The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Devin Haney vs. Gervonta Davis, Jai Opetaia, the career of Deontay Wilder, Artur Beterbiev vs. Callum Smith, manager Cameron Dunkin, referee Kenny Bayless, former world champion Errol Spence, welterweight champion Jaron Ennis, and more.

I know you’re a fan of both Devin and Tank. But what do you think of the 20M offer that Eddie Hearn confirms that Team Haney made? That seems to be a big number for a fight at that weight. It seems that Tank turned it down, so at this point do you think they will fight in 2024 or will we see another Crawford vs Spence situation where it takes them 5 years to fight?

Bread’s Response: I do think highly of both Devin and Tank. I think they’re two of the best ten fighters in boxing. Speaking objectively about the offer, I assume the offer was real but I don't have inside info. I do know that Tank is the A side. And A sides don’t TAKE offers, they MAKE offers. So although I believe the offer was made. I don’t think Team Tank would consider any offer made to them. That’s just me looking from the outside in. Once that happens you lose your A side status and Tank is the biggest star at those weights. Again, Without any inside info I’m going to assume Team Haney will have to wait for Tank’s offer. Please don’t ask me how much and the splits because I think the fans and media get TOO involved in that. 

No I don’t think they will fight in 2024. I think both sides want the fight. But I think Devin’s size is an issue. Let me explain. I think both Devin and Tank have two of the best teams in boxing. I think Devin looked great at 140lbs and rehydrating up to 165lbs. I don’t believe Devin’s team will have melt down to 135lbs again. On the other hand, Tank does not rehydrate that high. I think he goes up to about 145lbs from 135lbs. So his team who has done a great job of navigating through his career has never put him in a position to fail. Something is going to have to GIVE with the weight in order to make the fight. In essence this fight may take MORE to make than Crawford vs Spence did. 

Devin is about 4-5yrs younger than Tank. He’s also taller and longer. Devin seems destined for 147lbs and higher. Where as Tank is a fighter who is close to 30 and his body has not outgrown 135lbs. So he may move up for certain fights but not because he’s outgrown 135lbs. With that being said I don’t know how they get past this issue. One of them would have to DEMAND to their teams to make the concession and make the fight. Sort of like Errol Spence has stated he did with the money split to Crawford. Devin and/or Tank would have to do that with their weight issue and money splits. 

But here is the difference. Errol and Terence were much more respectful towards each other. I never heard them really insult each other. There was just competitive banter between them. Where as Devin and Tank and their teams have said some insulting stuff towards each other. So I don’t know if they can meet up and talk individually. So let’s see how this works out. It’s a great fight. Hopefully they can make it while they are still in their primes.

As the year comes to an end, I want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year in 2024! Thank you for your dedication to the weekly mailbag that I have followed for nearly 14 years. I always look forward to it every Saturday morning.   There were a lot of big boxing fights in 2023 and I want to remain optimistic that we will continue to have another good year of the big fights being made, regardless of promotional challenges/agenda's.  Here are some of my comments and 3 questions I had for you: The Day of reckoning fight card last week answered a few questions for me. 1) Wilder just didn’t look right, having fought 1 round the last 2 years didn’t help. There was very little leg or head movement and he just seem that he never had a Plan B, C, or D. Do you think Wilder has 1-2 fights left in him to compete before he retires?   2) I think two natural 175 fighters in Beterbiev and Bivol would be an exciting match for unification in 2024. How do you see that fight playing out after Bivol’s performance last week?  3) Another question for you is how much time do you spend with your fighter during training camp watching over his opposites last few fights to see the openings offensively and defensively. When I re-watched a fight as just a fan, I notice a few more traits, tendency, traps, and patterns. How much of it is important, what can you usually take away from it and how much is just over analyzing?   Thank you for always sharing your knowledge Breadman and insight to boxing fans like myself.   Kind regards, Eman from Los Angeles 

Bread’s Response: You know what you’re talking about. It has been 14 years and some change. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

I think Wilder has 2 or 3 more fights left in him but I think Wilder tinkers with his conditioning. His weights fluctuate too much for him not to. I don’t know what he does in camp but he’s fluctuated up and down almost 30lbs in his career. That’s a lot for a heavyweight especially when it’s been up and down and not just gradually going up like the norm. So once his team figures out a comfortable weight and regime I think he can still compete at the top level. But the matchmaking has to be on point. Everyone is going to press Deontay at this point and try to push him back and NOT let him step INTO his right hand. Physical strength and punching power are not always the same. But there is a skill in not allowing yourself to be pushed back. And physical strength can be built. Let’s see how Deontay adjusts.

