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    Originally posted by 1punchmickey
    i agree that billy graham(excellent trainer) and the pheonix camp have turned his career around but you always feel with micheal that sometimes when he's in the ring alone he gets mentally confused forgets the gameplan and reverts to type.
    kevin lear is a 16 fight novice but he's still got the ko over gomez.
    alex arthur was olny a 16 fight novice when gomez ko'd him in 5 and as thats the best victory gomez has since the lear ko it would be dubious to rate him as no1 over somebody who has beat him.
    anyways leon spinks was a 7 fight novice when he beat ali on a very bad night making him heavyweight champ, if spinks then got injured for a year and ali beat the no3 rated man would you call him no1.
    probably not.
    to be the man you have to beat the man thats the way it should be anyway.
    could you name some of these good fighters gomez could beat????
    Any fighter that doesnt punch too hard