Cruiserweight contender Yuniel Dorticos can't wait to get back in the ring.

The two-time cruiserweight champion is working hard these days in the Tropical Park gym with his sights set on a possible fight before the end of 2022.

But the powerful Cuban puncher known as the 'Knockout Doctor' will return with a new figure in his corner, veteran trainer Pedro Diaz, with whom he has worked with on occasion in the past, but who is now of paramount importance in his career.

“I am proud to work with Pedro again,” commented Dorticós to Jorge Ebro. “We used to work [together], but now we are focused on being world champion again, making history. We are going for the third time and a fourth time is also coming. God willing, we will be fighting [soon]."

Dorticós knocked out Jesse Bryant on the M&R Boxing card held in November of last year at the Manuel Artime Theater. He says his company Caribe Promotions is making arrangements for his return to the ring as soon as possible.

Diaz believes the 35-year-old puncher still has plenty of life left in his career.

“Everyone knows that Dorticós is a serious competitor,” Díaz said. “Many coaches have worked with Dorticós. Everyone has put in a grain of sand. I have worked with him before. If everything goes as well as his team is planning, we will soon see him in the ring."

The Cuban boxer has worked with master trainers like Eric Castaños and Pedro Roque with his sights set on winning his third cruiserweight title and potential rematches against the only two men who have beaten him, Mairis Briedis and Murat Gassiev.

"I feel good with Pedro right now," added Dorticós. “I am no longer with the other Pedro, they are things that happen in  life. It has always been a pleasure working with all the coaches I have had. Pedro Díaz tells me that I have 10 years left in my career. I am very hungry to be a champion."