As weird as this sounds. I think Beterbiev is in for a tough fight vs Callum Smith. I’m not saying he loses but I think Smith’s catch and counter style can have success vs a midrange engaging puncher. Let me explain. Smith's catch and counter is usually a LEFT HOOK. He catches the opponent's right hand with his left hand, then he turns over a fast nasty left hook. Beterbiev throws a looping right hand often. It's probably his best shot. So the shot that Beterbiev loves to throw, is the shot that Smith waits on to counter....

But if Beterbiev gets by Smith, I think he stops Bivol. I know Bivol has yet to be stopped but there is something about him that tells me he doesn’t have the durability to beat Beterbiev. 

I like to watch our opponent’s last fight and his fight vs an opponent closest to our style. I will watch it alone. Then I like to watch it together. Then randomly I will go back and to see if I missed something throughout camp.

What up Sir,

I was emailing to speak on my 90's heavyweight era. After seeing Parker upset Wilder my mind started spinning . I feel the 90's heavyweight contenders (not even mentioning the champions) would have given the champs today hell on earth. Now Usyk to me is the exception to the rule based on his herky jerky style and boxing acrimen. I could see Ray Mercer causing major problems as well as the late Tommy "The Duke"Morrison . Let's not even mention Holyfield , Lennox, Big George , and Bowe . I am convinced that Evander Holyfield would have wore down Wilder and ruined his career. It's true that Fury's skill set is amazing but he could not be out of shape against Holyfield . Let's be honest . So many play into the size difference but didn't Holyfield beat (not on the score cards ) a giant who's name I forgot and out pointed him. You really think the Holyfield that ran the gauntlet through the whole list of 1989 contenders would be embarrassed by Tyson Fury? Believe me Mr. Breadman I have heard this . I am 52 years of age and have been watching boxing since I was 4 years old. I know about the eye test . I saw the ending of the great Ali to the reign of Tyson Fury. I can call a spade a spade Sir. Please let me know what your take on the 90's heavyweights against this era would look like.

Thank you for your great takes as always and kudos to your career as a trainer in this game . I been riding with you for a long time Gee....Michael "Expedite" Blount

Bread’s Response: Fighter for Fighter and Fight for Fight the 90s heavyweights have a case for being the best era ever of heavyweights. Some say it’s the 70s and I won’t argue but it’s razor close. The 1970s and 1990s stand alone in terms of heavyweight talent. Let me tell you how good the 90s were. The Klitschko brothers did not emerge as champions until the best heavyweights of the 90s retired or got old and they turned pro in 1996. And they targeted the WBO belt when the BIG money was in the other 3 titles. But the Klitschkos are firmly planted in the 90s. 

So let’s name the 1990s heavyweights. Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Michael Moorer, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are the HOFs. 9 Hall of Famers! Then you have the next tier of excellent fighters like Chris Byrd, David Tua, Ike Ibeabuchi, Corrie Sanders, Ray Mercer, Andrew Golota, Razor Ruddock, Tommy Morrison and Hasim Rahman. 

I’m not trying to be disrespectful to the heavyweights of today but it’s not even close. There are champions in this era who we would have never heard of if they fought in the 90s. They wouldn’t have had relevant careers in the 90s. Overall the 90s heavyweights would wipe this current crop out.

This era will be lucky to produce 3 HOFs. The only sure lock is Usyk and that’s more because of his work at Cruiserweight. It’s NOT close!!!!! Tell whoever said otherwise they should have a beer on me and watch football.

