Danielito “El Zorro” Zorrilla will ensure that the experience he lived through back in March is not repeated.

The boxer received several blows to the back of the neck during his fight against Ruslan Madiyev. The punches left him stunned to the point that he needed medical assistance inside the ring before leaving in a wheelchair at the Félix Pagán Pintor gym in Guaynabo.

“The goal is to be in good health, which is the most important thing. When the doctor gave me the go-ahead, I went ahead to fix the mistakes I made," said Zorrilla (15-0, 11 KO) to Carlos Gonzalez.

On August 14, Zorrilla will risk the NABO belt of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) against Mexican slugger Pablo Cesar Cano (33-7-1, 23 KO).

Zorrilla mentioned that he did not conscientiously train for the fight against Madiyev. He was on the verge of paying a high price.

“In the first couple of days [while training] I got dizzy and felt unwell. I was worried, but nothing serious, somewhat normal. I was severely dehydrated and within a month I was fine. I had to make a decision between moving forward [with my career] or regretting it. I chose to go ahead and fix the errors,” Zorrilla added.

“For Madiyev there was no preparation like I was used to doing. It was a matter of having a good diet and rest that due to family situations did not allow me to train like I was supposed to. It was a bit hard for me. You have to erase that past and focus on the details that I would have done differently.

“This fight is going well for me. It's a good test. I didn't think I'd be back so early. My mind didn't know what I wanted. While things were happening, I kept recovering. I started training with former world champion (Román) Rocky Martínez, who advised me on many things. It made me to fall in love with boxing again. When I came back to train I had no desire, I had lost my will a bit, but Rocky helped me to get more involved, to understand many things."