Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) presented its Friday card in association with La Reine des Bières, Mise-O-Jeu and Videotron at the Holiday Inn hotel in Cuernavaca, on Punching Grace and Indigo’s networks.

This event featured the return of former IBF middleweight champion David Lemieux.

Faithful to his habits, Lemieux put the pressure on from the very first bell on David Zegarra, who showed good defensive movements in his upper body during the first round.

On the other hand, Lemieux managed to send his opponent to the canvas towards the end of the first round. Saved by the bell, Zegarra began the second round without fully regaining his senses.

Lemieux felt his opponent was weakened and wanted to finish the job quickly by jumping right on him. 

Lemieux still kept up the pace and managed to close the show by sending Zegarra down two more times in the second round - for the knockout win.

As for the second main event of the evening, Simon Kean faced Donald Haynesworth jr. Both boxers have excellent punching power and are used to being very aggressive.

From the first moments of the fight, however, Haynesworth seemed to want to let Kean work by maintaining a good defense, thus exhausting him. However, Kean used a more cunning tactic by varying his attacks to the body and the head to manage to put an end to the hostilities at the end of the fourth round, when Haynesworth’s corner threw in the towel.

The new trainer of Kean, Vincent Auclair seemed satisfied with the progress of his pugilist and intends to have Simon box again very quickly while continuing their collaboration.

In addition, Erik Bazinyan was in a championship fight while he was staking his NABA title while also being able to get his hands on the NABF super middleweight belt and thus hoping to slip into the WBC’s top 15 world rankings.

He had before him a solid veteran in Scott Sigmon. He has already offered excellent performances against Matvey Korobov and Roy Jones. However, Bazinyan was dominant from the start to the end of the fight. He showed excellent technique and the ref had to stop the contest in second round to save Sigmon, allowing Erik return to Quebec with his two belts.

At the start of the evening, Martine Vallieres Bisson was very dominant against the Mexico's Maricruz Gomez Soto. Vallieres signed a victory by way of a referee stoppage in the first round, since Gomez sustained a serious cut on the eyebrow in addition to having quite a serious nosebleed.