Daily Bread Mailbag: Spence-Crawford, Loma-Linares, More

by Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as the big recent win by Murat Gassiev, his upcoming fight with Oleksandr Usyk, numerous mythical matchups, Errol Spence vs. Terence Crawford, Erislandy Lara vs. Hurd, Lomachenko vs. Linares, and more.

Hey Bread peace king. Hope all is well with you and your family. My questions are as follows what do you think of Dorticos as a fighter? Also what are your thoughts on the cruiserweight tournament taking place and why is no network behind it? Do you think the networks are waiting on a the winner before getting behind any of the cruiserweights?

I wanted your take on Wilfred Benitez as well and how do you think he would do today 147-160 fighting the top names?  Im talking prime Benitez not at the end of his run lol. Other fighters I would like to ask the same question about 147-160 versus todays bunch Michael Nunn , James Toney , Roy Jones and BHop. Thanks Bread I appreciate you king.

Bread’s Response: Thank you.

I think Dorticos is an excellent fighter. He’s a big puncher and he’s very confident. Technically I think he’s a little gangly with his punches and but that’s just his make up. Dorticos has next level heart and toughness. He’s what I call a “Dead Game” fighter. He took a punches from Gassiev until his body gave but his heart never did. I love the Cruiserweight and Super Middleweight tournaments. I have no idea why the major networks didn’t pick them up. No idea. You may be the right. The winner of the Cruiserweight tournament will have a major shot at FOY.

Benitez is a legit phenom, savant and all time great. From 1976-82 he was one of the top 10 best fighters in the world in a murderous era. If he were fighting today he would be challenging for the best welterweight in the world. As of right now I would favor him to beat the best welters. And he would clearly be the best junior middleweight. I don’t know about 160 because he wasn’t a middleweight.

Michael Nunn would be the best middleweight in the world if he were in his prime today. James Toney would also be the best middleweight in the world if he were in his prime today. Roy Jones would not even be able to get fights at middleweight if he were in his prime today. He would be forced to move up to 168 to get better challenges. Bhop would also be the best but he would be able to get fights because he isn’t as physically dominant as Jones. No disrespect to any of the middleweights of today  but GGG is 35 and not in his prime anymore. And I don’t believe the rest of bunch are in realm of all time greats or approaching HOF status to deal with the guys you named. Today’s middleweights are younger guys who have to forge their legacies. We just don’t know enough about them yet to put them up with the killers you named. Ask me this in 2 years. Canelo is the only one who has done enough for us to compare him to the greats you named and he can’t beat any of them. Everyone you named is a HOF and Michael Nunn should be. Nunn was in the argument for best fighter in the world in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

What's up Coach? Big fan of your bread bag and have some mythical matchups for you. But first, i would like your opinion. Why do fighters rarely admit when they lost? (DSG when he fought Thurman, is the first that comes to mind) I understand it was a close fight and you don't want to publicly look inferior, but in life the first steps to being better is admitting you were wrong/lost. I just think fighters aren't honest with themselves and it stunts their ability to grow.

Mythical Matchups:

Bernard Hopkins vs Bennie Briscoe

Kelly Pavlik vs GGG

Floyd Mayweather vs Meldrick taylor

Canelo vs Terry Norris

Marvin Hagler vs Carlos Monzon

Andre Ward vs Joe Calzaghe.

Thanks Bread

Bread’s Response: The best type of loss for a fighter is a close decision loss where they had their moments. It helps their ego. You have to understand a fighter’s mindset. They have to a valid reason in their minds on why they didn’t win. It’s just how they are wired.

Danny Garcia did well vs Thurman. I can see why he thought he won. I think it helps the psych of the fighter to be wired like that. I know it sounds weird but you have to talk to fighters on a daily basis to understand. You also have to remember that boxing is scored on subjective preference and who is more preferably subjective to a fighter than the fighter himself. But, It’s a fine line between lying to yourself and keeping your confidence in tact. Some fighters go overboard and become delusional but in Garcia’s case I really think he thought he won. I thought Thurman won 7-5 so I can see why Garcia may have given himself another round or 2. It was a close fight.

