The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence, the Charlo brothers, Artur Beterbiev vs. Joe Smith, and more.

Ssup Bread,

I saw three absolutely fantastic and underrated bouts from start to end on YouTube this weekend. Harada vs Famechon 1 and 2 and Salvidar vs Famechon. Call me crazy but Harada vs Famechon was more intense than Leonard vs Duran. They were fought at a faster pace for the entire duration of the fight. Those bouts helped me relate more to the answer you gave to my last week's question about pressure fighters. Pretty much like sluggers depend on a strong chin and higher punching power than other boxers, pressure fighters depend on a strong chin and better stamina than other fighters and when they run into an outfighter with similar stamina, they have to give a career best performance to win like Frazier in the first Ali fight and Harada in the first Famechon fight (he lost but it was an outright robbery as per everyone). That career best performance cannot be given every time. From what I saw, if Frazier was able to fight as intensely as he did in the first Ali bout, he probably would have won the trilogy.

Similarly, if Harada was able to fight Famechon with the same intensity he did the first time round, he might have won the rematch (not sure if he would have officially got the nod). Also, it made me realize that the 15 round format suited pressure fighters more than the current 12 rounds format. Now onto Salvidar vs Famechon. Salvidar knew he was not as fast as Famechon and he will lose if he tried to chase him around the ring. He just kept circling in the centre of the ring and ensured that he was facing Famchon at all times instead of trying to cut off the ring. Finally, Famechon was forced to move in smaller circle closer to the centre of the ring than the ropes. Salvidar also succeeded in making Famechon fight at his preferred pace. Made me realize that great boxers can beat faster opponents by slowing them down to their preferred pace instead of trying to match their pace. My question to you - Please tell your all time favorite bouts that you would like all your students to watch from a learning standpoint and the learnings we can take from those bouts.

Regards, Saurabh

Bread’s Response: You’re correct. The swarmer relies on energy and intensity and it’s hard to replicate after the heat the APEX performance. And yes great boxers can slow down faster fighters. I watched Floyd Mayweather slow down Zab Judah and Shane Mosley. I watched Juan Manuel Marquez slow down Derrick Gainer. It happens.

All Time favorite fights to tell a student to watch. I have several but I will list a few off the top of the dome. Ray Leonard vs Wilfred Benitez. Leonard kept missing Benitez with his over hand right. Benitez slid under the shot. So Leonard starting hitting Benitez with the shot he didn’t see. And UP JAB from out of his line of sight. 

Julian Williams vs Jared Hurd. Hurd is a pressure fighter but he’s very long limbed. Williams stayed in the eye of the storm and attacked Hurd. And when Hurd would open up, he would catch and counter because Hurd’s arms are so long, William’s counters would beat Hurd’s defense back to defend because Hurd’s arms took so long to get back in place.

Roy Jones vs James Toney. Toney rides right hands and he comes back with his own right hand. So Jones, rarely threw a hard right hand at Toney. He threw quick dart right hands at Toney, so Toney didn’t get the opportunity to land his favorite counter shot. Jones also would lead with hooks to the body, then he would turn to his right, which is away from Toney’s right hand. Brilliant.

Why do you think Jermell Charlo has seemed to soar past Jermall Charlo? I thought Jermall was the better fighter but Jermell has certainly passed him in terms of accomplishments. Where do you rate the brothers?

Bread’s Response: Jermell is in a better division. 154lbs is top heavy with PBC fighters. Jermell has been able to get each of his 4 belts on PBC cards as the A side vs the PBC stable. That’s significant. In terms of accomplishments Jermell is hotter. He unified a stacked division. Jermall hasn’t had a big challenge on paper since he moved up to 160lbs. But remember all fights are tough at the top level when the opponent has time to prepare. I think Jermell has passed Jermall in terms of public acceptance. But in terms of who’s actually better, I say it’s even in terms of ability but in my opinion Jermall’s style is harder to deal with because he jabs more, he doesn’t give away rounds like Jermell does but Jermell is quicker and he lands sneak shots that gets him better kos at this moment. So both have their strong points but as a trainer, assessing them fairly, it’s easier to win rounds against Jermell than it is Jermall.

