Daily Bread Mailbag: Loma-Rigo, Golovkin, Cotto, Roy Jones, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling several subjects, such as Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux, Gennady Golovkin as a Hall of Famer, Mayweather vs. Roy Jones in ATG standing, Miguel Cotto's loss to Sadam Ali, and more.

I still can't believe the total lack of coverage or build up for this fight.  It's a fight that somebody like Arum could have promoted into something a bit bigger.  Seems to me that if Lomachenko is able to beat Rigondeaux, it would be worth much more, if the public knew that Rigondeaux was a viable opponent at 130.  Right now the majority of opinion seems to be that Rigondeaux is too small, and too old.  People couldn't say Trindidad wasn't a viable middleweight opponent for Hopkins, after he moved up, and destroyed Joppy.  I'd have put Rigondeaux on a Lomachenko card as the supporting bout, against a top 10 130 pounder, a face first latin guy.  Rigondeaux beating up a brand name 130 pounder on the same card as Lomachenko, would have shown people that he is indeed, a dangerous opponent, and it would probably have built more interest in the fight, considering many people don't know who either guy is. 

Fight week is here, so what is your pic?  I'm picking Rigondeaux cautiously.  My gut tells me otherwise.

Bread’s Response: I think the fight is getting enough buildup. Anytime you get a full ESPN platform you’re getting the treatment. I think early the fight wasn’t getting it but now close to the fight it’s getting the treatment. You have to remember you have 2 main event fighters who don’t speak English fighting in New York. So it’s only but so much Top Rank can do.

I want to pick Rigo. I almost picked Rigo in Rigo vs Doniare but at the time he only had 11 fights and I didn’t know enough about him. But the eyeball test told me that a lead left hand dominant fighter like Donaire would have trouble vs a slick southpaw like Rigo. Ala De La Hoya vs Whitaker or Pacquiao.

Rigo rates as high as anyone I have studied on the eyeball test. He’s not the greatest because greatness involves achievements and impact. But if you’re strictly talking about the best he is one of the best fighters I have ever studied. He rates right there with Robinson, Leonard, Pep, Jones, Whitaker, Mayweather and Ali. No BS Rigo is that good. His only flaws I have seen is his lack of infighting acumen and he appears to take a punch funny. I can’t put my finger on it and I know he hasn’t been stopped but I fear he’s chinny in a bizarre way.

The problem for Rigondeaux in this fight is Lomachenko is just as good. Rigo may be a smidge more talented but it’s minute and Loma could have the deeper skillset. Loma can do everything his anatomic gifts allow. Everything. His only noticeable flaws I have seen is he’s more comfortable going forward than he is going back and he’s hotdogs a little when he’s frustrated.

The reason I am picking Loma is because he seems to be getting better. Rigo is special but he’s not rising like Loma. I don’t think it’s so much the size factor but it’s the physicality. Loma is moving around more mass and he will do damage to the body.

I think Rigo will get his pound of flesh early. He may even knock Loma down. Rigo is the better puncher believe it or not. But Loma has figured out a way to wear his opponents out mentally. He drops water on the concrete until it cracks. I think he comes on in the 8th and starts to take over with his volume. I like Loma by a late round stoppage or Majority decision in a really good fight. I think Rigo will stand his ground and attempt to knock Loma out. I believe guns will blaze.

However if Rigo wins. I believe it would be a top 20 win in the history of boxing.

golovkin-lemieux-weights (5)

Hello Breadman. Hope you are in good health.

Just two questions for you.

1. Golovkin is my favorite current fighter. Do you think he is already an HoF? If not, do you think a victory in the Canelo rematch takes him over?

2. RJJ vs FMJ... Who ranks higher on your ATG list?


Tofunmi from Lagos, Nigeria

Bread’s Response: Yes GGG is already a HOF. He unified in an era where most don’t. He is also approaching 20 title defenses. Most thought he won his career defining fight vs Canelo. He’s not an all time great yet but he is a HOF.  I wish he had more time because it seems as though the young wolves are lurking for him at this point.

Man this is such a tough question. RJ or FMJ. Who was better? I say Roy Jones was. His peak was just ridiculous. And I believe if they were the same size on their best day Roy Jones would win.