Hopkins vs Briscoe. Many old timers will kill me for this one but I think Hopkins moves, pot shots and wins a decision vs Briscoe. Bhop of course. Not the Excecutioner because the younger Hopkins would fight Briscoe and that would be a no no. Around the time he fought Tito he would outbox Briscoe.

Pavlik vs GGG is not an easy fight to assess. Pavlik had a great jab, chin, right hand and he was a mean mofo. I think he holds up well vs GGG and could possibly beat him. For arguments sake I will take GGG because he has defined himself more in his career and Pavlik is not a defensive mover which troubles GGG but this would be a brutal war and GGG is not guaranteed to win.

Mayweather vs Taylor. Great fight between two great Olympians. Meldrick would really trouble Floyd with his volume and pedigree. See his best performance vs Buddy McGirt. But I think Mayweather’s IQ and clean right hand would sneak a close decision over Meldrick in a really good fight.

Canelo vs Norris is a tough fight. I can see Norris fighting like he did vs Simon Brown2 and beating Canelo on a decision. It really just depends on how Norris fought him. Norris had bizarre IQ, he was always hitting a fighter while they were down. He was DQ multiple times…. The pick here is they fight multiple times. Canelo knocks him out the 1st fight. Norris comes back in fights 2 and 3 and boxes safety first and wins decisions.

Hagler vs Monzon is a tough pick. Monzon is a nasty version of the Klitschkos. He throws a heavy 1-2 and but he’s very chippy. Monzon was a winner but he wasn’t as dominant as history remembers him. He had a few close calls in his reign and he also had 8 draws on his record before he became champion. Hagler is actually a better athlete and he let his hands go more. Neither guy would get stopped. I think about the trouble Willie Monroe gave Hagler. But I also think about how good Hagler is in rematches. He is among the best ever in rematches. Then I think about the trouble Rodrigo Valdes, Emille Griffith and Bennie Brisco gave Monzon. I honestly can’t call this match up. I think they would fight a few times with neither guy winning by more than a point or 2. Very even match up.

Ward vs Calzaghe is for the 2nd best super middleweight ever in my opinion with Roy Jones being #1. As I write I try to analyze the match up. I also have thought about this match up several times and it’s very similar to Hagler vs Monzon. Calzaghe and Ward have very similar mental make ups. They are both killers they just aren’t looked at as killers. Both guys are super competitive and when you hurt, drop or get a good shot in on them they come back with a vengeance.

Calzaghe has faster hands and he can run off multiple punches better. But Ward has overcome physical gifts before. They both land shots when there is usually an agreed lull in the action. They both sneak good shots in, in clinches and off the turn. That tells me they have mind quickness. See Calzaghe vs Lacy and Ward vs Dawson. Both have great stamina. Both have shown the ability to adjust vs high quality opponents. Kessler was hitting Calzaghe with a great uppercut. Calzaghe put both of his forearms together over his face to take the shot away and won the last quarter of a very close fight. Kovalev nailed Ward with a great right hand. Ward didn’t get caught like that again 18 rounds post the 1st fight knockdown. That takes great mental adjustments and physical readjustments. The tough thing for me to determine is who takes over down the stretch. Both guys are murder in rounds 9-12. I have seen them both in close fights then they take over that last 3rd…

I don’t want to take the easy way out but this fight is really tough for me. History has shown me something though. The freakier physical fighter has the advantage in the 1st fight because his gifts are less common. His opponent has not seen anything like him before and it takes time for him to adjust. See Ward vs Kovalev. Although Kovalev was competitive in the 2nd fight, he wasn’t nearly as effective as he was in the 1st because Ward had adjusted to him. Also look at Pacquiao vs everybody in his prime. It took rounds to figure out what you were looking at. It took Marquez 42 rounds to finally clip him and Marquez is an all timer. Look at how long it took Chavez to figure Taylor out. Taylor’s blistering speed blinded him for a long periods. Remember you can’t lose 7 rounds in a 12 round fight or you lost.

