Last night, Hytan Ramos (11-5-2 & 3 KO's) was technically knocked out at 52 seconds in the tenth round by Ernesto Salcedo (13-2 & 10 KO's) in a ten round super bantamweight fight. Salcedo took home the Fecarbox Silver WBC title on EstrellaTV's Boxeo EstrellaTV.

The series occurs on the last Friday of every month, and last night, the fights were broadcast from Zinacantepec, Mexico.

A solid strategy and the tactical discipline of Salcedo's team were the keys to victory for the young man, who dominated most of the rounds, and was able to win by knockout in the final moments of the fight, taking revenge on what happened a year before.

Salcedo's style - hitting, moving, and attacking from different angles - was a style that Ramos could not decipher. Ramos was left at the mercy of Salcedo's punishment, crushing Ramos little by little. Salcedo was successful in the first cut of cards, with an advantage of 37-39, 37-39, and 37-39 from the three judges.

Ramos forced the exchange of blows at short range; however, Salcedo attacked and came out with lateral steps, leaving many of Ramos' punches hitting the air, and with his guard down, to attack and continue scoring points.

Salcedo's camp stuck to the fight plan and only gave their fighter instructions and words of encouragement so he would remain calm and continue with what he worked on in the gym - taking advantage of Ramos' mistakes to attack with overhand punches and hooks to the body.

The second tally of scores generated greater despair in Ramos, seeing that he was losing 73-79, 73-78, and 75-77, all in favor of Salcedo.

Visibly tired, Ramos gave it his all in the later rounds. Salcedo lit him up with a flurry of punches in his own corner. Ramos  had to be rescued by referee Rafael Saldaña, ending the fight in the 10th round.