Who ranks higher is different. Roy hurt himself and Floyd helped himself. Floyd lasted longer which is not the end all but it is relevant. Floyd also didn’t lose and RJ did. They both have some misses….

There best wins lets look. RJ has James Toney 26 yrs old, Bernard Hopkins 28 yrs old, Virgil Hill 33 yr old, Antonio Tarver 35 and John Ruiz at heavyweight.

FMJ best wins were Diego Corrales at 23, Jose Luis Castillo 28, Miguel Cotto 32, Oscar De La hoya 34, Manny Pacquiao 36 and Canelo Alvarez at 23.

It’s really close. Floyd has more big wins. But the Toney and Hopkins wins were closer to their primes and possibly better than Floyd’s best guys. I can’t really call it to be honest…..


A couple questions. If you don't mind. I seem to learn something new each time I read your mailbag so I keep coming back.

What did you see when you watched the Cotto vs Ali fight? Cotto looked good against Kamegai but I guess it must have been the speed of ali that made Cotto struggle. Ali also didn't look that small. Where does Ali go from here? 154 might be a bridge too far but then again a few names just left 154 for 160 so he may have an ironic home here... Anyways your two cents is always appreciated.

Oh, and also, Loeffler recently said tickets will go on sale for Estrada vs Rungvisai. How does that fight play out to you? I really like the idea of the superfly cards they are doing. It's putting some legit attention on an often-neglected division.

Thanks for your time. I'm an avid reader of your mailbag.



Bread’s Response: I saw a very good fight. Cotto fought his butt off but I could see the injury. In all fairness that’s a serious injury. I also think Cotto looked little burned out. But Cotto’s injury aside Ali fought a great fight. He repeatedly hurt Cotto.

Ali was big, fast and sharp. He looked like an old school 154 like say a Vincent Pettway size 154. He didn’t have to shed those last 7lbs of water weight.

I think most of the urban junior middleweights are too big for Ali but call me crazy but I favor him over Kell Brook and Liam Smith. I think his team plays it smart and he faces smaller junior middles or the bigger welters. Look for a few welterweight to move up and fight Ali. He’s going to make some huge money in the next 2 years.

Estrada vs Rungvisai is going to be a close fight. Rungvisai is on one of the best runs in boxing. After starting out 1-3-1 his only lost has been by technical decision in over 40 fights. I think this will be a controversial fight. The scoring will be all over the place. Estrada is smart and technically brilliant. But Rungvisai has the strength and physicality of a featherweight. He’s no joke. Great fight.

Did you hear that Devon Alexander and Andre Berto may fight? Who do you like in that one and who has had the best career?

Bread’s Response: No I didn’t hear they were going to fight. Rumors happen in boxing. I heard Alexander’s coach say he wanted the fight. You guys sort of change the story lines lol.

But I will answer you because it is a viable fight. Berto has had the star treatment. He was brought along to carry the torch at welterweight after the great welterweights Mosley, Pacquiao, Mayweather and Cotto. For various reasons Berto didn’t come close to high accolades.

Alexander had it much harder and he accomplished more he just didn’t make the same amount of money. Alexander unified at junior welterweight at 19-0. He didn’t have any showcase defenses either. He went straight to a unification match in his 1st title defense after beating a very underrated Junior Witter.

After beating Juan Urango in his unification he fought Andrly Kotelnik. Kotelnik is another severely underrated fighter who happened to be a silver medalist. After that Alexander tried to unify again vs Tim Bradley. He lost the fight but then he fought Lucas Matthysse. After Matthysse he fought Marcos Maidana then took on Randall Bailey when Bailey was still punching holes in people’s faces. Alexander also fought Shawn Porter and Amir Khan. He lost those fights but he always seemed to be chasing greatness. Berto had a solid career but overall I think Alexander did more and fought much tougher fights.

Head to head. I think the winner of this fight gets himself a title shot. Berto may have more god given talent. He’s a harder more explosive puncher and the hand speed is similar. But for some reason I think Alexander has tested himself more as a fighter and technically he’s better. I think it’s a 50/50 fight but I would favor Alexander. Alexander seems to enjoy boxing more. And late in a fighter’s career that’s important.

What's new Bread?

Deontay Wilder called out Shannon Briggs and his steroid use years before Briggs recently was caught.

