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Daily Bread Mailbag: Pacquiao-Thurman, Williams-Hurd, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns, with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling questions on Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman, Julian Williams vs. Jarrett Hurd, the career of Marcus Browne, Gennady Golovkin, and more.


First off, just want to congratulate you and the entire team. That was a great game plan and the kid fought his heart out. Much respect, I won't get too much into the fight since I know you will be flooded with questions/comments on the fight.

I was just randomly on YouTube and ran across some Marcus Browne fights. So I need you to explain something to me. How is it that when he is supposedly facing a threat like T-Williams and Badou Jack, he completely dominates them from the opening bell, yet when he faces guys like Hot Rod and other journeymen, he looks so pedestrian? Just before the Jack fight, he got dropped by some journeymen and supposedly looked very shaky. How is a fighter like this able to turn it up to different levels when they are facing threats? It can't just the difference in training right, or is it? And we can find many examples like Browne throughout history.

Another thing, I just found out that GGG doesn't work the mitts or didn't because Sanchez doesn't believe in it and that Spence doesn't hit the speed bag. Can you explain the reasoning for these two things?

Take care.

Bread’s Response: Thank you.

Marcus Browne is a super talented fighter. He may be one of those guys who can only get up for a threat. Some fighters are just like that. James Toney was a little bit like that but not as much as Browne.

GGG works the mitts he just didn’t do fancy choreographed routines with Abel Sanchez. Some of these youtube coaches are stealing money my man. They do these routines for fitness people so they can show off for their friends when most of the stuff they are doing can’t be used in a real fight. But it does build cardio, hand eye coordination and self esteem for people who like to work out.

Errol Spence doesn’t hit the speed bag because he probably doesn’t need it. He’s a great fighter and he uses other things in the gym most likely. I’ve never been in the gym with him so I can’t say for sure but if he doesn’t use the speed bag then obviously it hasn’t cost him anything. The speed bag is great for hand eye coordination and making a fighter keep his hands up in my opinion. But it also can be annoying. MY pet peeve is a guy hitting the dam speed bag when world class sparring is going on.


Whats up coach. Congrats on the victory. I'm sure a lot of people been saying this, but I been rooting for you guys since 2014 when ya mans Slaugther told me about you guys. Felt good to see you guys win. Much deserved.

Whats your thoughts on Pacquiao vs Thurman? Also, rumors of Danny Garcia vs Bud, what you think about that?

In regards to Julian. What type of mindset has he had to be so consistent with all the adversity he faced in his career? From the early draw in his career, the bad call of the Centeno fight, the 8 month gap in between fights, the charlo loss,criticism after beating Ishe, then to go down to Hurds hometown and put on a special performance. What is it that has made Julian stay focused and striving to be better? Why has he been able to stay focused where other fighter like Broner fall off after a loss and cant quite get everything to go back to how it was or to be better?


Ed Hagan 

Bread’s Response: Thank you. Mental toughness and not letting other people’s opinion of you, affect your opinion of yourself.

Pac vs Thurman is a really good fight. I slightly favor Thurman because I think Pac’s current streak is a product of cagey matchmaking but he still is good enough to deliver. Pac is not shot he’s just not at his peak anymore. Thurman better be 100% engaged or he will lose. Look for Thurman’s check hook to be the deciding factor in a close fight.

For the record I just can’t believe how good Manny Pacquiao is. You guys are so spoiled you don’t realize what we are witnessing. Here is a man who turned pro in 1995 at flyweight. He’s now 40 years old and fighting elite level welterweights in their primes who turned pro circa 147lbs. No one in history could do this except Manny Pacquiao. It’s insane to think he even has a chance to beat Thurman. I don’t think you guys realize the size difference between a man who fights at 112lbs and man who fights at 147lbs. In the gym trainers will give up size and a few weight divisions in sparring. But no trainer will let his flyweight, spar his welterweight unless the welterweight agrees to take it easy.

I didn’t hear any rumors about Terence Crawford vs Danny Garcia. I like that fight for both fighter’s legacies but don’t hold your breath. There are business issues….

I had it 118-109 or 117-110 (9-3) at the least. While competitive, Julian was taking the bulk of the rounds, and dominating and imposing his will for long stretches. Turning em, out jabbing, and MORE effective on the inside....especially defensively. Crisp uppercuts, crackling overhand rights and left hooks were like a magnet to Hurds face. At times he smothered the gun and bullied the bully.

Not sure what ESPN was watching to have it 114-113 Hurd, which means after the knockdown they gave Hurd 7 rounds. Wtf were they watching?

Last but not least: In the social media era people forget PHILLY legend BHop didn't win his first two title shots (loss to RJJ, draw to Mercado).. yet went on to have a legendary career. PHILLY STAND UP!!!!!

Bread’s Response: I am really offended by the ESPN scorecard. There is no way Hurd won 7 rounds. But I don’t want to get into the fight too much in the mailbag I will save certain comments for personal interviews.

