The 2022 boxing calendar has been incredibly kind to Dmitry Bivol. While his overarching skills have always been lauded by boxing purists, the Russian native was mostly kept out of the public eye. But after racking up back-to-back notable wins against Gilberto Ramirez and pound-for-pound luminary Canelo Alvarez, Bivol’s star power has skyrocketed.

As the soon-to-be 32-year-old looks back on his terrific year, he begins to juxtapose the strengths and weaknesses of both Alvarez and Ramirez. Alvarez, of course, was widely regarded as boxing’s premier star. After snagging every world title at 168-pounds, the Mexican product brazenly set his sights on Bivol and his WBA title.

Though oddsmakers and outside observers expected Bivol to fold under pressure, he stood tall in the face of adversity, winning a close but clear unanimous decision. In the case of Ramirez, the gargantuan light heavyweight contender stated time and time again that considering his all-around skills and size, a matchup against Bivol would end with his arms raised in triumph.

Yet, despite his bravado, a listless Ramirez was left bemused as Bivol boxed circles around his man.

By and large, both Alvarez and Ramirez (44-1, 30 KOs) sauntered into their bouts against Bivol believing that their deleterious knockout power could result in an early night at the pugilistic office. Having felt the full brunt of their blows, Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) recently revealed which of those two fighters was the harder hitter.

“Canelo is more powerful fighter,” said Bivol during an interview on the DAZN Boxing Show. “Canelo punch more harder than Ramirez.”

Admittedly, though Bivol was hopeful that he would one day be allowed to grace the ring with Alvarez, he remained skeptical until he was given the call. Nevertheless, in Ramirez, Bivol had a strong hunch that one day, he would eventually tango in a light heavyweight clash against his former sparring partner.  

Bearing in mind Ramirez’s height and reach advantages, optimism grew as several notable names across the boxing globe sided with the gigantic contender. Bivol though, turned a blind eye to Ramirez’s physical gifts. With a fairly one-sided decision tucked in his back pocket, the light heavyweight titlist reveals that not only was Alvarez (58-2-2, 39 KOs) the harder puncher, but Bivol also confessed that at times, he was able to take his foot off the gas pedal against Ramirez.

“To be honest, I spent a lot more energy in fight against Canelo. I have to work every round, I have to win every round. With Ramirez, I thought, I can make a pause and do it again.”