Emanuel Navarrete will make his debut at 130-pounds on February 3rd against Liam Wilson, with the vacant WBO super featherweight title at stake.

However, the Mexican slugger has yet to make an official decision on his future at 126 and vacating his featherweight title.

“Let’s see how things evolve," Navarrete told Izquierdazo. “We will see how I feel (at 130 pounds), and then make the right decision. It all depends on how I perform in February, and analyze the result. How my body assimilates the new weight class and things like that."

Navarrete reveals that it was getting difficult to make the featherweight limit.

“I was struggling a bit to make 126-pounds”, Navarrete said. “After moving to 130, I will need to know if I can still make 126, and then make the decision."

Another condition that Navarrete will analyze is where to pursue unification fights.

“You know that I have been seeking unification fights in other weight classes," Navarrete said. “That is what I want, and what I’m looking for. I hope I can unify in this weight class (130). But first, I hope to win against Wilson, and then we will decide."

Navarrete is looking forward to enjoying the physical benefits of fighting at a new weight division.

“I’m very tall (5′ 7″) for the divisions in which I have been fighting”, Navarrete said. “So (moving to 130) will benefit me a little bit. I’m not going to suffer that much, or wear myself out to make weight. I will be strong."