Former IBF and IBO junior welterweight champion Eduard Troyanovsky of Russia has indicated that he would take a few weeks to rest his mind and body, before making a decision on whether of not he intends to move any further with his pro career.

On Friday, in Moscow, the 40-year-old Troyanovsky lost a clear unanimous decision to 25-year-old compatriot Valery Oganisyan and suffered his third career defeat in the process.

In his last fight in October of last year, Troyanovsky barely overcome Renald Garrido, who has a record of 25-27, with a majority decision win.

But last week he took punishment and seemed to be several steps short of the boxer who at one time was regarded as one of the best 140-pounders in the sport.

“I lost the fight, I'm dissatisfied with this result. It was hard in the middle of the fight. As a result, I lost on points. I lost my ability to function. When there is no strength, then all of the plans collapse. Oganisyan is a good boxer. I think he has everything ahead of him, but I don't believe I do," Troyanosvsky told Vasiliy Konov.

"Right now I want to rest, and then make a decision [regarding my career]. I don’t want to say anything yet. But if the same struggles are there in the future, then I see no reason to continue. Let's be frank. I need a month or two to make a decision, this subject needs to be confronted but first I need to rest."