By Jhonny Gonzalez

The murder investigation of Edwin Valero has begun in Caracas, Venezuela. The family of Valero requested the exhumation of his body because they suspect the fighter may not have committed suicide and was strangled to death by police officers. Prosecutor Jesus Belucchi told the press a forensic investigation to determine Valero's death will take place.

Valero was arrested on April 18 for the murder of his wife, Jennifer Carolina, in a hotel located in the city of Valencia. Valero took his own life the following morning in a jail cell in Carabobo. The head of the CICPC (Office of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations), Wilmer Flores, told the press Valero hung himself using his pants.

Valero's wife was found dead in a hotel room in Valencia with three stab wounds. Valero made a confession to the murder shortly after it happened. He was taken, without incident, to a police station in Carabobo but during his interview with police officers he claimed to have passed out from a combination of drugs and alcohol and woke up to his wife in a pool of blood. He said there were thugs following him and his wife earlier that night.

No murder weapon has been recovered and police are not exactly sure as to how the wife was killed. There are lingering questions from Valero's family and hundreds of fans in Venezuela, about the lack of prison guards on duty when Valero committed suicide and how nobody knew he was hanging in his cell until other prisoners alerted the guards. Valero still had vital signs when he was cut down but he died shortly after.