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  • British ww triangle

    I was gonna make this thread after the hatton return but I cba to wait

    Hatton vs Khan
    Khan vs Brook
    Brook vs Hatton

    How do you see these fights going?

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    Khan beats hatton if hatton is as shot as I think
    Khan brook is a close one but I favour a khan points win if he's disaplined
    Brook beats hatton IMO too strong and I don't think hatton will avoid getting hit
    Just my opinion


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      Hatton Khan. Tough to call because we don't know the extent of the effect of the lay off has had on Hatton where he got overweight and indulged in coke. If Hatton resembles his old self he will beat Khan by KO after pressuring him. Khan can't cope with pressure and Hatton will pour it on.
      A shot Hatton loses to Khan most likely on points.

      Khan Brook. My hunch is Brook gets a KO.

      Brook Hatton. Not sure again it all depends on what Hatton has left. I see this being tougher for Hatton than the Khan fight.


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        Originally posted by jamiegeorge91 View Post
        I was gonna make this thread after the hatton return but I cba to wait

        Hatton vs Khan
        Khan vs Brook
        Brook vs Hatton

        How do you see these fights going?
        I'm going to predict Hatton to be... lets say 70% of what he was.

        Hatton vs Khan = Hatton KO2 Khan can't keep him off, Khan can't fight inside, Hatton early stoppage

        Khan vs Brook = Khan UD Brook doesn't hit hard enough to really hurt Khan, Khan is a little faster, a little better stamina

        Brook vs Hatton = Hatton UD Brook has enough chin to last the 12, but his awful stamina gives in early and Hatton batters him in the second half of the fight


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          It's going to be hard judging Hatton, at least until another 5 days.

          Hatton TKO 10 Khan - Khan stays on the outside but can't avoid Ricky's pressure and constant attacks. He ties Hatton up when he comes on the inside and Hatton smothers his own work so he's not as efficient as he should be. Khan starts to feel it after the half-way mark and it's only a matter of time until Hatton stops him. Scorecards would be close at the time of the stoppage, 1 or 2 points in it.

          Khan UD Brook - Khan boxes on the outside and doesn't allow Brook the opportunity to counter. Brook can't deal with Khan's speed but does have some success with the counter punching, albeit sporadically. After the halfway mark, Brook starts to come into the fight more and it's a good, even fight until the final bell. But the early rounds secure Khan's victory.

          Brook SD Hatton - Starts out much like the Khan fight with Brook boxing Hatton but his movement eases Hatton's constant pressure a bit. He catches Hatton with some flash counters at times and it's a case of Hatton's inside work vs Brook's counters and a bit of boxing. Wouldn't be surprised if Brook visited the canvas towards the end of the fight but I think he has enough to hold on. An entertaining fight at times but a split decision due to the nature of the fight which would largely be slow and grinding.


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            Also, I had this thought the other day but I was also thinking about the likes of Lee Purdy & Frankie Gavin too. I doubt Purdy gets Jones but if he does, he's right in the mix.


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              Yeah probably would have waited till after we seen Hatton back in action.

              If Hatton is still hungry enough and not lost too much I'd back him to beat both.

              Khan v Brook - I edge it to Khan but only as someone else stated he needs to stay disciplined box to his strengths.


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                Hatton knocks them all out in the 1st round.

                Or he gets knocked out in the 1st round.

                Or something else.

                Will know more after Hatton fights on Saturday.


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                  It's hard to say because we don't know what Harrington will be like when he comes back.

                  Hatton 5 years ago beats both but know I wouldn't like to see him fight either Kell or khan

                  Out of Kell and khan I'd say Kell stops khan KO mid rounds