I think Ward would have a similar dilemma with Calzaghe. ‘s odd rhythm. Looking at Calzaghe’s peak performances vs Lacy and Kessler, man he’s tough to deal with. So I say he wins the 1st fight, Ward wins the 2nd after his usual adjustment and we have to flip a coin on the 3rd. This is a rough match up to call. Most historians have this 50/50 down to the wire.

Good picks you really made me think more than I wanted to with my Eagles in the Super Bowl this weekend.

Hi Breadman,

Always a fan of your mailbags.

Three things:

1. Spence vs Crawford

Pretty much every boxing sharp and analysis go toward Crawford in this match-up. Everyone agrees that Spence is strong, but they still favor Bud. I always read: he can change stance, he's mean-spirited, he can do it all. Fine. But I can't seem him win. First off, it's like he's in another league because everyone favors him against either Spence or Thurman without even a fight at WW.

So yes, he unified at 140 and has a good resume but:

A. his level of competition is not that much better than Spence's. (No Hall of Famer on his list, that's my point).

B. he couldn't stop a guy like Postol or Burns at LW and JLW.

C. he got hurt against Gamboa (before stopping him in great fashion).

My point is, how a guy coming from 135 and 140, hurt in the past by a 135 pounder, having never fought at 147 can be favored by almost everyone against a huge 147 pressure-body puncher fighter who punches like a MW (maybe more).

And would Crawford have KOed Brook according to you? The Victor Postol Crawford?

I personally just see Spence too strong and big and even if Bud is a heavy dude (I saw his pics around 170 something) I even think he would get stopped. Also, physically (maybe cause he started at a lighter weight) I see him so much smaller than a Spence or a Brook. Even his head looks small.

2. Hurd vs Lara

Lara struggles with pressure and dirty fighter. Hurd is huge for a JMW, huge. He has a crazy chin and will. He'll move forward for 12 rounds. He'll eat every Lara's punches and will keep pressing. He'll hit from everywhere, every angle. He's a lot taller, bigger, heavier and dirty than Lara.

I see the really talented but boring "old" Cuban southpaw getting crushed after 8 rounds. Ala Angulo but without the crazy swelling. I think he outboxes Hurd and gives him Trouble like Trout (who was impressive during the Hurd fight) and then I see the physicality and ruthlessness of SWIFT number 2 too much for him. Hurd by late stoppage.

I know you favor Lara. Do you think he survives 12 rounds of pressure?

3. Canelo vs GGG and a feeling of Deja Vu

I know Ward's your guy, but hear me out. Life is funny. Sometimes you feel things. For Ward vs Kov I felt it in my guts that something was not right. Same for Canelo GGG. 

Kovalev won the first Ward fight. Yet he lost on paper. Pretty much every solid publication, hardcore fans and analyst gave Kov the nod. I know you mentioned some racial issues, and maybe that's right cause pretty much every writer or personality that gave it to Ward were African-Americans. I believe the fight was competitive and Ward showed guts but still, didn't do enough, lost more rounds, had a KD... you know the story.

In the second fight, the foreign fighter who barely speaks English was doing well. I even think Lederman had the scores even before what happened. I won't discuss it again but those low blows... Yes, he took a huge right hand. But we didn't give the unified champ the benefit of the doubt. Got stopped while sitting on the ropes wondering what was happening to his balls.

Was he probably gonna lose? I believe so. We could see something was off.

But we can't know for sure.

At the end of the day, Ward is unbeaten. 2-0 against Kov. Retired undefeated. The other one got his aura destroyed, lost his titles and now every young hungry Lion at LHW is after him.

History will remember Ward at the top when the truth is: he lost one, and the second one is controversial, shouldn't have been stopped or should have maybe even considered a NC.

