The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Oleksandr Usyk's big win over Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez's upcoming fight with Caleb Plant, thoughts on Floyd Mayweather, Riddick Bowe, and more.

What’s up Breadman,

Huge fan of your columns and greatly respect your knowledge of the sport. I’ll keep this short and sweet. If you had to develop a game plan against any fighter at the very peak of their game, which fighter would be the most difficult for you and why? From the last 40ish years, I’d go peak RJJ just because he was unconventional yet very technically sound when he needed be, and way too athletic to make him pay for his mistakes. I’d love your thoughts!

JP, Ohio

Bread’s Response: Good question. Obviously it depends on who I have going against that fighter. But I think there is one fighter more difficult than Jones, and that is a prime Tommy Hearns. In terms of difficulty I don’t know if there is one fighter who is more difficult than Hearns. Just think about this. Who would be the favorite to beat him at 147lbs since 1980. He was the favorite vs Sugar Ray Leonard. I don’t think anyone would be. In fact I don’t think anyone before 1980 would be the favorite over him except Sugar Ray Robinson. Maybe Mickey Walker or Sam Langford at 147…..Maybe….For as good as Jones is, there are styles that may trouble him or have troubled him close to his physical peak. 

Montel Griffin a low technically sound jabber with pedigree. Eric Harding a rangy southpaw. They were able to win rounds. Hearns is tough to win rounds against if you don’t hurt him. It’s close but I lean Hearns in terms of difficulty. If you press him you go into the fire of an all time offensive arsenal. One punch KO power. Top 10 jab ever. Brutal body puncher. 78 inch reach. 6’1, and super fast hands. Hagler has an all time great chin and he’s a 160lber. Leonard chose to box first and went down on rounds before he engaged, so you take the chance that he took and he’s beyond special. Hearns is a rough nights work on his best day. No more than 4 welterweights in history could beat Hearns and that is being generous. 

Hey Bread,

What do you think about the Crawford/Porter fight? I'm assuming you think it will probably be close but I can't see it. I don't think Porter has ever seen a fighter as violent as Crawford and I think he gets hurt bad in the ring. I don't discount the skills of Porter and think he might have even won the Spence fight but I don't like this matchup for him and think his toughness and pride gets him hurt in a bad way. For as much as Crawford has already shown in his career I think this will be a career defining fight and a TKO around 9/10 on someone who that doesn't happen to. I haven't seen a lot of fighters truly want to fight him, but after this I don't see any welter with a name wanting to fight Crawford aside from maybe Ugas.

And the young up and comers I think will have their management make sure they wait another year or two at the earliest before fighting him because they know what can happen to their potential cash cow by going in too early after seeing this.

I also think Crawford is wasting his top 20 ALL TIME potential because he is not figuring out ways to properly get fights. At a certain point you have to sacrifice some money or pride and take fights to prove it in the ring because the money will still come. Although I know many fighters don't want to fight him there's ways to make it happen still. Sad to see because people can say what they will about his resume, which is still an awesome resume, but the sharpness, skill, speed, style, mean streak and violence of Crawford is just special special, and at the welterweight division that kind of specialness gets remembered forever if he would have done more to fight these guys who I know he would have beaten badly.

You like to mention fighters fighting off the step and off the bounce, who do you think are top 5 of all time in each style. And which of the top 5 list that you have has the advantage over the other when you match them up?

Thanks, Jake

Bread’s Response: Aw man. I don’t know if I have a top 5 on each. Let’s see. Off the Bounce: 1.Muhammad Ali 2.Evander Holyfield 3. Terry Norris 4.Manny Pacquiao 5. Salvador Sanchez

Off the Step: 1. Joe Louis 2.Alexis Arguello 3. Archie Moore 4.Ike Williams 5.Wilfredo Gomez

So you think Crawford stops Porter. I don’t know. But I can’t wait until they fight. Love the match up. I think Crawford’s biggest advantage is his accuracy. He’s a money puncher, he hits you the sweet spot to head and body with the left and right hands. Porter is strong but he doesn’t score top level kos or even knockdowns because he doesn’t land as clean as Terence…..In a shootout the more accurate shooter has an advantage.

