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Darren Barker, Matthew Macklin, Andy Lee and John Duddy

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  • Darren Barker, Matthew Macklin, Andy Lee and John Duddy

    Will some kind man put up the money so all these guys can fight eachother?

    You put any two together and you have a great fight. Duddy is probably the weakest link but you can't deny he is a great television fighter. The other three are of similar quality with Matthew Macklin the one who has mixed at the higher level.

    It's hard to know whether any of these guys are world-class or could potentially be - well, we know Duddy isn't. Amin Askainen is the strongest name on any of their win columns and he was never quite world-class himself.

    Darren Barker looks the most skilled to me but he really hasn't fought anyone who is even European-level. He's just showing how much better he is than British-level.

    Macklin is the only one making waves, the rest of them just seem to wasting their own time. I can't see why they can't just fight eachother. None of them are close to a title shot aside from Macklin.

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    Id probably cry tears of joy if Andy lee and Darren barker fought next for an EBU title eliminator.


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      Nothing from any of them?

      These lot are pissing me off. Apart from Duddy, he tries bless him.


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        Darren Barker will carry the torch if Froch f#ks up against Kessler.


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          Craig Mcewan beats them all


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            Id be surprised if any of these guys won any sort of world title.