David Benavidez enjoys a good fight. Of course, he has his moments where he prefers to box from the outside but by and large, that’s a rarity.

Letting his hands go has provided Benavidez with certain perks. One would be the adoration of fans. To a large extent, the 26-year-old often gives them their money's worth. He may not always leave his opponent unconscious but regardless of how things are playing out, Benavidez is normally willing to place himself in harm's way to give his supporters something to cheer for.

Putting nonstop pressure on his opponents isn’t just a way for Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs) to earn loyal fans but his eyes normally light up once he notices the will-breaking effect it has on the man standing on the other side of the ring. With that said, Demetrius Andrade is preparing for that very scenario.

On November 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada, the two will get it on. Usually, when asked to face an opponent with an endless gas tank and loads of power, Andrade (32-0, 19 KOs) tames them with his left hand. Although he won’t be the bigger man come fight night, the former two-division champ believes that Benavidez won’t be able to simply walk forward carefree against him.

“Oh yeah,” Andrade told FightHype.com when asked if his left hand will earn him the respect of Benavidez. “For sure, definitely.”

Just a few short months ago, Andrade’s leftfist grabbed the attention of Demond Nicholson as he floored the longtime journeyman several times over before winning a lopsided decision.

For Andrade, it isn’t merely about throwing his left hand. That would be too mundane and rudimentary of an answer. So, when asked about the delivery system he plans on using to get his money shot home, Andrade rattled off a ton of answers.

“It’s fast, it’s crisp, and with him, I’ll be able to throw it from all angles.”