Hello Breadman,

When I think of Joshua fighting Usyk I think of George Foreman.  Now Joshua is not as good as Foreman imo but George I feel would have gone through Usyk because I feel George could catch punches better than Anthony.    He would take his shots push him against the ropes and come wider with his punches so Usyk side to side/head movement would not be as effective.  George did have some issues with Jimmy Young but I do not think he was prime George in that fight.  I think Joshua just not want to take those chances since he got knocked out the first time.   One may look to the ali foreman fight to see how Usyk could win against foreman but his style/abilities is not Ali's style/abilities(even past his prime)  Joshua needs a little bit of foreman in him imo.  In almost every fight Joshua gets stunned and when he gets hurt it looks like he gets lost.  Like he gets concussed when he gets hurt.  Many fighters when they get hurt they come right back or recover quick.  I know he has come back a few times from being badly hurt but those were fighters who came at him.  I do not question Joshua's heart because he is a real man and has showed courage but I wonder what can he do different.

I have three questions for you. If you were training Joshua what could you teach him about absorbing punches and coming back from being hurt?  Can you developed a way in which Joshua does not get hurt as bad when the same punches land against him?  I guess I am asking can you train him to take punches better?  So he can be more aggressive and take chances? Also what type of tactics or training methods would you give to Joshua for the next fight? Do you just think Usyk is just a bad matchup for Joshua as nortan vs ali?

Thanks as always for your efforts.

Rich Mathews

Bread’s Response: Anthony Joshua does NOT lack heart. He fights real fights and he fights back when hurt. He’s not a front runner. His problem is he’s an over thinker or who is not stubborn enough when losing arises. He accepts the loss to easy. That’s not to say he doesn’t resist the loss because he does. But he has a line he doesn’t cross. Where as fighters like say Marquez, Bradley and Holyfield are very stubborn. When they’re losing, they fight like the fight is still up for grabs. See Bradley vs Pacquiao and Provodnikov. Holyfield vs Moorer and Bowe. Marquez vs Pac 1 and Mayweather. Joshua does not have that stubbornness to him. It’s deep and not many notice what I’m talking about but I know what I see. And I’m an Anthony Joshua fan. 

People are coming down on Robert McCracken but he’s an excellent trainer. He’s had two top tier fighters in Anthony Joshua and Carl Froch. Both came back from losses and continued to do well with McCracken. I don’t know what McCracken’s game plan was. So I won’t criticize him. I don’t know what he told Joshua….But newsflash, all instructions are meant to work. It’s up to the fighter to execute. 

How do we know if Usyk has Joshua’s number if they only fought once? That’s ridiculous. Ali and Norton fought 3x. Joshua was very competitive. With the right game plan and temperament he can beat Usyk. Again I know what I saw. 

You’re correct about how Foreman punches. Foreman punches INTO his opponents. He usually hits something. He makes you catch the punches on a body part which is still debilitating. Where as Joshua is NEAT with his punches and it’s easier to make him miss. Foreman is meaner human being than Joshua. That counts. But I won’t get into the meaning of punching INTO an opponent just yet. The game is to be SOLD not to be TOLD. But fighters who understand that besides Foreman are Marcos Maidana and Rocky Marciano. Ezzard Charles and Floyd Mayweather are much superior boxers to Marciano and Maidana. But because they usually hit something with their big shots, it caused a different set of problems and it allowed Marciano and Maidana to stay on balance with their big shots and win rounds from superior boxers. But remember both are animals and they didn’t mind getting hit. Anthony will need to be a more vicious person if he’s going to beat Usyk. 

