Former two-time junior middleweight titlist “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas is hoping the world sees that he’s produced world champion-caliber offspring when his three sons star on a Triller Fight Club pay-per-view event on May 14 at The Forum in Los Angeles.  

Fernando Vargas Jr. (5-0, 5 KOs), Amado Vargas (3-0, 2 KOs), and Emiliano Vargas (pro debut) will all be fighting against opponents still to be determined in the show billed as "Lineage of Greatness." The FITE PPV card will be headlined by a bout between Sergey Kovalev and Tervel Pulev as well as a rap battle between Cypress Hill and Onyx. 

The 44-year-old Vargas will be working the corner for his three sons, and he’s foreseeing a flourishing future for each of them as he unleashes a three-headed monster for the first time on the same night. 

“There's a saying that I've been saying, and it's even going to be on a T-Shirt. The reason why they are [talented] is because they came from the royal nutsack,” said Vargas. “That is indeed very true. They all have talent. We're in the hurt business, and I wouldn't want them to get hurt. I'm not going to be putting my kids in something because I want to live through their eyes and experiences ... That's it, in a nutshell.

"I'm not going to sacrifice my kids for money. That's not me. My kids are my life. I didn't have a father. When I'm living now through my kids' eyes, it's amazing. It's a blessing to me.”

The 1996 United States Olympian and 10-year veteran is looking to lean on his personal and professional experiences to show his sons the ropes.

“There is nothing they can say going into a fight that I didn't already see,” said Vargas. “I think that's a benefit. I lived the glory and the defeats. But at the same time I can transmit that to them, and talk to them about it, and guide them the best way.”

Having made his pro debut in 2020, the 25-year-old Fernando Vargas Jr. is the most seasoned of the bunch.

“It's a privilege. It's definitely something to be excited about,” said Vargas Jr. “My and my brothers stay in the gym and work tremendously hard and we want to show the people what Vargas brothers are all about. I know they see a lot of social media stuff, but we're here to fight and be taken seriously.” 

Amado Vargas, 21, said his father holds the blueprint for what they all hope will be successful careers. 

“I have no words, to be with my beautiful family. We're all so unique, diverse, and charismatic. Which one do you want?” said Amado. “I'm definitely excited to be performing. We're going to put on a show, and show the world that the Vargas boys mean business.”

Emeliano Vargas, the youngest of the bunch at 17, is looking to not only follow in the footsteps of his father, but his two older brothers as well. 

“My debut is something special,” said Emeliano. “I'm getting my cherry popped, like my brothers are saying. I'm excited. This is something that I have been thinking about for the last eight years as an amateur. We're putting in the work. My dad wouldn't endorse us if we weren't putting in the work.”

Vargas retired in 2007 with a record of 26 wins (22 KOs) and 5 losses with wins against Yori Boy Campas, Raul Marquez, Ronald Wright, and Ike Quartey, and losses against Felix Trinidad, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley (twice), and Ricardo Mayorga.

He’s hoping his sons get the same exposure he once did. 

“Triller is a platform that's worldwide, and everyone knows it – Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. have fought on it,” said Vargas. “The best of the best have fought on it. Why not bring my boys here? The [Triller] people are great people also. We're excited about putting on a great show.” 

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