Despite his once undefeated record, Errol Spence Jr. hasn’t always run through his competition. At times, the former unified welterweight champ has flat-out struggled. With that said, he’s never quite looked the way he did this past Saturday night.

The boxing world was split right down the middle. On one end, they sided with Terence Crawford. On the other, Spence. No matter who they thought would win, however, the consensus was that their showdown would be extremely competitive.

Following a close first round, fans were expecting much of the same. But, with Crawford dropping his man over and over again - there wasn’t a single second where Spence appeared to be in it. The beating that would ensue was jaw-dropping for many, including Eimantas Stanionis.

As the ninth round rolled by, Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) continued to beat Spence without mercy, forcing referee Harvey Dock to step in. The talk surrounding Spence’s brutal beating has been one of retirement. His bank account is flushed with more money than he could ever imagine, his legacy is already secured, and spending quality time with his family has always been salient.

But, regardless of those believing Spence should hang up his gloves and focus on other things, Stanionis is of the belief that all of this retirement talk is nonsense.

“No,” said Stanionis to when asked if retirement makes sense for Spence. “Look, everybody wants big fights. One guy gets beat up and now he has to retire? It’s crazy.”

It isn’t just the one-sided massacre from Crawford that has some calling for Spence to retire. In 2019, just a month after his win over Shawn Porter, a night of partying may have changed his life forever as he was involved in a horrific car wreck. Two years later, Spence was forced into the medical tent due to a detached/torn retina.

Simply put, whether it was self-inflicted wounds or bad luck, Spence had been through a ton. Still, each time he was tested, Stanionis points out, the former undefeated champ rose to the occasion and proved that he can overcome adversity.

“Of course, he’s been through a lot. Car crash, retina but he came back from all of this so why should he retire? I don’t think so.”