But public opinion goes up and down. You have to be able to see through that. They both have won about 9 or 10 title fights. Jermall has done it in 2 divisions, Jermell 1. Jermell has a loss and a draw which is no big deal because he’s got revenge. Jermall has a couple of close calls vs Trout, Montiel and Korobov. I look at their resumes closely. Jermell’s is slightly better but it’s not by a mile. Everyone on Jermell’s resume, I believe Jermall would be the favorite over and defeat. Jermall can’t help that he outgrew the weight. But the twins are the perfect example of why  weight jumping doesn’t mean as much as clearing out your era in your division.

If you take their best 5 wins. Jermell has a slight advantage but let’s name them and look at them.

Jermell: Castano, Harrison, Trout, Lubin and Martirosyan.

Big Twin Jermall: Williams, Devryenchenko, Trout, Korobov and Adams.

So Jermell has a slight advantage but it’s not huge in my eyes. Where I think Jermell has the big advantage in his pre title run. Jermell was with Golden Boy and he was matched tough. It seemed as though they didn’t believe in him and was always matching him vs tough fighters or even undefeated fighters as a prospect. Where as Jermall went with PBC early in terms of number of fights so he didn’t have to fight as hard to get his IBF title. In fact Jermall got a title shot before Jermell did and Jermell had more fights. So their roads were slightly different to the title. 

For now Let’s see how their careers play out. Jermall doesn’t have big fights in the PBC at 160lbs. And that’s a big issue, it’s going to take a lot to get Andrade, GGG and Canelo in the ring. But PBC does have big fights at 168 in Plant, Benavidez and Morrell so he can make up for it. I believe in letting an entire career play out before I judge because things can change in 1 fight or 1 performance.

Hi man, Following on Monster's victory over Donaire, Naoya Inoue has a priority to become undisputed. Similar challenge - but, seemingly. a harder task - is much to liking of Stephen Fulton a division higher. Would not it be lovely to see 1st time in history (of multiple boxing bodies) 2 undisputed in the ring? Fulton vs Inoue would be a fight of this century. The mix of styles is awesome there and one cannot really indicate the winner, at least not easily; but will it happen?

May you all have a great weekend, Marek

Bread’s Response: I talked about this fight on twitter. This would be the 1st time in the 4 belt era, two reigning 4 division champions fought each other. I love the fight. Fulton will look 2 divisions bigger once they step in the ring. He’s in his absolute prime. And dare I say it, this will be the 1st black urban fighter Inoue has fought. I’m bringing that up because Fulton’s boxer puncher style could cause Inoue trouble, because Inoue has never seen it before. To be fair Fulton has never seen anything like Inoue before either. I love the fight and I think it’s a legit super fight. Inoue may be the best fighter in the world. But he started out at 108lbs. Fulton started his career 122lbs. He will look 2-3inches taller, he’s longer, he’s younger and he’s more dense. This is a very hard fight for Inoue because this isn’t a P4P comparison. This is an actual fight where the P4P stuff doesn’t matter. Whatever Fulton lacks in terms of punching power, he has in an adjustable mind and supreme level conditioning a cardio. I have no idea who wins but I would love to see it.

You were right when you said that although Spence vs Crawford is a 50/50 fight, more people would pick Crawford than would pick Spence? Recently at the IBHOF inductions, most of the legendary fighters picked Crawford over Spence. Why do you think that is and do you give any credence to it?

Bread’s Response: Just because ex fighters pick Crawford to beat Spence that doesn’t mean anything to me. It would depend on what fighter said it. Some fighters have sharp eyes and some don’t. You would have to be more specific. I assess everything individually. Some fighters make picks in fights for selfish reasons. They pick guys to win that they beat so there wins look better. Or they pick guys who have styles like theirs. Or if they don’t like a guy they go against them. I’m very careful who I let influence my opinion. To answer you directly, I think more people pick Crawford because his gifts show up easier. They’re easier to see. He also seems to be more versatile as a fighter and consciously one may feel more comfortable picking the fighter who they think can win more than one way.I don’t have a pick yet but I don’t pick for those reasons. 

Sometimes the fighter who can do one thing GREAT, can beat the fighter who can do several things well. My biggest question I have in this fight is can Errol take Terence’s punches. Crawford’s power has sort of been making people forget competitive fights. He loses his share of rounds, finds his rhythm and he scores a late ko. That’s been his profile over the last 5 years. If Spence can take his punches, and apply the same workrate and jab he applied vs Ugas, this fight will go from great to ATG. Because then Crawford will have to do something super natural to win. Spence is hard to win 7 rounds against because of his pace, body punching and jab.