Hi Doug/Stephen

Gonna ask this to you and Breadman and hope one, or both of you answer. What do you honestly think would have happened if the Floyd that beat Canelo fought the GGG that fought Canelo from fight 1?Both slightly past their prime but still operating at the pinnacle of the sport and both giving arguably career greatest performances against today's P4P #1.


Conrad, Sheffield

Bread’s Response: Floyd is the better fighter P4P. But that has nothing to do with head to head. I’m assuming you mean they fight at 160lbs because GGG was never a Junior Middleweight. I just think GGG is too big, relentless and he punches too hard. I personally know a few fighters who have fought and sparred GGG. Each one says he’s the best puncher they have ever been in with. 

I don’t know if Floyd has enough to keep GGG off of him or respect him enough not to just bully fight him. Canelo is cracking at 160 over the last few years. He punched hard enough to keep GGG honest. I’m not sure if Floyd does and if he doesn’t that’s a tough night for him. Kell Brook didn’t and that was that. I believe Brook and Floyd are similar level punchers at 147. So today I say GGG wins but not because he’s better, it’s just a significant difference in physicality.

Greetings Bread Man! Hoping all is well with you and yours!

I haven't written in a little bit, but you're still the highlight of my Saturday mornings! By the way, I think Usyk might've read last week's Breadbasket, because he seemed to follow your keys to victory pretty well. Wow- what a performance! Hat's off to him! So, couple of thoughts/ questions for you this week: I remember hearing the late great Emmanuel Steward comment on an HBO Broadcast how much thought and importance goes into a fighter's ring walk. It got me to thinking, do you have a top 5 best ring walks in your opinion? Here's mine... let me know what you think:

1. Mike Tyson coming out to Welcome to the Terrordome 1991 vs Ruddock 2  tied for first with: 1a. Tyson's Ring Walk against Spinks (shirtless, fresh sweat going, sound of Metal, very intimidating)

2. Meldrick Taylor coming out to Ray Charles America the Beautiful vs Chavez

3. George Foreman jogging out to the ring in the trunks he wore in Zaire vs Moorer (the man had a date with destiny that night and those trunks and that hustle made a statement)

4. Tyson Fury being carried out to Patsy Cline's Crazy vs Wilder

5. Floyd Mayweather being carried out by "Gladiators" vs. Gatti

I love everything about Crawford vs Porter. Porter is a throwback and I love his willingness to test himself against the best of his generation. I'm by no means a hater, but I'm reluctant to put Crawford in my Top p4p spot because of his resume. He cleaned out 140 but he hasn't done anything close at 147 and I know it's not his fault, but he's got to close out strong for the sake of his legacy or it will always be up for debate. He reminds me somewhat of the situation Calzaghe was in before Jeff Lacy. Calzaghe closed his career out strong and his legacy as a consequence is golden. I don't know if that would be the case if he retired undefeated without "crossing the pond" and getting Hopkins and Jones. Similarly, Crawford has to do what he has to do and if the PBC boys don't want the smoke then take on Boots and Ortiz. I think they'd both welcome the smoke. I like Crawford and I hope he's able to do something to get the legacy-defining fights he deserves. Porter brings that credibility at 147 in a big way!  Also, I'm with you 100% on Plant's approach with Canelo. I say kudo's to Plant for calling out the Reynoso's stable for multiple PED positive tests. And I say this as a guy who has Canelo at #1p4p! But Plant made an unbelievably great point just yesterday (Monday): for a guy at the very top of the game right now, why isn't Canelo's Team mandating that everyone who fights him adhere to the very strictest drug-testing or not get the payday? Plant claims all the requests concerning rigorous testing came from his side (B-Side), not from the A-Side. It's undeniably strange. I'll leave it at that.

But coupled with the fact that he's tested positive and is now literally breaking the faces of guys naturally larger than him, I say good for Plant that he's putting the spotlight on that. Where there's smoke, there's usually fire and the tainted meat nonsense is laughable to me. Lastly, do you have an official pick yet for Fury-Wilder 2? I agree that Wilder is hyper-focused like a man possessed, and can end any bout with 1 punch, but I can't help but think Fury has his number. Can a guy learn how to fight on the back foot efficiently in 1 camp? Anything is possible when one puts his mind to it, so I'll defer to you on that.

