By Mark Vester

The potential bout between German rivals Arthur Abraham [IBF middleweight champ] and Felix Sturm [WBA middleweight champ] is starting to get ugly. According to a statement released by Universum, Sturm takes some heavy shots at Abraham, by questioning his skills and says the only thing he is famous for is the broken jaw he suffered at the hands of Edison Miranda.

"Arthur is not a high class boxer like me. He's only famous because of his broken jaw whereas I am through my boxing. Therefore, I do not look at him as my competitor at all. His boxing [skills] are clearly inferior. This fight would be the easiest for me in a long time. His only weapon is a hard punch, but otherwise he has nothing to offer. I would be happy to outbox him," Sturm said.

"Why do the best boxers in the world always want to box against me and not against him? He should ask himself that. Meanwhile, his behavior is laughable. If he wants to box for nothing, then he shouldn't talk but should sign a contract relinquishing his purse and the fight is on. It's ridiculous how often the media calls for this fight. No serious businessman in the world does business through the press. The fact that my name is so often in their mouths is abundant evidence of their respect towards me."

Sturm's promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl of Universum, says that Sturm already holds two wins over Abraham in the amateurs and would be happy to beat him again in the pros.

"Felix has fought the multiple world champion and US superstar Oscar de La Hoya at the height of his career in Las Vegas and defeated him according to all the experts. Thus, he has already achieved what Arthur wants to [achieve] in order to be happy. Namely to have a good name in America. With all due respect for Arthur, he is far from being an Oscar de la Hoya."

"Felix has already defeated Arthur twice as an amateur and I'm quite sure that he would also do it for a third time because Felix is a far superior boxer."

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