So Kenny Bayless retires.  Legend. But I have seen him mess up. All good. My thoughts are about refs. Some fights they perfect. Sometimes the do not take charge of a ring.  let’s a fighter perform clinch or weigh down, let’s fighters fight out of the clinch, separates them too soon….  Feel free to add I’m just tossing those out there. . I’m just curious about trainers’ thoughts on refs.  What do you think about when u know what ref will be in there with your fighters? Do you change tactics? Do you have say in the official? Can a certain ref be a reason your fight never happened? I know sometimes they ruin what could have been a fight of the year.   Like a basketball game grinds down when a whistle happens every drive.

Bread’s Response: There are some refs I like. Some I don’t so much. But I rarely name them because you don’t know who will get assigned to you and it’s not always feasible to have them removed. My favorite current refs are Benji Esteves who stopped Julian William’s fight vs Jeison Rosario. It broke my heart but I know Esteves made a fair call and he’s an excellent ref. Shawn Clark who is also very good and deserves more big jobs. And Bill Clancy who will let you work on the inside. 

As a trainer, yes there are some refs who have a subjective preference to certain things. Some will allow more clinching. Some won’t. Some will call shots on the belt low. Some won’t. Some are squeamish and stop fights too soon. Some won’t. You have to know the game and know who will do what. You won’t always be able to switch them out but it’s important to know who’s who and what’s what. It’s all part of being productive in this game. And in case you're wondering, there have been times where I’ve switched refs out. Other times I’ve tried and I wasn’t able. Same with judges.

Wrote in late this week but I got 2 comments. U talking up bud, and giving him shine about getting locked in vs Spence was nice. It went from a 50-50 fight in public opinion to Spence was damaged goods, Ugas lost, car crash, weight drained. People crap on Spence but he is and has been a BEAST. Why people can’t appreciate both fighters is beyond me. Then you connecting the dots about possible strategies from Hearns, Emanuel Steward, Sugar Hill, fury, to Parker vs bronze bomber is such an amazing thing I had to point out. If anyone missed that it was last week’s mailbag.

This was for u we appreciate your knowledge and happy new year!


Kevin n go ravens

Bread’s Response: Thank you bro. I love Errol Spence. The dude took money out of his pocket and gave us the Fight of the Decade. Then after he lost the fans and some media turned on him. Spence is the truth and he always will be in my eyes. Boxing has the worst fans and media in all of sports. 

Yes Emanuel Steward loved killers. He loved boxer punchers who used their jabs but you had to be a killer if he trained you. And if you weren’t you would hear about it from him. Those teachings are still prevalent today. 


Appreciate the Mailbag.  You're the best analyst in boxing by far. My question is about younger fighters calling out older fighters.  Shakur wants to fight Loma.  Some want Crawford to fight Boots.  I don't like it.  If the fighters were within say 4 years in age of each other, both fights would be fantastic. But as fighters get to the end of the careers it's really not fair to match them against the next generation of top fighters.  It can be dangerous and we don't get the best of the older fighter (usually).  Many times it's a money grab and the public justifies it by saying it's the passing of the torch.  There are exceptions to this for sure.  Hopkins, Mayweather, and Pacquiao won as they got older, but in general I don't like it.  What are your thoughts?  She we encourage these kinds of fights?


Bread’s Response: This is a great question. I don’t mind younger fighters calling out older fighters if the older fighter is the champion and the younger fighter wants the belt. Or if the younger fighter is ascending and he needs the big name. But when the younger fighter is the champion and he wants the older fighter and the older fighter is beltless I understand it but I’m not a fan of it. I can remember Andre Ward saying many years ago in reference to Bernard Hopkins, I’m not going to call him out but I wouldn’t turn it down if he wants to fight me. I respected that stance…..

I wouldn’t discourage Old vs Young type of fights. It’s how boxing works through attrition. And there are many cases where the older fighter whooped butt. In those cases I feel like the older fighter deserves extra credit for the win. Ali was 7 years older than George Foreman. To win that fight was BIG. Manny Pacquiao is about 9 years older than Keith Thurman. That’s also a big win. Bernard Hopkins was 17 years older than Kelly Pavlik. What a win! So there are so many cases where the older fighter wins. It’s not an outlier but I definitely get what you’re saying. 