Keep punching Bread!

Sean in Atlantic City

Bread’s Response: Yeah man I can break a fight down better than I can give a prediction, lol.

Top 5 Ring Walks. In no order.

1. Riddick Bowe coming down to In the Air by Phil Collins vs Holyfield 

2. Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns both coming down to the Rocky Theme in their 1st fight.

3. Oscar De La Hoya coming down to We Will Rock You vs Vargas.

4. Manny Pacquiao coming down to Karate Kid Song vs I think Margarito.

5. Julian Williams walking down vs Jarrett Hurd. The crowd in the DMV thought it was some type of homecoming party. I was just smiling because I KNEW something. There is a pic of me smiling before the fight. I can’t remember the exact song we walked to but I wasn’t walking I was floating.

I’m looking forward to Plant vs Canelo. I respect Caleb’s approach but from here on out, I hope he goes underground. Sometimes for big fights the media can spread you thin with obligations and Caleb has not had a fight of this magnitude yet. The little things count and he needs to lock in on Canelo or may something come Nov. 6th. Canelo wants to bite Caleb’s head off, which can be a good and or bad thing. I can’t wait. 

Crawford vs Porter will be a WAR. Mark it down. Their competitive natures will cause a violent fight. 

I have a funny feeling about Fury vs Wilder. But I won’t make a prediction until next week. But I can’t shake my feeling. 

Thanks for doing the Mailbag every week, I really look forward to it on Saturdays! Muhammad Ali and Uysk both have the same height, reach, and birthday.  Going into the Joshua fight I was thinking that this fight might be a good example of how Ali might have done against the taller heavyweights we have today (Despite Uysk's and Ali's style differences.).  I know that Ali fought taller fighters but I wasn’t sure if any tall fighters of yesteryear were as good as taller heavyweights today.       

I'm now thinking that Ali would probably TKO Joshua and would likely decision Wilder having never been really knocked out. But I'm not so sure about Fury because I think head to head its harder to say because I don’t think there has been a 6’9” fighter that moves like fury that I have heard of. What do you think about Ali vs Joshua, Wilder, and Fury?          

Also Do you think Uysk would match up favorably to the heavyweights of the past?  How do you think a fight between him and Fury or WIlder might go?  Do you think any of the Heavyweight today would be favored against Ali?

Bread’s Response: The Ali of 1964-67 is the best heavyweight to ever live, period. It doesn’t mean he can’t lose a fight. But it means he beats the most people on his best night. I’ve always maintained when heavyweights get too big they lose stamina and coordination and stamina. Now we have 2 stand out heavyweights is Wilder and Usyk who have been 220lbs and below. And for Usyk just 6’3. It doesn’t mean that bigger heavyweights can’t be great because they can but the size gets overrated in terms of thinking that a smaller heavyweight can’t ascend in this era. There have only been 4 great heavyweights over 6’5 in history who are truly great. Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe and the Klitschko brothers. And the K brothers and Bowe are not ATG. 

Tyson Fury is a unicorn. We may never see another human that big and that coordinated. He’s not the rule. He’s the exception. I would favor Ali to beat Wilder and Joshua. I can’t call Fury because he’s just so big. I don’t have a pick in that fight. Usyk is 50/50 with Wilder but let me see the form Wilder is in with Fury. I think Fury would be too big for Usyk and he would dirty box Usyk. 

Usyk is live vs all of the heavyweights of the Golden Era of the 70s and 90s. He can beat some guys but not all of them. He wouldn’t run the table in either era but he wouldn’t get shut out either. 

