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European Amateur Rankings October 2004

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  • European Amateur Rankings October 2004


    New top 15 Amateur boxers in Europe for all weights!

    Full list of top 15 at

    Light-fly weight (48kg)

    Sergey Kazakov (RUS)
    Atagun Yalcinkaya (TUR)
    Alfonso Pinto (ITA)
    Salim Salimov (BUL)
    Aleksan Nalbandyan (ARM)

    Fly-weight (51kg)

    Jerome Thomas (FRA)
    Georgy Balakshin (RUS)
    Rustam Rachimov (GER)
    Fuad Aslanov (AZE)
    Rudolf Dydi (SVK)

    Bantam weight (54kg)

    Gennady Kovalyov (RUS)
    Detelin Dalakiev (BUL)
    Agasi Mamedov (AZE)
    Ali Hallab (FRA)
    Khavazhi Khatsigov (BLR)

    Feather weight (57kg)

    Aleksey Tishenko (RUS)
    Vitlati Tajbert (GER)
    Viorel Simion (ROM)
    Khedafi Djelkhir (FRA)
    Henrik Kertesz (HUN)

    Light-weight (60kg)

    Domenico Valentino (ITA)
    Murat Khrachev (RUS)
    Gyula Kate (HUN)
    Amir Khan (ENG)
    Dimitar Schtilianov (BUL)

    Light-welter weight (64kg)

    Willy Blain (FRA)
    Alexander Maletin (RUS)
    Boris Georgiev (BUL)
    Ionut George (ROM)
    Patrick Bogere (SWE)

    Welter weight (69kg)

    Oleg Saitov (RUS)
    Ruslan Khairov (AZE)
    Bulent Ulusoy (TUR)
    Vitalie Gruschak (MDA)
    Vilmos Balog (HUN)

    Middle weight (75kg)

    Gaidarbek Gaidarbekov (RUS)
    Marian Simion (ROM)
    Oleg Mashkin (UKR)
    Nikola Sjiekloca (S&M)
    Nikolai Galotshkin (RUS)

    Light-heavy weight (81kg)

    Magomed Aripgadzhiev (BLR)
    Alexey Kuziemski (POL)
    Yildirim Tarhan (TUR)
    Yevgeniy Makarenko (RUS)
    Rudolf Kraj (CZE)

    Heavy weight (91kg)

    Viktor Zuyev (BLR)
    Alexander Alexeev (RUS)
    Kubrat Pulev (BUL)
    Vugar Alakparov (AZE)
    Daniel Betti (ITA)

    Super-heavy weight (+91kg)

    Alexander Povetkin (RUS)
    Roberto Camarelle (ITA)
    Jaroslavas Jaksto (LTU)
    Sergey Rozhnov (BUL)
    Sebastian Kober (GER)
    UK Amateur Boxing News

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    cheers but amir kahn at 4? hows that, he came second in the olympics humiliating the euro champ on the way?

    please explain. thanks


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      Firstly rankings were added from September 2003 until now and recalculated each month, from all major Tournaments. It is a League table.

      Think of it like Snooker and Tennis there are lots of Tournaments each with there own points. Winning one of the Major ones will give you big points, winning lots of smaller tournaments will also.

      I have no doubt that in a few months Amir will rise to the top. But if he is not active, boxers below him will gain points and will pass him. Being Olympic Champion or reaching final at any weight will not guarentee you being number 1 in Europe for four years! Other tournaments will happen and points scored.

      Each month as tournaments happen so points will be added. Amirs success at olympics has him high in the rankings, considering this is senior Ranks and he was junior (there are over 100 boxers below him which have all had success at senior level. With out him reaching the Final of Olympics he would not be where he is now.

      An example of 2 boxers above Khan!

      Domenico Valentino (ITA)

      Quarter Final = Olympics
      Semi Final = European Championship
      Winner = European Union Countries Championship (ESP)
      Final = Gee Bee in Helzinki (FIN)
      Winner = Military Games In Catania (ITA)
      Winner = Algirdas Socicas in Kaunas (LTU)

      Murat Khrachev (RUS)

      Semi Final = Olympics
      Winner = Chowdhry cup” in Baku (AZE)
      Winner = Tammer Tournament In Tampere (FIN)
      Winner = Copenhagen box cup in Copenhagen (DEN)
      Winner = Amber gloves in Kaliningrad (RUS)

      Amir Khan (ENG)

      Final = Olympics
      Winner = Strandja Tournament Plovdiv (BUL)


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        Amir Khan was 3rd last month and has not done anthing since the Olympics.
        Gyula Kate (HUN)has jumped above him as he has been active and just won Nationen cup in Neustad (AUT). Kate was close to Khan on points before. Nationen cup is not rated highly in my rankings, but is enougth points to pass Khan!