Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya believes DAZN will eventually become the top destination for boxing - by overtaking Showtime, ESPN and Fox Sports. 

DAZN, a streaming platform which entered the boxing market in 2018, has exclusive content deals with both Golden Boy and Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sport.

"DAZN is a new platform, only a couple months old, and they're off to a great start, and they're in for the long run," De La Hoya said to The Houston Chronicle. "Our deal is a five-year deal. We'll be staging a major championship fight once a month with DAZN. We strongly believe that DAZN will be THE destination for many years to come for boxing and for championship fights."

For years, De La Hoya's company was aligned with HBO - who at one time dominated the boxing market.

But over the last few years, HBO's boxing brand began to rapidly decline - and last year the network decided to walk away from boxing after 45-years.

In the opinion of De La Hoya, the pay-per-view market is dying and the streaming market continues to rise. 

Most industry insiders would disagree - as Showtime recently staged two pay-per-view events which turned a profit, Fox Sports is staging a PPV event in March, and ESPN is staging one of their own in April.

"You have to ask yourself the questions: Is it the fighters? Is it a lack of promotion? A lack of awareness? I strongly believe it's that people are tired of paying $59, $69, $79 for a fight that belonged on HBO or Showtime," De La Hoya said.

"It's not that boxing is on the downfall, because there's more boxing on TV than ever before, whether that's on ESPN or Showtime or DAZN. I just strongly feel the consumer is getting fed up and tired of paying $75 and $80 for a pay-per-view.

"DAZN wants to be the Netflix of sports. Take a look at Netflix. It's all about content. Netflix's strategy is a simple one. You have three or four great shows that everyone wants to see, and the rest is content. They have a lot of shows you've never heard of or watched, but it's content and people consume it. That's what DAZN is basing their plan on. Sign the big stars like Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez and most of our stable at Golden Boys and give people the best fights possible."