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    Administration modern.
    Boxing now-adays don't compare in popularity to earlier times. WWI ending and the Dempsey-Carpentier match jockied for news coverage w/the big fight winning in the newspapers of the day [Ny Times].
    Now? General media utterly is dead to Boxing. At least where I live (Conn) you'll see fat-zero efforts to cover any boxing.
    So.....where is the master stroke?
    Where/why is NOT Boxing engageing????
    I've identified three areas. Three. Am thinking I am alone. I intend to believe that few people gonna see things my way. But I well know what time it is.

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    The modern world has evolved. The west at least. Gotta think, when Dempsey was fighting Carpentier, it was less than 100 years since the likes of Jesse James and Billy the Kid roamed the land. Just a different time and a different way of thinking. Gunfights and duels were a way to settle a dispute honourably. They saw boxing the same, an honest, honourable way to settle it. Back then Boxing was seen as an evolving sport. Now it is seen as barbaric. It isn't necessarily a bad thing that Boxing doesn't get the same coverage. Like Bob Dylan said, the times they are a-changin'. That is always the case. In a future society where we're all supposed to be passive and non-violent, Boxing doesn't have a place.


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      Also have to think, Boxing didn't really have any competition. Basketball and Football in America were both in their infancy back then.


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        There were no computerss back then they didn't want them


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          I also have same thougths