The younger fighter wins in my estimation more times than they lose if the level of fighter is close. Speaking of Loma directly I feel for him as I do GGG but especially Loma. Loma's biggest mistake in my opinion was venturing up to 135lbs. He was on a historically great run at 130lbs. Making several fighters quit in a row. Then he moved up for his 3rd world title in his 3rd division at 135lbs vs Jorge Linares and in my opinion he has never quite looked the same after that great victory. 

He’s been great but not as great. He beat some solid guys but he had superior ability over them so the weight and size didn’t overcome his ability. But when the ability was the same vs Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney he lost. You have people saying that Loma isn’t special or isn’t what he was made out to be but the truth is very few ex featherweight champions in history Loma’s size could beat Lopez or Haney at 135lbs giving up almost a decade in age. In fact I can only think of possibly two. Manny Pacquiao and Henry Armstrong. 

But because Loma took those challenges, his legacy has been dented and he won’t be recognized as the generational great that he really is. I know what he is but the CRITICS won’t give him the credit he deserves. It’s why I DON'T say Terence Crawford is DUCKING Boots Ennis. As much as I love Ennis, I understand Crawford is trying to make money fights and he doesn’t want to give that young whipper snapper a shot at him right now. It’s very understandable.

All in all I judge these fights on a case by case basis and I’m not so fast to call it a duck when the older fighter is the one being called out.

I have a few questions. You often talk about boxing eyes. I think you have the best I’ve seen. I can’t believe people rag on you about Boots, when you called Terence Crawford in your mailbag long before any of us knew him. You also championed Jrock and he never even won a national championship if my memory serves me correctly. With the recent passing of Cameron Dunkin, some say he had the best set of eyes ever. What are your thoughts on Dunkin and did you have a relationship with him? My next question is the qualifications of trainers. I know you weren’t a pro fighter but I also know you sparred several top pros and world champions. With Ben Davidson doing so well as a coach with limited boxing background, I don’t get why this is still a thing. Bomac has a losing record as a fighter and he’s probably the top coach currently in the game. Teofimo Lopez Sr., Jose Benavidez Sr. and Bill Haney weren’t to my knowledge fighters and all of their sons are top fighters. Why do you think in boxing, that there is a thing that you have to be a top ex pro fighter to be a good coach, when the evidence points hard in the opposite direction? Actually most of the top coaches currently were not pro fighters and the ones that did fight, weren’t very good for the exception of Robert Garcia and Buddy McGirt who were world champions.

Bread’s Response: You know I honestly think this line of thinking came from a disgruntled fighter who couldn’t get any jobs as a head trainer. I think many ex fighters are bitter and they feel entitled to top jobs and their bitterness turns into envy and they target trainers who didn't do what they did as fighters. 

But as you pointed out, many top trainers have not had distinguished boxing careers themselves. I’m of the opinion that as long as you have an understanding of the game, have leadership ability, and can articulate what you know you can be a successful trainer. Being an ex fighter helps but it's not a prerequisite. 

Every trainer has their own perspective and as long as that perspective has had success, it’s all that matters. Angelo Dundee has the best set of WINS in boxing history. Dundee was the lead trainer in the corner when Carmen Basilio def. Sugar Ray Robinson, Ali def. Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Bob Foster, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton and George Foreman, Ray Leonard def. Wilfred Benitez, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns and Marvin Hagler, and George Foreman def. Michael Moorer as an OLD MAN. 

No trainer in history has THAT level of wins and I left out about a dozen more!!! You just have to know the game. How you went about learning the game is your specific journey. I think each experience has it’s pros and cons. And it depends on the person. But it’s ridiculous to say because you haven’t done something, means you can’t teach it or help someone experience it. Or better yet you can’t tell someone HOW to do it. 

There are MALE gynecologist. What if someone told them they can’t help/tell a woman how to have a baby or what the experience will be like because they’ve never had one. If you think about how ridiculous that would sound you wouldn’t say it. 