Now, GGG vs Canelo. Pretty close situation even tho more money involved and the fighters' profiles are bigger. GGG the foreigner won, clearly.

Round 7? lol.

The female judge? It has to be corruption, nobody can misunderstand boxing as much. lol too.

Results? A draw. And now, ala Ward, pretty much everyone feels that if GGG doesn't get the KO, he loses. He's getting older, room for improvement smaller. you know the story. So potentially:

Results: Canelo 1 victory, 1 draw. GGG overhyped. Just a solid MW of the last decade. That's how it might end. Thanks to match making, timing and bad judging.

Question: Now, after seeing a "Prime Peaking Starfighter Cashcow", Canelo, losing against the "Aging Past-Prime Hey Max GGG from Kazakstan", do you think if they fought peak vs peak Canelo would stand a chance?

Golovkin looked softer, less sharp and a bit slower. What about a 2013/14/15 version of him?



Bread’s Response: I respect your opinion but I think your analysis is flawed. Crawford doesn’t have to ko Spence. He just has to win 7 rounds in a 12 round fight. He also doesn’t have to ko any of the opponents that Spence kod. If you pick Spence to win then you just do but the reasoning has me lost.

I don’t think Crawford is as small as you think. I think he forced himself to make 135 sort of like what Shane Mosley did but he was always a 140 pounder. Lots’ of times fighters look fresher when they first move up. Now I agree that 147 is new territory but lets see how it plays out.

A. I agree Crawford hasn’t fought Murderer’s Row. But he has fought the best available guy and unified. One could make the argument that Kell Brook is the best fighter either has faced….

B. You guys nitpick stats too much. 3 fighters have went the distance with Spence too. Don’t over analyze. It’s boxing you aren’t going to ko everyone.

C. Gamboa hit Crawford with a nasty shot. You can get to Crawford early. But that doesn’t mean he can’t beat an elite 147 pounder. Your logic makes no sense. Pernell Whitaker was knocked down by Roger Mayweather at lightweight. He moved up to 147 and was the favorite to beat Buddy McGirt and he did it. Roberto Duran was dropped at 135 by Esteban DeJesus but he was able to win a title at 160 vs Iran Barkley and he didn’t get dropped.

No offense but sometimes you guys over analyze to come up with your own logic as to who would win. Spence very well could beat Crawford, Spence looks like a horror movie these days but Crawford is also a supreme fighter and he’s just as hot. Never nitpick a fighter’s performances. Analyze them but don’t nitpick. No one stands up to a nitpick critic not even Sugar Ray Robinson and he’s better than everybody. You may not remember this but Spence was visibly buzzed by a fighter named Emanuel Lartey in 2013. Lartey is no world beater but he was able to hurt Spence. It doesn’t mean Spence is not the truth. All it means is on that particular day he got hurt.

2. I never said I favor Lara over Hurd. I haven’t picked yet. What I said is that Lara should be the favorite and he should win the fight. He’s more talented, he was the better amateur by far, he’s faster, he’s more skilled and he has more experience. But for some reason most of the people I talk to are picking Hurd. I find that interesting. I know heavy bettors and they all favor Hurd.

I can see lots of scenarios but I don’t know everything I need to know about Hurd. I’m not sure if he’s just hot or is he really this good. Fighters do get hot vs the right opponents then they cool off. Hurd got hot when he beat Frank Galarza up until now but I personally want to see more.

We know what Lara is. We know he has a great jab, a great scoring left hand. He’s the consummate boxer and he’s consistent. Hurd is the wild card in this one. I won’t be able to make a pick until I hear how they looked in camp. This is an intriguing fight.