Yes it took the great Bernard Hopkins his 3rd try to win a title. It took the great Juan Manuel Marquez 2x to win a title. I can go on and on about that. How about this. It took Vasyl Lomachenko two tries to win his 1st title and he’s the best fighter in the world. I personally always believed the media was a little cruel to Jrock after not winning the title in his 1st try. They still bring up the Charlo fight in sneaky way to attack him. But it’s no biggie, he’s built for whatever they can dish out.

Hi buddy,

Heartiest congrats to you and J-Rock. I know you cannot write too much about yourself and J-Rock on the mailbag but I gotta ask you this - what made you choose Hurd as the next opponent? You guys went for the top dog and beat him in his hometown. You are a serious contender for ‘trainer of the year’ this year and J-Rock for ‘upset of the year’ and ‘comeback fighter of the year’.

Who are you planning to go after next? I would suggest that you go after Spence.


Bread’s Response: We didn’t choose Hurd. That’s just the hand we got dealt. We got offered a title shot in his hometown and we said yes.

Hey bro

I am writing this as round 10 starts knowing you're boy J-Rock is gonna win and I just gotta say it's brilliant and I am sure many of your readers will agree, we're happy for you.

Since the beginning of Hurd's rise to the top of this division you've been nothing but complimentary to him, in fact you've been rating him for the monster he is for a lot longer than most. And all that time you were preparing your own fighter to take this monster on, knowing how high a level J-Rock would have to reach to do it.

And he did it! (Unless something happens by the time i hit send). He's done it brilliantly too, and Hurd has done himself more than credit he's shown himself to be the friggin Terminator. Your brilliant insights into boxing through your mailbag have been reflected in J-Rock's own rise and it's special to see.

What a performance, what a win. Well done Bread.

PS - Talk us through that prep to face Hurd!

Jazz, London

Bread’s Response: Thank you but I can’t talk you through the prep for Hurd. We may have to fight him again. But he is a monster. He’s all that they say he is and then some. That kid has “DEAD GAME” character. Pit bulls who fight to the death are described as DEAD GAME. That is what Jarrett Hurd is. He doesn’t act like a drug dealer or street kid. He doesn’t try to be a tough guy. He just is a tough a guy. He’s respectful and very nice outside of the ring. But in the ring he’s an animal. Jrock was in the best shape I’ve ever seen any human personally ever be in and Hurd made him get two 2nd winds. I have nothing but respect for Jarrett and I hope the fans and media don’t turn on him like they did Jrock after a loss. It’s boxing. And despite what you may think. If you fight enough prime fighters in their 20’s and early 30’s, you will lose. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

What are you thoughts on Deontay Wilder claiming he wants to kill Dominic Breazeale? Do you think he’s serious or is that promotional? I have a hard time with those comments because he keeps saying it like he means it. Who do you think wins the fight?

Bread’s Response: I don’t know what to think about those comments. And I don’t know if Wilder is serious or not. But god forbid if Wilder does kill Breazeale then that would be a burden on Wilder’s soul. I know men who have killed people in the streets on purpose and by mistake and your life becomes marked. I know men who have killed people in the line of duties as soldiers and officers and your life becomes marked. To kill a man in a sporting event……..

I hope and pray both Deontay and Dominic leave the ring in good health.

Wilder is a big favorite for a reason. He’s the more experienced fighter. He has more natural talent and athleticism. He’s also a bigger puncher and he’s much faster. But Dominic Breazeale has the uncommon valor that is rare. He has that Jeff Harding, Rafael Ruelas type of way about him. He’s not the most athletic or biggest puncher but he never stops trying and usually at some point he gets his opponents tired and he clubs them into submission. Let’s see what happens.

Bread give me your top 10 jabbers in boxing. After seeing what I saw Saturday night I know Jrock has to be in it.

Bread’s Response: In no order let’s see.

Krusher Kovalev, GGG, Anthony Joshua, Canelo, Charlo Twins, Terence Crawford, Tony Harrison, Jrock, Demetrius Andrade.

Hi Bread,

Congrats to you and JRock on the big win. Looks like everything came together. I will be honest though, I am such a fan of both JRock and Hurd in terms of how they carry themselves that I would have been disappointed either way: much respect to both. Don't take offense to that. I wish the sport had more class acts.

I have some questions:

1. Did you and Jrock decide you were going to use the sharper speed and technique to catch Hurd and not let him become the avalanche he often becomes in fights? The uppercut was there. Hurd leans too much....

2. Tony Harrison is talking a lot of smack going intovthe rematch, meanwhile Charlo alternates between not liking to dwell on the past and then admits later that he doesn't like being disrespected. I feel like that even though Charlo has a great shot at winning the rematch, he doesn't have the best state of mind. Have you been paying much attention about the lead up going into this rematch? How do you see it playing out? I don't know if Harrison can counter jab all night again (not that that was all he did the 1st time)

2. In an interview with The Ring, Jonathan Banks said GGG was sparring too many bigger men so his output and speed went down. Will having GGG spar fighters around his size bring back that vaunted ring-cutting ability he once showed so often. Also, how does the padwork from Kronk and Abel differ? That was mentioned a couple times now? How does this translate at the championship level and the impact on a fighter? What do you think GGG needs to focus on/do to stay competitive as a 37 year old?

