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Britain vs Ukraine?

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  • Britain vs Ukraine?

    So, I kinda noticed that there has been several significant instances in the past 20+ years where British and Ukrainian fighters have fought. Most of which have been in the heavyweight division. The first instance is when Lennox Lewis defended his title against Vitali Klitschko. Then we have Wlad Klitschko losing his championship to Fury then suffering another loss against AJ. Another significant UK vs Ukraine fight was Loma vs. Campbell. And now we have AJ vs Usyk right around the corner.
    Now, I’m aware that the case I just built up is totally flimsy and that pointing out these fights in particular doesn’t necessarily mean rivalry. It’s even harder to determine since unlike with Mexico vs. Puerto Rico, you aren’t able to see both British and Ukrainian fans in the same stadiums.
    That’s why I wanna ask any Brits or Ukrainians on this site, do you feel that there is a rivalry between your countries in the world of boxing? Are there any other significant fights that I don’t know of which would support my speculation? Or am I just completely full of it and don’t know what I’m talking about?
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    They were all good fights. Vitali battered Lewis before losing to a cut, Fury schooled Wlad, then Wlad was at least 5 points up (in reality) vs Joshua before being stopped. Loma beat Campbell 116-111 imo, and AJ vs Usyk is 60-40 AJ. Nash out.


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      You forgot about Wlad vs Haye.

      Anyway as far as a rivalry goes, nah not really, there has definatley been some good fights between fighters from both countries, and there's been a lot of Ukrainian fighters I admire (as a brit) but generally I've always found Ukrainians to be good people and fun to be around so there's not that rivalry even in like a banter sense that we have with say the aussies.


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        Nah no real rivalry at all from my perspective.

        There was also Wlad-Haye, Vitali-Chisora, Khan-Kotelnik, Hatton-Senchenko and Usyk-Bellew in recent years.
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