3. You guys always say Ward is my guy because I think he’s a great fighter. But I give all great fighters props…..

I have no problem being objective. Most people I know feel Kovalev won the 1st fight. I won’t argue that. Some people I really respect including Cliff Rold and Max Kellerman have openly said Ward lost and they are both Ward supporters so I get it. I personally didn’t or couldn’t score the fight at home. I was watching out of enjoyment, It was super close and naked eye I saw 3 possible scenarios. 7-5 Kovalev, 6-6 Kovalev because of the knockdown or 7-5 Ward. It was a murderous fight to score with maybe 4 swing rounds. I always respected the decision because 3 judges had it all the same way. I also understand that people who identify with athletes are partial to them. It’s the old saying if you see two guys fighting in the street and you don’t know what they are fighting for you side with the guy you identify with. Race is the 1st layer of identification. So I get why you say that most black people took Ward.

I still won’t argue with you on the 2nd fight. I thought Ward was winning by a round or 2. I thought Kovalev was being competitive but fading. Ward hurt him and I feel the referee robbed Ward out of a conclusive ending. From my point of view I saw Kovalev showing a complaint of a low blow and the referee taking it as a sign of surrender. I think both the ref and Kovalev were at fault. The ref because he didn’t determine what was going on. Kovalev because you can’t be a fighter and an official. Protect yourself at all times and fight through all adversity.  I feel Ward would have stopped him anyway but we can’t go on assumptions. Am I being objective enough for you?

I also agree with you about the déjà vu. I think Canelo has the advantage in the rematch like Ward did in his rematch vs Kovalev. I won’t call the judge who had it for Canelo corrupt but that was a bad scorecard. I think GGG and his team has to make some serious adjustments to deal with the more confident Canelo. The difference in the comparison however is I feel as though GGG and Abel Sanchez are in sync where as Kovalev and JD Jackson were not. I believe GGG is mentally tougher than Kovalev. Let’s see what happens right now I think Canelo has a heck of a chance to win.

This fight didn’t happen in 2013,14 or 15 because GGG would have beaten him easier. It’s very simple. It happened when it did for a reason.


Hey Bread man.

Omar will beat Adrien Broner by Tko within 7 rounds, Triple GGG wins by decision this time.

Keith Thurman will beat Jessie Vargas by decision.

Wilder Ko Ortiz within 6 rounds, Joshua  will.KO Parker within 5rds.

Adonis Stevenson beats badou Jack by decision

Crawford beat Jeff horn by Split decision..Amir Khan loses his Tune up.

Kell Brook win in a close fight.

Devon Alexander Tko Victor Ortiz within 6rds

Danny Garcia beats  Brandon rios  by decision 

Bread’s Response: Good predictions let’s go through them.

I think Figueroa wins a decision.

I can’t call GGG vs Canelo but I’m leaning Canelo at this moment.

Stevenson is tough in Canada.

Crawford beats Horn but the fight gets sloppy. Not a split decision though I can see Crawford stopping him late.

Khan wins his tune up.

I love Alexander over Ortiz. Big!

Garcia over Rios by late tko. Rios is made to order for DSG.

What's up Breadman,

I want your take on some mythical match ups with fighters who were considered very very good vs some all timers.  As they say styles make fights and I think Moorer, Nunn, Norris and Benitez

won't go down as all timers they were all very good fighters whose style would pose threats to most all timers.  It may be forgotten by some people on how talented Moorer, Nunn, Norris and Benitez were.  Moorer couldn't get a light heavy weight champ to fight him and was forced to move up and be a small heavyweight.  Norris (one of my personal favorites) would be hell to any 154 lb'er but was overmatched at 160.  Benitez was too talented for his own good...had he had the discipline of Mayweather he very well could have been ranked with and ahead of many of the fighters that are considered among the very best.  Some of these fighters would need 2 or 3 fights to decide.

Moorer vs RJJ

Norris vs ODH

Norris vs. Shane Mosely

Nunn vs BHop

Benitez vs Mayweather

Benitez vs Whitaker

Bread’s Response: Benitez is an all time great. Norris is an all timer at 154 and overall great fighter. Nunn and Moorer were great talents. If Moorer stayed at 175 longer it’s no telling how great he could have been.

