Malik Scott is not concerned about how many pounds Deontay Wilder will register on the day of the weigh-in for his trilogy fight against Tyson Fury on July 24. 

“I would just like to see him in dog shape,” Wilder’s head trainer said on a recent episode of the PBC podcast. 

Scott, who was a former opponent of his current pupil, says that given how Wilder has performed against Fury in their first two fights – Wilder came in at a lower weight in the first fight and higher in the second – he does not have a set weight in mind for his charge going into the third fight. 

“When [Wilder] was 209 [pounds] he knocked Tyson Fury [down] and then Tyson Fury got up,” Scott said. “When he was 230 [pounds], we took the loss to Tyson Fury [in the rematch] and we were dealing with issues in the fight.”

“It’s just no telling.”

Despite his punching prowess and height, Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) is relatively lean by heavyweight standards. But he weighed in at 231 pounds for the Fury rematch, the heaviest of his career. Fury, by contrast, weighed in at 273 pounds, the third heaviest of the Brit’s career. In their first fight, Wilder clocked in at 212-and-a-half pounds, Fury 256-and-a-half pounds. 

Of course, whatever weight he ultimately chooses to come in at, Wilder has the ultimate trump card: his power. 

“I can tell you one thing,” said Scott, “no matter what he weighs, Deontay has the power to knock any heavyweight out in any era. And I say that unapologetically.

“Put him in any era, and if he hit any heavyweight in any era [they're] going to sleep. That’s just facts.” 

The only opponent Wilder has never knocked out is Fury in their two fights, though he did knock him down in their first meeting. 

Scott says Wilder has never been more mentally strong. 

“Deontay’s mindset is in a perfect place,” said Scott. “Our preparation is intact more than ever. He’s better than he’s ever looked. Just his mentality right now is perfect for the task at hand because we got to be on point and we are on point. We all have to be ready and we are ready. We’re just fine tuning. Crossing all the 't's and getting all the 'i's dotted.”