Here is the thing about being a CYNIC. You will always find something to say. If you weren’t a fighter, the cynic will say how can you teach someone boxing if you weren’t a real boxer. If you were a boxer, depending on the level they would say you were a journeyman, how can you teach someone to be a world champion and you sucked. If you were a world champion, but had a certain style, they would say how could you teach someone to jab and move when you were a brawler? It’s literally ALWAYS going to be something. 

Imagine someone telling Freddie Roach you can’t train James Toney because he does the Philly Shell and you didn’t fight like that. Imagine someone telling Freddie Roach, you were a right handed fighter, you can’t teach a ultra fast southpaw like Manny Pacquiao. It’s so absurd it’s sad.

Roy Jones is the most talented and athletically gifted fighter most of us have seen. He’s taken a load of criticism this year as a trainer. In fact Chris Eubank did better with Bomac than he did Roy Jones and Jones was a better fighter than Bomac by a mile. It’s so many nuances to being a trainer I don’t have enough room to write it. But imagine this. Roy Jones has the greatest resume in the world in terms of ex fighters/current trainers. But he still gets criticism. If the perspective that the better the fighter you are, the better the trainer you will be is true, then why do so many criticize Jones? 

For the record I think Roy is a GREAT trainer. I’m just debunking this stupid myth and showing that all trainers get criticism and their backgrounds don’t matter to a cynic. I think Roy just needs the right situation and he’s going to show the world what I believe to be true. He’s the truth as a trainer. But the GOAL post will always be moved so the CYNIC and SUPER CRITIC can have something to say.

What I will end this on is boxing is filled with archaic trains of thoughts. I only address them in my mailbag because it’s a mailbag. But I’m going to stop pretty soon because it’s a broken record. Great trainers come from all backgrounds. It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.

Yes I had a chance to interact with Cameron Dunkin. He had a relationship with a local promoter Marvin Shuler. Shuler told Dunkin that me and him were friends and Dunkin wanted to talk to me. He set up a phone conversation and it went great. Dunkin told me that he thought I did a wonderful job with Julian Williams. He told me he admired my work and if I ever needed anything to let him know. The conversation was about 20 minutes. We exchanged numbers and texted a few times after. 

Cameron Dunkin had an amazing eye for boxing talent. I know this is unrelated but to my knowledge he didn't have an extensive boxing background but I could be wrong. Dunkin had Tim Bradley, Terence Crawford, Boots Ennis, Mikey Garcia, James Kirkland and Nonito Donaire. I'm sure there are many others but those are who I thought of off the top of my head.

We actually talked about how talented Boots and Bud both were. Dunkin thought Boots was a bigger version of Bud.

It was an honor to speak with him and soak up his knowledge. RIP Mr. Dunkin.

How do you see Usyk vs Opetaia going Breadman? I could see this being Usyk's biggest challenge yet, maybe more so than Fury!

Bread’s Response: Dam. Today I will say Usyk knows a little too much but let me seem more of Opetai. I believe he’s on the level but I know more about Usyk as of now.

Happy Holidays, Bread Man.

This is to Chris Robinson, Silver Spring, MD: Happy Holidays to you and yours, brother. I'll address everything you said three weeks ago. But you are defending Bread Man. I have no problem with it, but at least make some sense. Boots actually has a pretty pathetic resume for a fighter so highly-acclaimed. The man has over thirty professional fights and is the greatest thing since the electric nose hair trimmer according to guys like you and Bread, yet the best names on his resume are Custio Clayton and Roiman Villa. The Villa win was a step in the right direction, but was followed by another long bout of inactivity.