Moorer vs RJ you didn’t say the weight. At 175 I say Moorer by ko. He was just a mean nasty vicious man. But at heavyweight he wasn’t the same. Roy would outbox in at heavyweight.

Norris vs Oscar almost happened. This is an even fight in my opinion. I can’t pick it.

Norris vs Mosley is easier for me to pick. Mosley was always outboxed by elite boxers. He was murder on strong fighters who came into him like Margarito….

Oscar out boxed him for long stretches in both fights and Oscar won the 2nd fight despite the decision. Wright out boxed him twice. Forest out boxed him twice. Cotto out boxed him. Mayweather out boxed. Pacquiao out boxed him. Norris is on the level he would out box Mosley.

Nunn vs Bhop. Ooh this is tough. Um I will take the Nunn of around 89-90. Nunn was no joke. Watch him vs Toney and Kalumbay. Hopkins has had a better overall career but I think a prime Nunn stylistically would be a nightmare. Great match up though.

Benitez vs Mayweather. Geez this is tough. Watch Benitez vs Palimino and Leonard. He was on the level. Mayweather was special but Benitez was actually more gifted. Flipping a coin today I say Mayweather. He was more disciplined and fought with more of a plan. Benitez was a savant who could just naturally do things.

Benitez vs Whitaker same dam fight. This one depends on the weight for me. Whitaker wasn’t as physically dominant above 140. So let’s say Whitaker at 140 but Benitez at 147 and definitely at 154. He would’ve been too much for Whitaker at 154 where he was still thriving.

Hi bread.

Long-time reader who greatly admired your insight. I seen in a previous mailbag you noted Eubank jr will shred anyone boxer who comes forward to brawl and was curious to know how you feel he fairs against the current Golovkin.

I'm a big fan of both and bring from the uk it's great to see a fighter who guarantees action.

My other point was the importance of genuine confidence. Not like the charles Martin vs joshua confidence for show but fighters like Eubank and fury who have a genuine opinion they can't be beaten. How important is confidence and is it difficult as a trainer to install in a fighter who lacks it?

Finally I like that you appreciate Josh Taylor. How does he fair against linares, Mikey and Crawford? It's a bit early to expect victories but who would he have the best chance again.

Brian from Scotland

Bread’s Response: At this exact moment Eubank vs GGG would be about a 50/50 fight. GGG is older and Eubank is bigger and in his prime. His rapid fire flurries would give GGG hell at this moment. Great fight though because GGG is still a monster.

Real confidence could be the greatest quality a fighter can have. It translate into everything. There is a saying that indecision is worst than a bad decision and I agree. A confident fighter will commit to his move and that’s that. A fighter lacking confidence will always be in limbo. They always seem to be a step behind staring in space. A confident fighter will take instructions from a coach and just go out and do it. The fighter lacking confidence will always think he knows better and question everything. Confidence is huge and when a fighter loses his confidence his DONE.

It’s difficult for a trainer to install but it can be done. It starts with being successful. If a trainer has success with a fighter then the trainer can lean on that success as a building block.

Josh Taylor could be the best prospect in boxing. In my opinion he is. I don’t want to go crazy and make bold predictions but he has p4p level talent. Let’s see how his career plays out. It’s too early to match him up with those guys just yet…..but he wouldn’t be easy for any of them right now. I’m high on Taylor!

Sup bread,

What's up my friend, hope all is going smooth at work and home. Needed to write in about a recent article boxingscene posted regarding "Hitek" going to 135lbs.

