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    Late switch for Eastman

    Eastman v Elliott, Froch v Hague, BBC One, Fri 24 Sep, 23:35 BST
    European middleweight champion Howard Eastman will meet Jerry Elliott over eight rounds on Friday.
    The Briton had been set to fight Jorge Sendra, but the Spaniard was ruled out for failing to provide suitable medical evidence that he was fit to box.
    "It is highly unfortunate, but in Elliott we have a competitive opponent," said promoter Mick Hennessy.
    Super middleweight Carl Froch takes on Damon Hague for the British title on the same Nottingham card.
    Victory for Eastman could line him up with a bout against Jermaine Taylor with the prospect of the winner of that contest landing a lucrative showdown with the undisputed champion Bernard Hopkins.
    The WBC has informed us that if Taylor pulls out Howard will automatically get to challenge Hopkins
    Mick Hennessy
    Howard Eastman's promoter
    "In Howard you have, in my opinion, the only middleweight in the world who has proved he is capable of beating Hopkins," said Hennessy.
    "Eastman v Taylor would be a tremendous showdown between two of the best - a proven triple champion and a US golden boy.
    "The only slight doubt I have about this fight happening lies with Taylor as he and his team have yet to take up my offer.
    "Either way we have the situation covered because the WBC has informed us that if Taylor pulls out Howard will automatically get to challenge Hopkins."

    These cards seem to be falling apart all the time now, you almost expect it.
    Eastman v Taylor is a good semi final though i don't see Eastman getting a shot at Hopkins, he wants a huge 20th defence so it looks like Howard will have to wait around even more (he must be 34/35 by now!)

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    probably no bad think cant see bhop taking it easy on howard!

    Howard vs Sturm wqould be interesting cos felix will try and box howard so that would change howards gameplan, it would be him trying to force the pace for a change something he isnt used to.


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      I forgot all about Sturm That would be interesting, Eastman didn't look great in the Joppy fight until the last couple of rounds cos' Joppy was always on the move but Sturm isn't a mover like that so it would be a good technical boxing match imo, how do you see Eastman doing with Taylor? I can't really decide because Taylor's opposition hasn't been the best and to be honest Eastman's never really beaten a top guy either but i've always thought he had the potential, that'd probably be another good boxing match.


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        Dunno buddy, I like howard but I just think he is too laid back too inactive and getting too old at 34.

        Id like to see him get a shot but I cant see him having the drive seems to me he has settled for european paydays, could be wrong and hope I am......

        Taylor is only going to get better, howard at 34 is probably on the slide now (mind you BHop disproves that theory) but I dont get the impression howard lives in the gym like Nard.


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          That's what annoyed me about him particularly in the Joppy fight which i felt he could have won if he'd stepped up the pace & that was 3 years ago now, it does make you wonder about him as he has been going the European route without really going anywhere, he does show flashes of class but just needs to do it on a more regular basis.


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            i do like howard but he is a strange individual, in fact as nutty as squirell ****, who knows what gores through his mind.

            i love his interviews though blokes in a world of his own, but seems a decent honrouable man so maybe mad, but in a nice way.

            I agree tho he coudl have been much better with a bit more get up and go.


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              I just saw Wayne McCullogh beat Mike Juarez in 2 rds on his comeback, i hope he doesn't get beat up too badly down the road, this could be a mini Holyfield we have here.


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                eastman can beat taylor, however, i cant see him ever beating hopkins, infact i doubt he will ever get the chance to fight him, they are both getting to old and eastman has taken the route nearly all british boxers take, he has stuck to domestic/european challenges

                its a shame... and as for the comment about if he fought sturm... eastman on his day would lay this average middleweight out on his arse


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                  but has eastman had his day? thats the big q!!!


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                    I don't suppose these fights are on in the states on tv? Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can get my hands on these fights? Maybe a website that I could purchase VHS or download?