Ben Davison, the former trainer of Tyson Fury, believes the boxer played mind games with Deontay Wilder at the official weigh-in from Friday.

Last month, Fury dropped Davison after five fights of working together. He then hired veteran coach SugarHill Steward of the Kronk Gym.

Fury said the move to hire Steward was motivated by his goal to secure a knockout victory. He fought Wilder to a controversial twelve round split draw back in December 2018.

In the first bout, Fury was dropped twice and nearly stopped in the twelfth and final round.

In the rematch on Saturday night in Las Vegas, it was Fury who dropped Wilder twice and finished him off in the seventh as the corner threw in the towel.

“It was sort of like round 13,” Davison told talkSPORT. “Wilder did not look very confident and Tyson had actually said to me ages ago he was looking to have a fast start.

“Start fast and re-implement everything into Wilder’s mind and it worked an absolute treat because when Tyson took a right hand from Wilder, Tyson believed he could take Wilder’s power.

“He took a right hand in the first round and went flying straight back at Wilder and I think that just increased those doubts which started in the twelfth round of the last fight and it sort of went from there.”

Davison also believes Fury's weight of 273-pounds was not legit. He believes his former student had his clothes on, drank a lot of water, and maybe even stuffed his pants to play further mind games with Wilder.

“Personally, I believe that was a manufactured weight on the scales,” Fury said.. “I don’t believe he was that heavy.

“I believe that was part of the mind games going on. I know Tyson, I know his body and I do not believe he was that heavy – in fact I know he was not that heavy. I believe his morning weight was more in the region of 18st 8lbs, 18st 9lbs. And obviously throughout the day as you’re eating and drinking your weight will increase there. But I believe the weight he stopped on the scales at was manufactured weight all part of mind games – which he is the master of.”