(Picture: Ezra Taylor could be in line to fight Carlos Lamela)

Cruiserweights Samo Jangirov (8-5-3) and Marko Mononen (8-6) meet in a fight for the vacant BBU title September 7 in Katrineholm (Sweden). The contest is scheduled for eight rounds and as such need special permission from the Martial Arts Delegation.

In the chief support, Finnish super middle prospect Ivan Perala (7-0) is in against Latvian Andrei Baranovs (2-1) in a fight scheduled for six rounds. As with all bouts scheduled for more than 12 minutes, a special permission is needed from MAD.

The undercard might feature the return of former WBC female super-welter champ Patricia Berghult (16-1) in her first fight for 18 months.


Hungarian Janos Petrovics, aged 53, died (July 8) in an accident at a building site where a wall apparently fell over him. Petrovics represented Hungary in the 1992 Olympics and fought around 300 fights as an amateur at lightweight and light welterweight.

As a pro, Janos made his debut in 1997 but then retired only to return in 2004. Burned out by his long amateur career and fighting too heavy, he became a journeyman fighting all over Europe for the next 14 years. BoxRec lists him as 25-94-2 but there are most likely a number of fights missing.


Light heavyweight and reigning EBU Silver champion Carlos Lamela (8-3) has accepted a fight against prospect Ezra Taylor (8-0) July 20 in Birmingham.

It's a risky fight for both but especially for Lamela, who in case of a loss will be stripped of the title and being ranked No. 4 by the EBU means he is close to a title fight.