Aaron Pryor was indeed avoided. None of the champs at 135 at the time would fight him, so he moved up to 140. At 140, Pryor fought anyone he could get his hands on, literally. Dujuan Johnson, Lennox Blackmoore, Gary Hinton and Peppermint Frazer were all pretty good fighters.When I say that Ray Leonard was leery of facing Pryor, please keep in mind that Ray was doing color at ringside for HBO the night Aaron almost put Alexis Arguello into a coma in Miami. Ray’s jaw was on the ground from that ferocious fight-ending barrage of punches in Round 14. Don’t believe me? Pull up the full fight on YouTube and watch for yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Leonard was at ringside doing color for HBO that night because the plan was for him to fight Arguello next. That was indeed the plan. Interesting how no such plan involved the contingency that Aaron won that night.You have to be joking when you say that Pryor wasn’t much of a power puncher. Or were you pulling my leg? I hope it’s the latter. Aaron was one of the most prolific power punchers of that era, along with Tommy Hearns, Wilfredo Gomez and Tony Ayala. Fans and pundits tended to overlook his power due to his athleticism and dexterity. And I don’t need to pull up videos or delve into old archives of articles to remember – I made sure I got my high school and college homework done on Friday night to have a clear schedule to watch boxing on Saturday afternoon and night. Aaron Pryor was indeed a phenomenal power puncher. 35 KOs in 39 wins attest to it.My friend, I’m almost sixty years old and have been following boxing very closely since 1972.

I remember that era of boxing vividly. I’m not a “New Jack” to this sport. I don’t know if you remember this, but there were plans underway in the very early 80s for a big series of boxing cards pitting Arguello against Leonard, Benitez vs. Ayala and several other fights I can’t recall at the moment. One of them may have even involved Hagler moving up to face Spinks. And I’m not sure if they were planned by King or Butch Lewis. In any event, I do indeed believe certain fighters like Aaron Pryor and Mike McCallum were avoided by the “sacred cow” stars like Leonard and Hagler. In other words, if they didn’t have to fight them, they wouldn’t. After stopping Donald Curry in Vegas, McCallum was asked by Gil Clancy and Tim Ryan who he wanted to fight next after stopping P4P #1 Curry. Mike looked directly into the camera and said he wanted either of Hagler, Leonard or Hearns next and would have no problem at all moving up six pounds. Funny how Marvin found a way to fight so many guys who moved up from 154 (Mugabi, Duran, Leonard, Hearns), but never managed to fight McCallum. Coincidence? Hmmmmmmm...Keep in mind that Curry was the P4P king at the time Mike starched him.

The link to the interview Tim Ryan and Gil Clancy had with McCallum in which Mike expressed a pointed interest in fighting Leonard, Hagler and Hearns is below. The actual interview starts at approximately 15:20. I never questioned Bread’s eye for talent. I merely asked him two pointed questions he has yet to answer: (1) What did he see in Errol Spence Jr. and Terrence Crawford that led him to believe that Crawford-Spence was a 50/50 fight?, and (2) Why at 30+ fights has Boots Ennis yet to fight a top level fighter? Interestingly, he has yet to answer either question. I get the impression the questions made him uncomfortable, so I don’t want to have to corner a grown man like that. Also, I never said Bread denigrated me. I said that I’ve seen him denigrate others who have written in who were not necessarily trolling. You might want to go back and read what I actually wrote, not what you imagined I wrote. Boots Ennis is a phenomenal talent, but his father is talking about fighting Mario Barrios next. So basically, we’re going from “Bud Crawford is running from me!” to trying to fight Tank Davis and Keith Thurman leftovers? Sad. Just sad. One thing I notice about some of you guys is how offended and apoplectic you become when someone says something that doesn't jibe with your perception of one of your "sacred cow" fighters. “If all a knife cuts is butter, how sharp can that knife possibly be?”

Carl Hewitt, Queens, NY

Bread’s Response: This is NOT Chris Robinson’s mailbag. This is mine! So you’re really addressing me, but ok. Let’s see.

I think Boots’s resume is decent. Not spectacular but decent. Lipinets, Clayton, Villa , Dulorme and Abreu are decent wins. The issue is none of them could win a round vs Boots. So you devalue him beating them because he domanted. But let’s look close. 

First off Jaron Ennis can’t fight who he wants to fight. He doesn’t set the pay of the fight or the terms. Very few fighters in boxing can do that and he’s not one of them. Tank can. Canelo can. Ryan Garcia can. Anthony Joshua can. But Boots is no where near that in terms of power. David Benavidez is a stud. But until this year he was never the main event on PPV. Why do you think that is? Because he's GOOD. And the better you are coming up the harder it is to get fights.

