Just five months after announcing his retirement, heavyweight contender David Allen has taken to social media to confirm his planned return to the sport of boxing.

The 29-year-old Allen was scheduled to return to the ring last November, as part of the Conor Benn-Sebastian Formella card, but after his fight fell out he made a decision to walk away from the sport.

Allen's best win came in April of 2019, when he knocked out former WBA champion Lucas Browne. His confidence was shattered when he was later dominated and stopped by Olympic bronze medal winner David Price.

Last year, Allen wrote the following message to his fans - “Hello everyone, I hoped I would never have to write this message, never mind at 28 with my last fight being when I was 27 years old. But I made the decision a few nights ago with my sister that I would no longer from that moment on be a professional fighter. Boxing has given me a life I could never have dreamed of.

“I had never been out of Doncaster but for school trips until I started boxing and it’s taken me round the world from New York City to working men’s club all around the UK. As well as seeing the world it has taken me from the kid brought up in a council house with yellow doors wearing Umbro to a man who still wears Umbro but owns a few houses and who has given myself a chance to give my future kids a life I could only have dreamed of.

“On top of [that], and more importantly, I have made the greatest friends, some of them being my childhood heroes. The list of thanks would be far too long but I hope everyone knows who they are and know they are appreciated. Lastly, the reason for me calling it a day is simple – I don’t want to get punched anymore. Long gone are the days of the kid from donny who just wants to fight. All I want now is a nice quiet life with a wife and some kids, healthy and happy, getting nice and fat.”

But Allen has since changed his mind and intends to box again.

Allen cautions that he won't be used as a name to build up the records of up and coming prospects, like Alen Babic and Fabio Wardley. He wants to stay busy for at least a year before considering those kinds of fights.

"I had a meeting today and what I wanted was, I wanted to come back and box, but I want to come back at a low level. I want to enjoy my boxing, I want to win titles, whatever titles they may be. I will be boxing again but I won't be coming back and boxing Alen Babic and Fabio Wardley for at least 12 months. I just want to come back and enjoy boxing," Allen said.