Good Day Bread,

I pray that all is well with you and yours. I’m an avid reader of your mailbag but this is my first time writing in. I appreciate the keen insight you bring each and every week. I say “kudos” to Anthony Joshua for accepting such a tough fight against Usyk. I believe that had Joshua utilized his physical advantages properly, he “should have” won that fight. He should’ve used that 4” reach advantage by staying outside and sticking that jab at least 25 to 30 times per round, and follow it up with that heavy right hand to the head and body.

Joshua is an interesting case! He doesn’t lack discipline like a Roberto Duran or Andy Ruiz, Jr. He doesn’t lack heart or courage like a Riddick Bowe, who I feel feared Lennox Lewis and avoided him at all costs. He obviously doesn’t lack power. I think what he lacks is technical savvy, due to his limited amateur career. Usyk won simply because he is a much better technician. But I doubt that this is the end for Joshua.

My question relates to the upcoming Fury/Wilder bout. If Wilder is able to do the unexpected and defeat Fury, would that, in your opinion, cement his status as an ATG? Conversely, if Fury loses to Wilder, would that put his ATG status in jeopardy? I favor Fury because it’s hard to bet against such technical prowess, mental acumen and agility, and overall toughness! But anyone can be beaten on any given night, and one thing Wilder is not…is afraid!

I think it’s way way too early to even compare the career of the great Muhammad Ali to Fury’s. (In fact, in my opinion that would be a disservice to Ali). But if these two faced each other in their respective primes on each one’s best night, how do you see that fight going? Could the size and agility of Fury trouble Ali?

Thanks for the knowledge you drop weekly! Keep up the good work!

Regards, George from The Bahamas

Bread’s Response: I don’t think Riddick Bowe lacked heart. He was a straight killer. I think he just avoided Lennox Lewis but when got in the ring, he fought to the bitter end. You don’t get through what he went through vs Golota and Holyfield lacking heart. Bowe lacked discipline. The criticism was misdirected in my opinion.

I don’t think Fury is an ATG yet. He has never even defended his title. He has to do some more. He’s probably a HOF but not yet an ATG. I don’t throw that term around loosely. Wilder is a straight killer. I appreciate him making this fight and not allowing himself to overlooked. Wilder is running towards the smoke. He’s not afraid but let’s see if he can adjust to the so far superior fighter.

I’ve been trying to find that article I read on puncher types. When I get a hold of the link, I’ll send it to you. I thought Usyk fought a great fight in his upset victory over Anthony Joshua. I do like it when an upset like this shakes up a division, as it can be good for boxing. Anyway, I have a question I’ve been pondering since Usyk’s hands were raised in victory: How big of a win is this? Not just for him, but in general? I’m trying not to get too caught up in the hype, but I can’t help but think that this a big win. What do you think?

P.S.: Speaking of greatest wins, I have two wins that I’ve been wondering where they rank among the greatest wins of all time: Greb’s win over Tunney and Pep’s win over Saddler? Top 10?

Greg K.

Bread’s Response: When a fighter elevates his status to a point where he is considered an automatic HOF it’s a big win. Usyk’s win was BIG. So far it’s one of the biggest if not the biggest WIN of the year.

Greb over Tunny and Pep over Saddler are top 20 wins ever. I think Pep over Saddler is a top 10 win. But at the time of Greb over Tunney, it wasn’t thought of as what it is now because Tunney had not won the heavyweight title yet. So the win GREW as history moved. It’s nothing like a BIG WIN. Next week Fury vs WilderIII will have similar implications.

Sup Bread,

I'm writing in over this past Saturday's upset over Anthony Joshua. Usyk had a masterful performance and A.J. made a good showing of himself. Great fight and great for boxing if you ask me. The reason I'm writing in is I consider you a great boxing mind and honestly those are a dying breed. So let's get to it. You stated Usyk is the perfect sized heavyweight and I agree. He won't tire as fast as the bigger more muscle bound guys. If you were in A.J. corner would you have tried to get him to impose his size from the opening bell? I was personally yelling at the t.v. 30 seconds into the fight for A.J. to be aggressive and fire thunderous shots from all angles. Yes he would have tired faster and possibly got stopped if he couldn't take Usyk out but his chances would have been better than trying to outbox the boxer. What's your thought? By the way Usyk proved my analogy on being hit with a gravel as opposed to a basketball. The basketball is thudding but a friggin gravel hurts.

