By Jhonny Gonzalez

The uncle and former trainer of WBA junior middleweight Miguel Cotto, Evangelista Cotto, said the key to his nephew's victory over Antonio Margarito was staying away from the ropes. In July 2008, when Evangelista was still the head trainer, Margarito stopped Cotto in eleven rounds. The uncle and nephew had a bad falling out in 2009, which led to a physical confrontation at a gym in Puerto Rico. Evangelista went to the hospital with injuries related to their brawl.

This past Saturday in New York's Madison Square Garden, Miguel stopped Margarito after nine rounds. Evagelista doesn't view Cotto's style as being anything different from the first fight. He only saw Miguel being a lot smarter by staying off the ropes, where Margarito often punished him in the first fight.

"The only thing different from the first fight was that Miguel did not stay on the ropes," Evagelista said during a radio interview in Puerto Rico. "Basically, if you get to see the first fight and now the second, the style is the same, but the difference being is that he did not get caught on the ropes."

Evangelista would like to see his nephew face WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. to make history in Puerto Rico. Top Rank has proposed the fight. No boxer from Puetro Rico has ever won four titles in four weight division.

"I always thought they were going to pick Julio Cesar Chavez, not because they could earn more money than they did with Margarito, but to make history [by winning] four titles in four division. I would like to see him do it because he could make boxing history in Puerto Rico," Evangelista said.