Danny Garcia fought practically everyone you could think of, even if the odds were stacked against him.

In March of 2012, Garcia didn’t hesitate when a showdown against Hall of Fame former multi-divisional champ, Erik Morales, was presented to him. Sure he was a bit slower, older, and not as dangerous but Garcia, who was in his early 20s, had no problem giving up several years of experience.

Long story short, Garcia won. His career since then has been littered with fights against modern-day greats such as Keith Thurman and Amir Khan, as well as a sure-fire Canastota lock in Errol Spence Jr. He didn’t win them all but Garcia is proud to have fought everyone who was considered a top dog.

At the age of 35, Garcia sometimes replays those legendary fights in his mind. He remembers the time when Lucas Matthysse knocked his mouthpiece out. He also remembers landing a perfectly-timed left hook to the jaw of Amir Khan.

Although he has loads of memories to choose from, Garcia, at times, thinks of what could’ve been. He may have fought a who’s who of names but there are a handful of fighters he was never able to swap fists with.

“Maybe Pacquiao or Floyd,” said Garcia when asked if he wishes he fought any particular fighters from his era. “They were all-time greats. You always wanna test your skills against fighters like that.”

At one point, Garcia almost got his wish. In 2019, he was considered a real option for Manny Pacquiao. Of course, the former eight-division champ eventually decided to face Keith Thurman, beating him via split decision.

Garcia doesn’t hold any grudges. The past is the past. But, just because he’s moved on, it doesn’t mean conjectural thoughts of facing Pacquiao never cross his mind.

Garcia has too much respect for the future Hall of Famer to go on a ducking accusations rant. He does, however, believe that if he was given the call as opposed to Thurman, he had all the tools to give Pacquiao hell.

“I knew that he struggled with people like me. Length, countering, having good timing. That’s why I loved the fight so much for me.”