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Will Degale end up like audley?

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    Originally posted by Funky_Monk View Post
    He definitely lacks power. I wonder if this is to do with his switch hitting, any thoughts?
    Have you ever seen DeGale fight?

    It's obvious his lack of power comes from the fact he can't throw a punch properly. An Olympic gold medallist who can't punch properly, pathetic.


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      Hahaha Indeed I have, I think you are being a little harsh.
      Whilst every punch he throws isn't 'proper' I still think it stems more from his feet, base and core.


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        He doesnt throw all of them that well, but to me he just throws like 4 punches and they could be hitting his opponents gloves, why not try and do this when you have made yourself an opening or you opponent makes a mistake, or even after you have thrown those first 4 throw another 4.

        Im not so sure he has the boxing brain bit like Khan, good athletes and go forward fighters, but put them on the back foot and they struggle.


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          He has stamina issues, hence why he cant fight for more than a minute of every round and just covers up on the ropes to be hit. He seemed to snap Mohoumadi's head back like the punches had power..maybe hes a tough?..Maybe if Degale fought 3 times a year there would be less time for him to say stupid shieettt and focus on his boxing.


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            So frustrating that he only fights a minute of every round.

            And that constant covering up on the ropes against the Frenchman was irritating. That and that he is actually half the fighter fighting in an orthodox stance. He needs to sack off the switch hitting - it's shit. Southpaw or gtfo.

            That said I think he'll pick up a world-title strap. He's no Audley.

            James has shown, heart and balls already. Even in his Olympic run he has to gut it out. I still think Audley's gold is a myth or the result of an elaborate betting syndicate.


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              Eubank Jr will have 4 or 5 more 'bumfights' then fight DeGale and beat him , DeGale is a plum.


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                The daft thing is, because DeGale's been so poorly trained and been relying on natural ability/fitness so far in his career from a technical and physical standpoint, the attributes that can't be trained - such as chin and heart - have had to be on display much more than anticipated as he's been matched quite tough for 14 fight pro.

                Based on what i've seen, I can't see him been another Audley because his heart, pride, ego and chin wouldn't allow him to KO'd early and would probably keep him in some fights alone.

                I'm going to give him a pass on last weeks fight as he had been on the shelf awhile, but I expect to see him at least more active in rounds next time out, fit and conditioned to implement his style and hold the centre of the ring more often. Long term, the technical improvements need to improve too and not remain stale, but this is something team DeGale need to review in the new year.

                Hennessey couldn't do much worse than actually bringing a similar, durable, come forward opponent for DeGale this time around to be honest, to see if the physical differences have taken place in training. Mouhamed Ali Ndiaye has been talked about in the past and would be on par or a slight step up to Mohoumadi. Or offer the guy a rematch.


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                  I hope so.....................


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                    Agree that he needs a new trainer. I like Jimmy Mac (won money on him beating Finbar) but he's Euro level at best.

                    But DeGale like's being a big fish & that's going to hold him back.

                    There's a lot of decent fighters at Supermiddle who seem hungry for a big chance but they need to fight each other instead of hanging around waiting for a shot at Ward.

                    On a side note, who does Abraham fight next?


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                      When DeGale first turned pro, I seriously thought he had all the tools to not only be an exceptional fighter but a star. 4 years and 14 fights later I can't see him mixing it with the best.

                      His activity is simply embarrassing and his lack of defense seems to have deteriorated the further he has gone along his pro road, maybe it's due to the increased level of opposition?

                      I'm sure he would win an interim title but with the current crop of guys at 168 I just can't see him making an impact. He leaves himself far too open for shots and doesn't have the natural reflexes to slip punches from c level guys, how will he slip Froch or Kessler? How will he deal with Ward's skill and Abraham's power?