An unexpected exchange broke out on X over the weekend that has resulted in former IBF flyweight champion Sunny Edwards and future Hall of Famer Nonito Donaire discussing a possible fight.

It all started after Sivenathi Nontshinga’s excellent revenge victory over Adrian Curiel in Mexico, when Edwards wrote: “Great stoppage by Nontshinga. Weathered the storm and took his man out of there. I want two time too @EddieHearn.”

But the No. 1 contender for Nontshinga’s IBF title is Filipino Cristian Araneta and when Edwards was asked why he should find himself back in the front of the queue having lost his last fight, to Jesse Rodriguez, Edwards joked, “Cos I got an IBF ring.”

Nonito’s wife and manager Rachel then replied and added: “Respectfully, that ring doesn’t give you Lord of the Rings powers or anything.”

Things then escalated to the point that Nonito, defending the position of his Filipino countryman Araneta, intervened and wrote: “Ima tell u respectfully back off. She is defending the Philippine boxer who has worked his way to earn the spot in 108lbs. Araneta is a hard working kid that shouldn’t be taken advantage of or shoved around just bc of politics.”

The pair continued bickering, and then Edwards went into the business of boxing, and wrote: “Where is Nontshinga v Araneta gonna happen and for how much? Both would benefit from letting me fight first then winner defend against Araneta.”

Nonito clapped back: “where n how much involves only the 2 fighters. IF Araneta chooses to step aside it is $4m ur promoter. But sm boxers still hold high BELT over $ which Araneta hasn’t had yet. Either way Araneta needs to be consulted period out of respect rule and order.”

Donaire then tried to let cool heads prevail with: “Damn. At the end of the day it’s boxing and we watch Sunnys fights. There’s no bad blood here.”

But it got untracked again, and Donaire added: “But by all means if @SunnyEdwrads wants to ask @EddieHearn to move up to 118 to fight me I’ll wait for the contract.”

Edwards was open to the invitation, too. 

“I would forget every ambition of fighting anyone else right now for a chance to share the ring with you,” typed Edwards. “I can make 118.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Edwards, 20-1 (4 KOs), was stopped in nine rounds by Rodriguez in December. The 41-year-old Donaire, 42-8 (28 KOs), has not boxed since a September decision loss to WBC bantamweight champion Alex Santiago for the then vacant title.