Dulorme had a draw with Jessie Vargas and gave Eimantas Stanionis a tough fight. Stanionis is considered one of the top 5 fighters at 147. Boots kod Dulorme in 1 round! Do you think an esteemed Manager like Shelly Finkel who has Stanionis doesn’t see what Boots is? Do you think no one draws the comparison? 

Lipinets has 1 loss when Boots fought him. A competitive loss to Mikey Garcia. Boots completely took him apart. 

Abreu just went the distance with a big punching 154lber in Charles Conwell. He had never been stopped before. Boots destroyed him.

Clayton had a draw with Lipinets. Was undefeated and an Olympian. Boots smoked him.

Villa would be the boogeyman if his people kept him AWAY from Boots. Come forward fighter with a destructive style. Boots probably ruined that kid’s career with the beating he administered.

I’ve seen this before. Solid fighters who are hard to stop getting lit up by a superior fighter and then those fighters are being devalued by critics like  you "Carl Hewitt". I saw this with Roy Jones many years ago. For years all they talked about was Jones didn't fight anyone. Hopkins, Toney, McCallum and Hill are HOFs. Griffin, Sosa, Johnson and Tate are excellent fighters....You see where I'm going. They nicknamed him Reluctant Roy. But I always knew better.

You didn’t address my comment about Pryor. I said Pryor was a pro for less than 4 years and he got a title shot in his HOMETOWN. So How ducked could he have been? This is not an opinion. Pryor got his first title shot in August of 1980. He turned pro in Nov of 1976. That’s less than 4 years!!! 

As for Leonard ducking Pryor. Ok at least you named a time they were supposed to fight. But your timeline is OFF. Leonard did offer Pryor a fight after he beat Duran in their rematch. Pryor said it wasn’t enough money so Leonard fought Larry Bonds in March of 1981 a southpaw to get him ready for Ayub Kalule who he fought in June of 1981 as a co feature with Tommy Hearns leading into their showdown in September of 1981. After he beat Hearns he fought Bruce Finch in February 1982 and didn’t fight again until 1984. 

Ok so in real life when people say silly things with no substance I don’t correct them. It happens all the time in the gyms. I just walk away because I don’t argue with fools. But this is a mailbag. I literally get paid to correct people like you. 

You say HBO had plans for Leonard vs Pryor after Arguello vs Pryor. But Arguello was the slight favorite. HBO didn’t know who would win. But I have more!! Ray Leonard held a huge event in Baltimore where he slighted Marvin Hagler. He had everyone come out thinking he would announce the BIG fight with Hagler NOT Pryor. The date of this event was November 9th, 1982!!! 

Leonard announced he was retiring because of the detached retina issue. He fooled everyone. But more importantly Pryor vs Arguello was 3 days LATER on November 12th of 1982. So tell me how again was HBO planning Leonard vs Pryor when Hagler was the big fish and Leonard told everyone he wasn’t fighting at all 3 days before Arguello vs Pryor. 

You make it seem like Leonard saw Pryor’s performance and decided he wasn’t fighting HIM specifically. But what really happened was 3 days before the fight, Leonard announced his retirement because of an injury and put off the Hagler fight not the Pryor. Stop it bro! My memory is too good. I hate to say this, but humbly speaking I know too much for you to  spew that nonsense to me. Spew that garbage at a barbershop to casuals who don’t know any better. I’m done talking about Leonard vs Pryor. Pryor was never a welterweight anyway. 

Now let’s go to McCallum. You’re getting old Carl and your memory is OFF again. Donald Curry was a great fighter. I loved Curry. But in July of 1987 when he fought McCallum he was NOT the #1 fighter in the world. He had lost to Lloyd Honeyghan in 1986 and he had two disqualifications wins at 154 to set up the McCallum fight. Curry was looked at as an excellent ex champion who was trying to get his mojo back. But he was far from #1 at that specific time. Some things are a matter of opinion. But times and dates are a matter of facts. 