Thanks for your time.


Bread’s Response: I don’t know if GGG was sparring too many bigger guys or not. But I am looking forward to seeing if Banks can add some sauce to GGG. GGG has always been a fighter I have admired and I think Banks is a solid trainer. Banks has a chance to make history because not too many trainers in history have turned things around and with a 37 yr old middleweight. This will be intriguing. Middleweight is stacked. If GGG can win a title again then it will cement his already HOF legacy.

What's up Breadman. First off, congrats to you and JRock on the big win. VADA for all fights! Ok, 1 comment and 2 questions:

1.Commentators need to be held accountable for being biased, especially when it's obvious! It affects the uneducated viewers (It was crystal clear that JRock won by at least 5 points).

2. Do you ever envision a scenario where boxing can all be under one commission? Why? If it were under one commission, it popularity would be right there with basketball, soccer, and football.

3. Do you think it would be better for boxing to have an odd number of rounds? I believe thats
one area where MMA is ahead of boxing.

Bread’s Response: I don’t believe boxing will ever be under one commission.

I have often thought about an odd number of rounds. Actually fights are scheduled for 5 and 7 rounds in this current era we just don’t see it often in the big commissions. I just don’t know it will work because we still have 10-10 rounds and there still could be draws.

Big Congratulations Bread Man.  Man I dont care how many emails you get congratulating  Jrock, you and the rest of your team on this win, keep publishing them in your mailbag. I dont want to see any negative post next mail bag. Bask in the moment. 1st world champ and a unified champion at that!!! Jrock and you executed a great game plan and kept him Turing and not being able to really get in a groove. I wont go into more detail cuz I know you might have a rematch coming up . That game plan was brilliant.  Dont want to over do it but Bhop booie Fisher and nassim used a similar strategy against Tito and Pavlik. If you guy ever in the Bay area a round on me. Quick Mythical Match ups:
Delahoya Vs Thurman @147
Freitas(prime) Vs Farmer @ 130
Casamayor (prime) vs Tank @ 130
Sal Sanchez vs Juan Manuel Marquez @126
Corrales Vs Morales @130
Also. Teofimo looks the goods as do other prospects but I cant shake the Bojado thing. HANEY I hope brings some fight to the new warriors arena in SF. JROCK GOT TONS OF FANS IN SF also

Bread’s Response: Thank you.

De La Hoya over Thurman. Jab too good, too much range.

OOOH Freitas vs Farmer. That’s a good one. Let me see a little more of Tevin before I can answer that.

Casamayor vs Tank. That’s another tough one. But right now Casamayor. Casamayor is a HOF. Tank is talented but he’s still young we don’t know how he handles certain things yet. Casamayor was great and dirty. He would thumb Tank and hit him low on purpose.

Sal Sanchez vs Marquez geez. I say Sal by a nose in a tactical shootout.

Man I have no idea who wins Corrales vs Morales. They could have fought just maybe a division apart at certain times. Today I say Diego but Morales was a better boxer. Who the hell knows?

Hi Bread,

Second time writing in. I know you're a busy man, so I'll keep this short. Josh Taylor has his first World title fight this Saturday here in Glasgow, Scotland, was hoping you could share your wisdom with me and tell me how you see it going. Keep up the good work with a great column and congrats to you and J-Rock for last weekend. All the best, Steven.

Bread’s Response: Thank you. It’s Stephen.

I am a huge Josh Taylor guy. He’s a boxer puncher but he’s also a rough technician who seems to be willing to go to a dark place in order to win. I am very high on Taylor. He doesn’t seem to care who he fights. So he may take a loss or two but trust me this kid is the goods. I know it when I see it. I like him to win this weekend in a great, great fight. A FOY candidate.

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User Comments and Feedback
Comment by BLASTER1 on 05-19-2019

Abit rushed like Sleadgweather said but Odviously the man is busy at this time.

Comment by ShoulderRoll on 05-19-2019

That was a great win by Julian Williams. I admit I was guilty of writing him off after the Charlo fight but boy was I wrong. It takes a lot to pick yourself up after a defeat and come back…

Comment by Sledgeweather17 on 05-18-2019

[QUOTE=MagikLair;19752741]Great mailbag as always. Yes ESPN's Rafael had it 114-113. Which is a ridiculous score, he keeps embarrassing himself. Congrats with Jrock as well..[/QUOTE] Nah bro it wasn't that great at all. Last week I understood because it was the…

Comment by Sledgeweather17 on 05-18-2019

[QUOTE=FLY TY;19752042]Can't have a top 10 jabbers list, without Errol Spence on it.[/QUOTE] Definitely. Spence is top three jabbers and top three body punchers in the game.

Comment by MagikLair on 05-18-2019

Great mailbag as always. Yes ESPN's Rafael had it 114-113. Which is a ridiculous score, he keeps embarrassing himself. Congrats with Jrock as well..

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