Sampson Lewkowicz, promoter for former champion Javier Fortuna, has made it clear that he will not allow a fight between Devin Haney and Luke Campbell to take place.

Last year, Haney became the 'champion in recess' after undergoing surgery for an injury.

The World Boxing Council would then order a fight between Fortuna and Campbell for the vacant WBC title - with Haney facing the winner.

Fortuna vs. Campbell was scheduled to happen in April - but the event was called off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Soon after, Haney - who now was 100% healthy - filed a request to regain his world title status with the WBC.

The sanctioning body approved Haney's request and he was once again the full champion.

The WBC would then order Fortuna and Campbell to fight for the vacant WBC interim-title - with the winner facing Haney, who was given the option of making a voluntary defense.

Eddie Hearn, who promotes both Haney and Campbell, revealed to BoxingScene's Ron Lewis that he planned to match his two boxers on a date in August or September.

“It’s a bit of a mess, really,” Hearn said to “Luke has been ordered to fight Javier Fortuna for the world title, now the interim world title, but because of the delay, Devin Haney is back and ready to go.

“I’d rather they fight each other. Luke seems up for it, Devin Haney seems up for it and that is a fight I will try and make for August or September. Luke is fit as a fiddle. He wants to go back in a big fight. Devin Haney will be one of the first guys back on the US side.”

Lewkowicz, who read Hearn's statements, intends to do everything possible to ensure his fighter is not side-stepped in the situation.

"There will be no fight between Devin Haney and Luke Campbell. Javier Fortuna is the number one contender under the WBC. There is an order from the WBC for Fortuna and Campbell to fight for the interim-title. They cannot just skip the number one contender. Haney can make a voluntary defense against anyone in the rankings, but not against Campbell, because he already agreed to fight Fortuna," Lewkowicz told