We have another match up of big punchers this week. Beterbiev vs Smith. What’s your theory on contest between big punchers?

Bread’s Response: I usually take the puncher who is technically better. But I also look to see who takes it the best because that’s really the big puncher in a fight. In this fight I’m leaning towards Beterbiev but I’m not counting Smith out because Beterbiev is getting up there in age and he’s a really slow starter. But overall I just think Beterbiev is the superior fighter and I think he wins between 8-10.

What's up Breadman I got a question that's a little different than most. What advice would you give someone who wants to box in Philly but isn't from the area? What rules or common sense should an outsider know to keep themselves safe in Philly because most boxing gyms are located in the heart of the ghetto and also what rules and etiquette should one know and follow inside the boxing gym? I'm thinking about coming to North Philly to work with a trainer to me who works with beginners and to give you some context I'm from Delaware and from a middle class suburban background.

Bread’s Response: I train Kyrone Davis who’s from Wilmington, Delaware. He fits right in, in Philly because he’s a DOG. By the way, I actually just gave some of this advice to a young fighter in the gym who I am training who’s aspiring to turn pro. 

Gym etiquette is important because in order to be a fighter and top trainer you need an edge to you and with that edge if you're disrespected it can cause confrontation. Don’t pull out your phone and just start videoing someone sparring. It’s unethical. If you want to tape your own sparring ask the fighter you’re sparring first. Don’t just start recording without permission. Also, Don’t put it up on social media. 

Be respectful to pro fighters with upcoming fights. If you see a fighter in the ring with his coach doing drills, don’t just jump in the ring and start your own thing. Allow them to finish then get in the ring. 

Don’t make sparring personal and don’t gossip about it. Just because you had a good day on a well known fighter it doesn’t mean you’re better than him. It may mean it may take him a little longer to get in his groove and peak out. But once he does, he’s going to remember how you mocked him or gossiped about him. Without cowering to him, be respectful.

Come to the gym and listen to your trainer. You picked him for a reason and whatever he tells you to do, he means for it to work. It’s up to you to execute. Don’t come to the gym and get on your phone. If your gym time is 1pm. That means be dressed by 1pm and warming up. It doesn’t mean walk in at 1pm. Take 20 minutes to get dressed. Take another 20 minutes to warm up. And start working at 1:40pm.

Don’t be arrogant because it will put a target on your back. But don’t be a doormat because the killers will smell weakness. Come to the gym and put in your work. Don’t try to be everyone’s best friend but don’t be a moron. Respect yourself. Have self esteem. That let’s people know you aren’t to be played with even if you aren’t a great fighter yet, you’re still a man. The demeanor you give off is important.

What are the biggest and most historically significant fights that can be made in this current era? Do you have atop 10?

Bread’s Response: I can’t do an order because it takes too much time to research their accomplishments but I do have 10 fights. I have to name some hypothetical scenarios though.

Obviously Spence vs Crawford. The winner would be considered an ATG and a welterweight on the level of Leonard, Hearns, Oscar and Tito.

If Beterbiev beats Smith, Beterbiev vs Bivol. HOF level fight.

If Usyk beats Joshua then Usyk vs Fury. The winner of this fight will go down as an ATG fighter. Both may be already but the winner would take the dispute out of it.

If Inoue and Fulton both win all 4 belts. And they fight it would be the 1st time in history two 4 belt champions met and on top of that, they would both be undefeated.

Devin Haney vs Tank Davis. It would be a battle for lightweight supremacy between two in their prime uber talents. We would find out Davis’s popularity is on par with his skill

Canelo vs Benavidez. Perfect style clash. It would be a violent war at the highest weight, two Mexican or Mexican American fighters have fought.

Jermall Charlo vs Demetrius Andrade two undefeated champions in their 30s who both need a career defining win. 

I don’t think that was 10 but it’s all I could think of off the top of my head. I wanted to put Shakur Stevenson in a big fight but I think he would be an overwhelming favorite over everyone at 130lbs. He would have to move up to a historically significant challenge.

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