In one of your mailbags you mentioned Loma having unfinished business at 130lbs and that you would like to see him clean out his division before moving up to 135lbs...Dude, I agree 1000%!! Why the hell is Bob moving him up before unifying atleast 2 more major titles for Undisputed status or grabbing the Lineal title in his division?!! Hes too talented to not do so!! His team needs to sloooww him down. He destroys Ogawa, beats Mercado, gets hit a little more by Berchelt but should beat him aswell. Why no Berchelt, he had no opponent after Mijares got cold feet, Loma didn't either, why not just beat him for the Lineal title? Do you think he's cautious of the pure "mexican styles" that's why Berchelt wasn't mentioned? I saw an interview on YouTube where the interviewer asked him whats styles opposes the most problems for him, he replied "Mexican styles". Honestly I think the Salido loss is still teetering in the back of his mind, making him question himself a bit. Although they discussed the rematch, He wasnt jumping at the chance to rematch Salido, seemed hesitant but pressured. Not saying he's scared (hell no), but cautious that maybe he didn't learn from the lost (although he said he did), maybe it's the only style that makes him human. Talk to you soon.

Bread’s Response: I am as high on Lomachenko as I have been any fighter since Crawford won the title at 135. But in fairness I think he should unify. 130lbs has some fine champions with great records. I understand that Loma outgrew 126. But 130 seems like a good weight for him. He may not have time to get all 4 belts but he can at least get 1 or 2 of them before he leaves.

Now if Loma moves up to fight Linares it would be hard to complain because Linares is more accomplished than any of his potential foes at 130. But I’m an old school guy personally I would like to see him unify at least once in his career before he goes on the weight jumping crusade to make millions.

I don’t think Loma is scared of any style. But he hasn’t faced an elite pressure fight since the Salido loss. I have noticed that too. If he goes another year without facing it I will assume it’s for a reason. Top Rank has the best matchmakers in boxing. In general if you look at the actions of successful entities it will tell you a lot. Look at who great fighters with leverage have faced in their careers and we can then assume what their Achilles heels were. For example when you see a fighter who never faces Olympic pedigree we know he doesn’t like a scoring style. If you see a guy who never face southpaws when they are available we know they don’t like left handers. Loma is the rare lower weight fighter who will challenge black fighters because he has rhythm and can handle that style. But if he keeps going and never faces another pressure Latino style then you will have a point. Let’s see how his career plays out.

Good morning sir, piggybacking on my last message regarding fighters moving up too soon ...I realized that Mikey Garcia hasnt even unified or captured a Lineal title in his most dominate division either.Sure he has a chance to capture one later, but if nobody can beat you in a particular division than WHY NOT GO AFTER IT THEIR! Mikeys so desperate to get to the chicken, become the next Mayweather that he's bypassing important accomplishments. Floyd captured the Sfw lineal title before moving up a division. Maybe you've already answered this question in previous mailbags but...Is the Lineal title not important anymore? Should such a boxing honor that dates all the way back to the 1800s be ignored? This will play a big role in who I rate #1  p4p, the lineal or undisputed ( Crawford, Canelo, Golovkin) should be recognized before than the others. When Crawford beats a top Ww he will be rated over Loma and Mikey because of what he's done.

Bread’s Response: I personally think capturing a lineal title is more important and a bigger accomplishment than just moving up and facing a titlist. But it all depends on who you fight for the title. If you move up and fight the biggest threat then it’s a great accomplishment. If you move up and beat a guy you have a 80% chance of beat then meh….

If Crawford captures the lineal title at 147 he goes in the HOF with a bullet. That would be serious.

I don’t get too impressed with who moves up these days. I get impressed with who they moved up and faced. Or did they unify. Unifying is the toughest thing to do in boxing these days because it involves no cherry pick match making. You’re simply fighting the other reigning champions. Example Gassiev vs Dorticos. That’s real fight and it will be historically recognized.

What a war! I know you are high on Gassiev and said his shorter punches would be the difference but man I didn’t know he could box like that. And Dorticos is a straight dog. Great fight. Where does each go from here?

Bread’s Response: Gassiev is the toast of the boxing world this weekend. What a calm and relaxed performance for a young 24 year old fighter. He even conceded rounds without panicking. He’s smart. He’s efficient. And he’s a real puncher.

