Promoter Eddie Hearn has responded to some of the recent statements that were made by WBO cruiserweight world champion Lawrence Okolie.

Hearn's company has promoted the 29-year-old Okolie since the boxer turned pro.

The undefeated champion has been out of the ring since February, when he won a twelve round unanimous decision over Michal Cieslak.

Okolie recently took to social media to vent his frustrations - which many believe were aimed at Hearn.

"Can't lie this year was turning me of boxing. Dirty, lying, narcissistic individuals who 'run' the sport. How I feel right now... reminds me that that's a selfish outlook, our fights mean so much more to so many more people than ourselves," Okolie stated.

When a fan questioned Okolie's statements, demanding that he spend his time fighting instead of complaining - Okolie warned that additional details will be revealed in the future.

"I've seen 100s of fighters come and go, lose and pushed to the back or out. When it's time for me to speak I will and I'm sure you'll have a very different outlook," Okolie said.

According to Hearn, there were never any issues with Okolie - but the animosity began when the boxer brought in new members to his inner-circle.

"Everything was positive until he started hanging around people who have no idea.' Hearn told IFL TV.

"The last thing we ever wanna do is go to court with a fighter, but I will never let someone take the p!ss out of the loyalty job we've delivered for them."