David Morrell hasn’t faced any elite-level competition just yet, but he believes no one should be rated above him at 168 pounds.

Ranking the super middleweight division is subjective but in the eyes of many, both David Benavidez and Canelo Alvarez are viewed as the best 168-pounders around.

Alvarez, 33, has held his position as the division's top dog for nearly a half decade. With the Mexican star holding every major world title, he’s currently sifting through the rest of the super middleweight landscape for the next best available opponent.

Benavidez, the WBC’s interim champion, has done his best to prove that he’s a worthy contender. With back-to-back wins over top-of-the-line opponents, Caleb Plant and Demetrius Andrade, Benavidez is patiently waiting his turn.

Morrell, by and large, has grown frustrated. And, unfortunately for Sena Agbeko, the 25-year-old took everything out on him this past weekend.

In just two rounds, Agbeko was out of his element, leading to a second-round stoppage defeat. The 31-year-old, while respected, has never been viewed as an elite contender. However, Morrell is convinced that the manner in which he took care of business should force fans to open their eyes and take notice.

The 25-year-old isn’t picky. As long as his next opponent brings some sort of name recognition, he's more than willing to face them. In a perfect world, however, Morrell would rather take on either Benavidez or Alvarez. In terms of who he believes would give him a more difficult time in the ring, Morrell thought long and hard before giving his answer.

“It’s a hard question,” admitted Morrell recently. “But I think maybe Canelo.”

Ironically enough, Benavidez, not Alvarez, is who Morrell has been targeting. Pragmatically, the Cuban knows that a showdown with Alvarez isn’t likely. Benavidez, on the other hand, has provided him with a bit of hope.

No matter who is thrown onto his plate next, Morrell acknowledges that neither man would be a walk in the park.

“Benavidez is hard too. They both great fighters.”