Gassiev doesn’t have the best ko% around for you stat guys but he’s a better puncher than Dorticos. He throws shorter more compact punches. And he has more variety on his power shots. Dorticos can crack but he’s really just a long right hand puncher. Gassiev throws everything hard and effortlessly. But his left hand is his money.

This was a 50/50 fight but I picked Gassiev because of his short punches and Dorticos’s mentality. Frenetic high strung people usually lose concentration over time. Very few fighters with that mentality don’t lose concentration. Aaron Pryor was a rare. Dorticos showed great heart. I love his moxy. But if I’m fair I have to question his IQ. He went too hard too early while Gassiev was conceding rounds. Dorticos thinks he’s a murderous puncher. Despite his great record I don’t think he is. I think he’s just an excellent puncher but not on Gassiev’s level. Tommy Hearns had this same problem. Hearns was a indeed a murderous puncher but there were times where he should have just boxed.

Dorticos was trying to ko Gassiev and he slowly wore himself out. On top of that Gasssiev was sneaking in a left hook to the liver. When Dorticos started sitting on the shot, Gassiev started bringing up a great left uppercut. Gassiev actually proved to be the better boxer. He thought more. This was a serious performance man. I know it when I see it. Both guys deserve props but this was great. Gassiev goes to the next level with this win.

As for the future I think Dorticos needs some rest. He took a sustained beating from a deadly puncher. He can come back he just needs to be smart.

Gassiev goes to Usyk next. I’m high on Gassiev but I hate Usyk’s style for him. Gassiev is a patient, pressure fighter who throws compact heat. A long, bouncy mover is the last thing those type need. See Diego Corrales vs Joel Casamayor. Casamayor gave him fits everytime. Style. Gassiev will have to wrinkly his game to beat Usyk. He will have to up his pressure and he will also have to to try to time Usyk’s offensive outburst to clip him. It won’t be easy. And although I’m a Gassiev guy, I think Usyk’s style is all wrong for him.

I also want to give Abel Sanchez some props. He’s doing a great job with Gassiev. Gassive is a young kid and he’s rumbling. No cherry picking. No ducking. Sanchez is putting Gassiev in tough and he’s performing. Sanchez runs a tight ship in Big Bear. All of his guys show similar traits. Hard punchers. Good stamina. Hard chins. Self discipline. I love what he’s doing as a coach. If he’s able to overcome the style conflict vs Usyk he will have a strong case for coach of the year in 2018. Especially since Usyk will open as a favorite and he was the #1 seed.

Send Questions to [email protected]

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User Comments and Feedback (Register For Free To Comment) Comment by The D3vil on 02-12-2018

Ugh, I'm so sick of you clown ass alt-right b&tches playing the race card about Ward-Kovalev I Plenty of White people had Ward winning the first fight or competitive in the first fight. Last time I checked, Matthew Macklin, Paul…

Comment by daggum on 02-12-2018

[QUOTE=future hendrixx;18478941][SIZE="1"][B][I][B]"Also look at Pacquiao vs everybody in his prime. It took rounds to figure out what you were looking at. It took Marquez 42 rounds to finally clip him and Marquez is an all timer."[/B][/I][/B][/SIZE] true it took marquez…

Comment by daggum on 02-12-2018

more fanboy stuff. ward is murder in the late rounds in close fights? he's only had 2 close fights, 3 if you count froch and he wasnt "murder" in any of them. kovalev arguably won 3 out of the last…

Comment by Butch.McRae on 02-11-2018

[QUOTE=john l;18479125]Really someone needs to get this guy on tv.I think he breaks down fights better then any other writer or at least I don't see one better.And he is REALLY objective even when it comes to his fighters or…

Comment by Sledgeweather17 on 02-11-2018

Great mailberg again, but again ruined by your own nitpicking and misdirection. You mention Errol Spence getting stunned by Lartey, but you neglect to mention why that happened. For those who don't know, Errol Spence was particularly active and agressive…

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