By Mike Coppinger

As NBC Sports ramps up for a re-launch of their boxing programming, questions remain ahead of Wednesday's news conference to announce Al Haymon's new series.

One aspect of the new agreement has come into focus. has been advised by sources close to the situation that Lou Ferrer is Haymon's "point person" at the network and was "intimately involved with bringing Haymon to NBC."

"Lou is a nice guy," the source said. "This will be interesting. He assisted executives at HBO, but this will be his first time really programming boxing and network television is a whole different animal. I hope he's ready for it!"

Ferrer -- who used to go by Luis Barragan Ferrer -- left HBO in 2011, claiming he was doing so to join the military. He resurfaced with NBC Sports in 2013, taking on the title of "Director, Programming, Acquisitions."

A lawyer, he was the director of sports programming at HBO. Since Haymon's deal with NBC is a time-buy, it's not known if Ferrer will have the right to approve fights, but he is the main person Haymon talks to when discussing deals and matchups.

As reported in October , Haymon's deal with NBC will see him pay around $20 million for around 24 dates, with most shows airing on NBC Sports Network and some on NBC.

Ferrer wasn't involved with Main Events' Fight Night series, which aired on NBC Sports from 2012 to 2014.

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