Much respect Joe from Tennessee

Bread’s Response: The gravel and the basketball. Great analogy. Here is the thing about criticizing Joshua’s game plan. No one would criticize it if it had worked. He tried to used his height and reach and it didn’t work. Oh well. I think Anthony has to be more violent with Usyk but that’s just me. I like technical violence. But here is the thing. We don’t know how Joshua trained. If he trained to box then it’s tough to expect him to be violent, that’s a different type of energy you burn when you bring it like everyone says he should have. He may not have been comfortable fighting like that, because he may not have the stamina for it. There are lots of variables. Anthony has run out of gas in a few fights. He was hurt bad vs Klitshcko and Ruiz after big starts, so he’s trying to conserve himself. It’s the same as running 1 mile vs running 4 miles. Anthony may be able to run 1 mile in 7 minutes. But he may not be able to run 4 miles in 28 minutes. He may not even try because he knows he can’t keep the pace. Anthony fought the fight he was comfortable fighting. 

I’m not making excuses for him but it’s not as easy as you guys make it seem. He obviously needs to make some adjustments to beat Usyk but he’s been taking lots of criticism. Usyk is a great fighter, who fought a great fight. You have to give him credit. Joshua was not allowed to do what he wanted. Usyk had something to do with that. 

Without criticizing Anthony I think he needs to get into better condition. They have to figure out why he takes so long to recover to get his 2nd wind. Technically he’s not as far off as most thinks. He was cracking Usyk with some nice shots and I think he stunned him a few times. But Anthony has to keep Usyk from getting his rhythm. That’s the key. Usyk like Loma is a rhythm fighter. Teofimo Lopez didn’t brawl Loma, he boxed him violently. He kept him from getting around his lead shoulder. Joshua didn’t do that and both Usyk and Loma attempt to get AROUND the orthodox opponent’s lead shoulder. Joshua has to break Usyk’s rhythm. Whether it be coming forward or boxing he has to figure it out. It’s not impossible. The difference between a good fighter and a great fighter is 2 clean rounds.

Good Morning Bread,

Long time reader, first time reaching out with a question. Certainly respect your opinion and point of view, hence my long time reader "status", but I can't help but notice how slanted your perspective is on Canelo:- You say you cannot get Canelo's positive test for clenbuterol out of your mind, yet as recently as a couple of mailbag's ago you offered up an excuse for Roy Jones' positive test for androstenedione since that could be "traced".  

I guess you are willing to accept Roy's excuse for why he tested positive, but not Canelo's? Canelo's can be traced as well, as it also happened to several prominent Mexican athletes due to how the cattle industry is handled in Mexico.  This screams selective reasoning here, e.g. you are a fan of Roy so you buy into whatever supports your narrative.  What about Manny Pacquio and how much stronger he got as he got older, with more stamina? Is he also tainted in your mind?- You laud Plant for calling out Canelo and refer to him as not being scared.  How come Plant was not calling Canelo out before he got his match? Plant is acting like an unprofessional punk with how he is acting, quite frankly if I were Canelo I would cancel the fight....Plant has done absolutely nothing to deserve to be in the ring with Canelo.

Quite frankly, I see a lot of insecurity with Plant and he seems to be focused on the wrong thing. If he is so concerned with Canelo, why take the fight?  He is nothing but a punk, as evidenced by the published articles where his first wife showing Plant's true colors on him not being there for their first daughter even though Plant consistently paints a picture of a sacrificing father?   Let's call Plant out for what he is, an unprofessional, immature punk who is will be lucky to even be in the same ring as Canelo. Again, I respect your work but this anti-Canelo narrative that you bring in a passive matter is above the high quality level of insight that you usually bring (you are a massive Roy supporter, but never bring up his negative test yet you constantly do with Canelo because to you Roy's excuse is something you want to buy; you laud an unprofessional, fraudulent punk due to you characterizing him as not being "scared").