Hagler fought Leonard in April of 1987 and NEVER EVER fought again. So McCallum beats Curry in July of 1987 and says after the fight that he wants to move up and fight Hagler. So what!!! That doesn’t mean Hagler ducked him. It means Hagler retired and when he was active he fought bigger and more relevant fights. That’s all. 

McCallum and Pryor were ATG fighters. But both had management issues and timing issues. McCallum was around the 4 Kings age. But he turned pro much later than them. He turned pro in 1981. Leonard, Hearns and Hagler were champions and stars by 1981. And Duran was already a legend. So McCallum was far behind them in star power and accomplishments not so much ability. But They were concentrating on fighting each other. It’s why he had to fight a star in his breakout fight who came behind them in Donald Curry. 

After McCallum won his 1st big fight, he hurt himself because he lost his very next fight at 160 vs Sambu Kalambay who had just won the WBA belt that Hagler had vacated the year before. You don’t do enough research to email me. You need to be humble and listen instead of writing and arguing myths. 

Now for the record the one fighter who I think should’ve fought McCallum was Tommy Hearns. Hearns was at 154 for years with McCallum and they reigned at the same time for a few years. But I think Emanuel Steward blackballed McCallum because McCallum used to be a Kronk fighter and Steward didn't want to give him a shot at his biggest charge. That's my assumption but I won't call it a fact. I do know that there is footage of Hearns and McCallum sparring at the Kronk gym. And McCallum fought a few fights with Steward. McCallum was also Duran's mandatory but Steward made the bigger fight between Hearns and Duran and Duran vacated his WBA belt that McCallum won. I didn't think Duran ducked McCallum who was unknown to fight a killer in Hearns for bigger money. But Steward made a business decision that slighted McCallum. You see how I objectively stated what happened and how you tried to twist things around to your subjective preference.

Steward raised Hearns. So his loyalty was more to him than McCallum. I understand Steward's perspective and McCallum's...

As for Pryor he was a puncher. I agree. He was like a hard, vicious volume puncher, but not a 1 punch guy. But he was a 140lber and he didn’t become a star until he beat Arguello in Nov 1982. By the that time Leonard was retired, Duran was at 154, Hearns was at 154 and Hagler was at 160. "THEY" ducked Pryor. They just didn’t give him a fight because he was too small and not relevant enough. 

Ask yourself this, why didn’t Pryor move up to 147 and fight Donald Curry who was a new champion because Leonard had retired….Pryor and McCallum were great fighters who MISSED the biggest stars of their eras for various reasons. Timing and weight being the two most prevalent reasons. You compare them to Boots Ennis. But Pryor got a title shot in less than 4 years of his pro debut. McCallum turned pro on 1981 and got a title shot in 1984 in even less time. Jaron Ennis turned pro in 2016. He still hasn’t received a legit title shot (interim as of now) and it’s 2024. Both McCallum and Pryor got their shots in less time and in less fights than Ennis did. So the next time you write in, please research and fact check and don’t go by your memory because it’s OFF by a lot. Thanks.

Hey Breadman,

I have been very struck by the absolute lack of anything posted or said by Errol Spence since his loss to Terence Crawford on July 29th. I have not seen anything from him since then. What's your take on his radio silence, and do you think he will re-emerge soon?

Peace and Power to All Who Strive.


Bread’s Response: I don’t know. Maybe Errol is working on some self reflecting. The 1st Loss for a prideful boxer can be tough. Errol is a winner. He’s been undefeated for 11 years as a pro. And to lose in such a big fight can be hard on the mindset. But you have to realize that just because you haven’t heard or seen Errol, it doesn’t mean he’s radio silent. Maybe he’s just not on social media. Social media is the WORST thing that ever happened to athletes. It’s cruel. It’s distracting. And it ruins the mind. I wish I could take my fighter’s phones for 8 weeks leading up to fights.

I don’t know if it’s true. But maybe Errol is just staying away from social media and living his life. I think Errol will be just fine. He seems to have involved caring parents and loving children. Life is bigger than one fight. Errol will be a MAN much longer than he’s going to be a boxer. I wish him the best and I believe he’s being to be ok.

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