Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder felt it was a no-brainer to elevate Malik Scott to the head trainer position.

The last time Wilder saw action was back in February 2020, when he was dominated and stopped in seven rounds by Tyson Fury.

On July 24 in Las Vegas, Wilder will have the opportunity to reclaim the WBC crown when he faces Fury in a trilogy fight.

In the aftermath of the Fury loss, Wilder fired co-trainer Mark Breland, who threw in the towel in the seventh round.

Co-manager/co-trainer Jay Deas is still in place, but Scott is now running the camp.

Scott, inactive as a fighter since 2016, was knocked out in one round by Wilder in 2014.

The pair became very close friends over the years.

"Malik is my true brother. Even before me and Malik fought, we were very close," said Wilder in an interview with Premier Boxing Champions.

"Throughout our careers we have always talked. I always wanted to bring him in because of his genius and his mindset as a fighter. He's a genius in his mind, he knows what to do, but he just didn't have the athletic body to be able to perform what's in his head. I am the athlete - with instructions and teachings I am able to perform what he thinks and what he strategizes."

According to the Scott, the decision to make him the head trainer came rather quickly after Wilder suffered his first career defeat.

He predicts a very tough night at the office for Fury.

"After the loss against Fury, by 3am or 4am, it was somewhere around there. We was already in motion and putting the play together on what was going on now," Scott told the PBC Podcast.

"He immediately was already planning, 'Like bro, you're my head guy now.' We knew this from day one that adjustments had to be made and certain things that we wanted to do just have to be put in place.

"It works perfectly, because I believe one of the most imperative things between fighter and training is just not the teaching and learning, [it's] the chemistry.

"In this case, with my mentality and my experience, and my boxing brain, mixed with our chemistry, mixed with everything he's receptive to and learning now - it's going to be a bad, bad night for Fury come this trilogy."