Thanks, LS

Bread’s Response: You guys are really something. You get mad because Canelo tested positive and you guys want me to criticize every other fighter who has tested positive because “your guy” did. You guys bring everybody else up because it bothers you so much that Canelo has tested positive and his trainer has had 3 other fighters who have also tested positive. I didn’t make it up. I actually hate talking about it. But it happened. 

Here is the truth. I think Canelo is a great fighter and HOF. I think his skill sets is sublime. He has A+ defense and offense. His feet are much improved. He has A+ punch selection. His chin is elite. He’s an ATG in his prime. Canelo and Monster Inoue are the fighters I most enjoy watching. I think Eddy Reynoso is a great trainer. But I’m sorry if people in boxing have suspected Canelo of cheating for years. I never spoke on it. Then his biggest rival and his team, Tested Canelo outside of the normal window of 8 weeks. They were set to fight in May and he was tested in February and just so coincidently he tested positive! Really! How about you guys ask Tom Loeffler, Abel Sanchez and GGG, why they tested Canelo early. You act like I forged his test results.

 If I were an athlete in Mexico and I wanted to cheat. I would take Clenbuterol and claim I ate the meat. It’s a built in excuse. So yes while the meat is a valid excuse, it’s also a built in excuse if I needed one. 

As for Roy Jones, his opponent also tested positive for that fight. The banned substance was in Rip Fuel and Rip Fuel was a supplement that was easy to obtain in GNC. So I said it was plausible. I also said that his opponent tested positive for the same exact thing. 

Canelo’s test are a red flag, but the timing of the test are a bigger red flag. The fact that fighters cycle before camps starts to reap the benefits and that’s exactly when Canelo tested positive is strong circumstantial evidence as far as knowing what he was taking. You have to ask yourself, how would Team GGG know Canelo eats that much red meat? I didn’t say I believed Roy Jones. I said his excuse was plausible especially considering Rip Fuel was a popular supplement and his opponent took it. 

I’ve given Canelo and Reynoso all the props I can give them. I think highly of both but the test results are the test results. You’re mad because I’m skeptical of that many positive test from the same camp. Yeah ok! I don’t know who knows what. I don’t know if Canelo had Clenbuterol in his system by mistake or he used PEDS on purpose. I don’t know if Reynoso knew about his other fighters. But I don’t like the feeling of this. I don’t like the appearance. And that’s that. If you don’t want to hear about it, don’t write me about it. I don’t bring it up. You guys talk about him every week and I answer. It’s just that simple.

You make this into a race thing because I’m a black guy and Canelo is Mexican. So you want me to blast black fighters like Holyfield, Jones, Toney and Mosley. You aren’t slick, I know where this is going. But you forget they aren’t as relevant because their careers are long over. They all turned pro about 30 years ago. People don’t bring them up like they do the still active, current fighter in Canelo. Just think about that. He’s the most popular fighter in the world. He’s an active fighter in his prime and Caleb Plant his next opponent, is outspoken about the drug test. About how Canelo didn’t ask for drug test. Do you guys remember they wanted Plant to take the fight on 7 week notice? That’s a short testing window. You do realize that right. You do realize that the Kovalev and Smith fights were also very short testing windows. You do know that for GGG they tested for 3 months instead of 2 months and that’s when he was caught. You don’t like the surrounding facts and you want to redirect the attention on other fighters. Ok I get it. And Plant’s not a punk. He’s standing up for what he believes in. Why are you mad? Canelo has a chance to shut Plant up on Nov. 6th. At the end of the day it’s a fight. I respect Caleb for taking the fight. And I respect him for speaking his mind.

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