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top 3 trainers in england

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  • top 3 trainers in england

    who you got????

    .1 adam booth ??

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    1. Rob McCracken
    2. Adam Booth
    3. Shane McGuigan


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      1. Rob McCracken
      2. Joe Gallagher
      3. Anthony Farnell


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        It's impossible to know without watching how they train their fighters over extended periods.

        In many cases, I believe the boxer makes the coach. Not the other way round!!!

        If David Haye wasn't coached by Adam Booth, would we have even heard of him today? Would George Groves have decided to sign with him too?

        If Roger Mayweather didn't train Floyd would he be so highly regarded?

        Most of the so called top pro coaches have a relatively simple job i.e. their boxers often arrive at their gym after 10 or more years spent with their amateur coach who has built their foundation.

        If a young Tommy Hearns, Marvin Hagler, Ray Leonard or Roberto Duran walking into my gym, I'm sure it wouldn't take long before I would be mentioned in the same breath as Dundee, Arcel, Cus' de mato etc.

        Get one world champ, then other top, naturally gifted fighters are attracted you. Suddenly you become thought of a one of the best coaches in the world.

        Don't get me wrong, I know all the coaches / trainers I have mentioned certainly know their stuff.

        Chances are the world best coach is probably working away in some obscure location just waiting for the right boxer to walk through his door.


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          Enzo Calzaghe is good the boxers he trained never done as well elsewhere and he must be the only British trainer to have had 3 world champions

          McCracken seems good too his advise to froch in the corner is always spot on

          The ingles deserve some credit they put there style on their fighters and have had some real successes over the years

          Booth,tibbs,Shannon and Gallagher are all ok too


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            Rob McCracken is the best in my mind, due to his work with Froch and with the Olympic boxing team.


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              Te majority of the most talented trainers rarely get to be known because the fighter signs with promotion who has management and they use their trainers. Its a rare occasion to see the fellow who developed a boxer actually work with him throughout his career. The only way for a trainer to stay with the boxer is for the boxer to insist but that just doesn't happen.
              My old friend John Davenport (RIP) trained in Jersey and was very successful all through the J.O and Open class and some of his kids went on to be pros. He lost most of them to the Duvas because he didn't have the backing money or the connections to move them. He could out coach Duva in his sleep! Its an old story, it takes money to move a kid and plenty of it!! Ray.


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                Originally posted by fladz View Post
                3. Anthony Farnell

                Frankie Gavin's really taken the sport by storm.