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Sky's Friday Fight Night..

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    Yeah , same here mate. Il try get to bed and catch the reply next morning, hopefully not finding out the result before i get to watch it.


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      Originally posted by chrismart83 View Post
      Although his last 2 fights with Quigley and Dodson weren't pleasing to the eye, i think they well do Smith good in the long run. 2 gusty hard-earned wins. He showed alot of heart there to carry on with them bad cuts and get on with the job. Think the pressure of having the bragging rights of the City showed in that fight, both were over eager and nervous of the loss.

      Thought Brook looked pretty good . Even though his opponent didnt get involved really, Brook kept up the pressure while being patient. Showed a good arsenal of punches aswell.

      Thought a shock was on the cards for a minute when the Moore backed up Bellew for a minute, Bellew showed some good powerfull shots though and ended it quickly.

      Maccarenelli got back to winning ways again, and Paul Smith's 2 younger brothers won and remain unbeaten.

      Decent night of boxing...looking forward to Pacquiao - Clottey now

      I thought Smith/Dodson was an awful fight, way too much holding and rabbit punching than any actual quality. I thought Dodson would put up a good fight as he had a really good fight with Quigley but he fought very passive/negative, thats the second time ive seen Smith and the second time (Quigley)he has turned a fight into a complete bore. Smith was talking about a world title shot? he is living in cookoo land on those performances.

      Thought Brook looked decent all things considered (opponent), would of liked to of seen more bodywork from him though.

      Bellew was the more impressive of the lot to imo.


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        was an alright night of boxing bellew was good again same as brook


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          anyone know if/when this will be repeated (the friday fight night)?


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            what was the Enzo result after?


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              Originally posted by Slugger_P4P View Post
              what was the Enzo result after?
              He stopped the fella in the first, it wasnt on the show tho.