Heavyweight contender Daniel Dubois, 22-years-old, is confident that he could topple Tyson Fury - if the two of them were matched against each other.

Dubois (12-0, 11 KOs), who faces Ebenezer Tetteh on Friday at the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, was very interested observer in recent heavyweight clash where Tyson Fury overcame a severe cut to decision unbeaten Otto Wallin.

"It looked like a really bloody, tough fight. He came through it and credit to him," Dubois told Metro.co.uk. "Boxing is never straight forward. The boxing public can change their opinion of you in a split second. Tyson should be pleased with himself because he’s got another victory. He’s living the life right now. He’s got a great deal with the American networks. His legacy is already sealed, but he can earn a lot more money from another few fights."

Dubois explained that at the moment it's hard to rank the best heavyweights in the division.

"It’s hard to rank everyone," Dubois said. "It’s different every day. [Anthony] Joshua had a claim [to be No.1] before he got beat [by Andy Ruiz Jr]. Things change too quickly for there to be a No.1 heavyweight."

According to Fury, he's the top dog of the weight class. After watching Fury's recent fights, Dubois feels very confident that he could topple the undefeated 'Gypsy King.'

"I’m capable of beating Tyson Fury right now," Dubois predicted. "I’m 100 percent confident in my ability. I’ll beat anyone who steps in the ring with me. I only have one gear: seek and destroy, kill or be killed."