about Fury or Wilder has ANYTHING to do with a possible rematch down the line.

    I live in America and a good gauge I use, which is by no means comprehensive, is whether my group of casual friends know about fighters. They know of Errald Spencer and Keith Thurman despite having no interest in either. They do not know Deontay. I'm surprised they know Spencer at all, but not surprised they don't know Deontay. I mean Deontay has literally 1-2 relevant fights in a 40 fight career. It's a joke and so is Deontay XD

    Unlike Charlie Z I'd tell Deontay to his face he's a joke. Dude couldn't catch a body versus Charlie Z...he def not catching me lmfao
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      Originally posted by Eff Pandas View Post
      I call bs on that. I think social media following shows fame better than most things in this era & Wilder isn't close to being the most popular boxer on any popular SM platform I'm aware of. F#ck I don't think he's the most popular boxer in the US let alone the world.
      Canelo and AJ are most popular globally. Like him or not GGG does have a cult following

      Deontay isn't even on the radar globally in terms of popularity