Yuriorkis Gamboa threw 71 more punches (472) than Devin Haney (401), but Haney held a 49 punch advantage over Gamboa in total connects(133-84).

Gamboa threw more punches than Haney rounds 4 through 12. Haney outlanded Gamboa in every single round, and he landed in double digits in 8 of the 12 rounds while Gamboa only landed in double digits in 3 of the 12 rounds.

Hollywood, Florida - WBC lightweight world champion Devin Haney (25-0, 15 KOs) boxed his way to a dominating twelve round unanimous decision over 2004 Olympic gold medalist and two-time world champion Yuriorkis Gamboa (30-4, 18 KOs).

The scores were  118-109, 120-107, 120-107.

A calculated boxing match in the first, with Haney controlling the action. Haney was fighting from the outside and landing the cleaner shots. Gamboa was unable to get past Haney's jab in the second. Gamboa was able to land a few shots in the third, but not enough as Haney controlled most of the round.

A few punches were traded in the fourth, with Haney landing the better punches. Gamboa did much better in the fifth, actually putting his punches together and taking the fight to Haney. In the sixth, Haney was landing the heavier punches and catching Gamboa when he tried to come inside. More of the same in the seventh, as Haney was outlanding and outboxing Gamboa.

The face of Gamboa was starting to swell up in the eight. Both were landing shots, with Haney landing harder and coming forward. The ninth saw more of Gamboa landing a few, but Haney landing far more and more accurate. And the tenth was more of the same, with Haney in full control.

In the eleventh, Gamboa lost a point for excessive holding. In the final round, Haney was connecting with big punches and Gamboa was able to take the hits until the bell.