A win over Jesus Ramos felt pretty improbable. Although Erickson Lubin is incredibly talented, Ramos was on his way up. It was your typical young and fresh lion going up against an older, seasoned lion with a few more battle scars. (photo by Ryan Hafey)

Lubin could hear the dubious voices from a mile away. They all sounded the same. But, despite most believing that Ramos would overpower him with his endless gas tank, Lubin fought a calm fight.

Normally, the Florida native pulls up his trunks, plants feet in the center of the ring, and fires. Against Ramos, he was a bit more reserved. His eye-catching combination punching was put on ice as his preferred weapon was a consistent jab.

It was rinse and repeat for Lubin. He constantly flicked out that perpetual jab, remained on the move, and covered up when Ramos got going. It wasn’t the most exciting fight in the world, and fans were relieved when the final bell rang.

As the 28-year-old began removing his gloves, he bounced up and down on his toes with a bright smile. In his mind, things were close but he believed he did more then enough to grab the win.

Ultimately, Lubin was right. All three judges sitting ringside gave him the slight edge. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop prognosticators and fans from sporting incredulous looks.

In the eyes of many, Ramos was flat-out robbed. Lubin though, paid attention to what was said about him. Once he returned home, he locked himself in a room, popped in the tape, and began watching closely. After doing so, he believes anyone who says he was given a gift of a decision is supremely delusional.

“I watched the full fight,” said Lubin recently on The PBC podcast. “I believe I won the fight for sure. He’s a tough competitor but I was just hitting and not getting hit.”