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London Real: Nigel Benn - The Dark Destroyer

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  • London Real: Nigel Benn - The Dark Destroyer

    For those that haven't seen it, an EXCELLENT video just like Eubank's.

    His imitation of English going "hmph!" like a diva is absolutely hilarious as was the smarmy tweet from Chris during the interview.

    • Benn was worried about Conor getting into boxing because he got into fame too fast.
    • Eubank Junior shouldn't copy Senior, be himself, drop his dad, he's just costing him millions
    • When Benn fought Watson he thought it'd be easy work, until he saw he couldn't hardly touch him
    • Thought Eubank was some unknown bum that day of the classic contract signing. Didn't know who he was
    • Says Eubank's voice and way of talking is all an act, he cusses like a sailor outside of the camera
    • He tried being a "boxer", didn't like it because he was getting hit too much, was overthinking things
    • Couldn't stand sparring

    Part 1 - 1 Hour (Classic ending)
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