Oscar De La Hoya is apparently sanguine about his chances to do more business with one of his bitterest rivals in the industry.

The Hall of Fame fighter and head of Golden Boy typically has not had anything much kind to say about Al Haymon, the founder of Premier Boxing Champions, but the two powerbrokers are currently collaborating on an upcoming fight in the spring that will see De La Hoya’s ace client Ryan Garcia in the ring against Haymon’s own in Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

And that matchup, which pits two of the biggest names in the sport, could just be the start of a more meaningful partnership. According to De La Hoya, he envisions more “big fights” involving Golden Boy and PBC down the line.

“What I’m very optimistic about is that [by] making this Ryan Garcia fight with Tank, we can start working together and make the big fights happen,” De La Hoya said on The DAZN Boxing Show. “Imagine PBC and Golden Boy getting together and just making huge fights, huge, big fights. The fans would eat it up, the fans would love it.”

Case in point, De La Hoya thinks the Davis-Garcia fight could lead to more opportunities for his middleweight client Jaime Munguia, the former 154-pound titlist that has been roundly criticized for taking on largely soft touches in the past several years.

“It’s a little difficult to make fights with him for some reason because all the fighters that he can fight are with PBC,” De La Hoya said of Munguia.

Ironically, De La Hoya was in talks to have Munguia face PBC’s Jermall Charlo, the WBC middleweight titlist, last year on a Showtime-produced main event, but the fight went to bits after De La Hoya demanded, late in negotiations, that his network partner, DAZN, get involved as well.

Davis-Garcia, on the other hand, will involve a degree of collaboration between networks. The card is expected to be produced as a pay-per-view event on Showtime but consumers will have a chance to purchase the fight through DAZN.

De La Hoya's conciliatory comments may strike some as surprising since the promoter routinely denounces Haymon, a former ally. De La Hoya has often blamed Haymon for ruining boxing by not allowing his fighters to seek fights outside the PBC circuit; PBC has output deals with Showtime and Fox. In November, De La Hoya described Haymon as a “cancer” in boxing.

De La Hoya raised some concern recently after he threatened to move on from Davis-Garcia if he did not receive a contract from PBC. (De La Hoya subsequently received one a few days later.)

While both fighters and promoters agreed to terms a few months ago, it is not clear when and where their proposed fight will take place. Adding to the uncertainty is that Davis will have to appear in court next month to face charges connected to a hit-and-run incident in Baltimore in 2020. The outcome of that hearing (i.e. if Davis faces jail time) could alter the timing of the fight.