After beating Stiverne in the rematch , when asked about Anthony Joshua, Wilder replied with a wry smile;  "A "Juicin' J?" 

Max Kellerman ignored it, and I was sure the inter web would be lit up with chatter about it, but it seems not to have been noticed .

I've written to you about Wilder and how he is more protected than Richie Melito was, but the man fights clean and color me a fan of Wilder now. 

Why would an intelligent guy like Wilder call AJ such a name?

thanks ,


Bread’s Response: I do believe Wilder is clean. But I can’t say if Joshua is on PEDs. Let’s see if he takes the test and let’s see how he performs under testing before we start making assumptions.

Why do you think Errol Spence is not a bigger star. He’s on the pound for pound list but he has only beaten one real opponent who was damaged. What’s holding Spence back? I didn’t realize he’s 27 already. How does he do vs Lamont Peterson?

Bread’s Response: I think it’s just the era. Everything moves slow. Everything is a wait and see attitude. Or let me keep my perfect record attitude. I think Spence is a gun and he would fight the real fights but I don’t think his contemporaries want to fight him. It’s really that simple. No one from the PBC has asked to fight Spence. It’s a shame because I agree, Spence should have more high quality scalps under his belt by now.

In comparison by the time Ray Leonard was 27 he had already beaten Duran, Hearns, Benitez and Kalule. He was already a HOF. Oscar had already beaten Chavez, Whitaker, Quartey and fought Trinidad. He was already a HOF. Spence is put in that league and I believe he can be that good but he just hasn’t had the opportunities.

Hopefully Spence can get these big fights he deserves to prove his greatness. As you know I really respect Lamont Peterson. He stepped up and took the fight despite being a huge underdog. I think Peterson has to get past the first 4 rounds. Peterson starts shaky vs punchers. Spence is a brutal puncher. If Peterson can get past the first 1/3 of the fight I believe he’s in the fight. He has the skill and experience to hang tough with Spence. But I don’t think he will win.

Spence actually fights in the DMV area athletic walk down style. If you see DC area amateurs in national tournaments they fight like Spence. Peterson has had tons of success fighting in that style. The problem he has in this fight is Spence is bigger, stronger and hits harder. So Peterson may have to box like he did vs Danny Garcia. I don’t know which style he will employ but it’s a tough fight for him. I say Peterson’s corner will stop it after 9 rounds in an entertaining fight.

Spence has a way of hiding behind his punches while he’s walking you down. He also punches “into” the target. He’s not afraid to get hit. He may not be hard to hit but he’s hard to get away from. He’s really well coached by Derrick James. He really wears guys out late. And it will be tough for Peterson to keep him off of him down the stretch.


with Miguel Cotto's upcoming fight and pending retirement what is your opinion on how he is rated historically among other Puerto Ricans? Freddie Roach recently said that he is the best of all time (only his opinion but i respect it)... whats your top 5? For me it would be:






Bread’s Response: My top 5 is the 5 you named. The order is tough, because Trinidad, Ortiz and Gomez all have a case for top spot in my opinion. Any which way you slice it those are the 3 best fighters ever from the PR. I think it depends on when you were born on whom you take.

Fourth to me is Benitez. He’s just better than Cotto and he fought in a tougher era vs tougher opponents. Cotto is firmly at 5th in my opinion.

Hi Breadman!

Do you see boxing in the future  evolving into one sanctioning body and mimic what the UFC is doing? More fights being made and fighters being more active?  Would the networks, promoters and governing bodies block this 'fight fan friendly' model?

Lastly, can you see Artur Beterbiev cleaning out the light-heavyweight division?

Thank you!

Bread’s Response: No I don’t see boxing turning into the UFC. Too many power brokers with long money. The UFC is monopolized.

No I don’t think Beterbiev will clear out 175. I think he will be a player but I don’t think he clears out the division. His movements are a little too slow and he’s too deliberate in his approach. He’s going to brutally ko some people and he will be outboxed a few times also.

Send questions to [email protected]

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floyd vs rjj in pound 4 pound rankings shouldn't even be devated. its floyd by a landslide. you have to take into account a boxers ENTIRE career not just the years he was at his best. roys latter part of…

Comment by MagikLair on 12-09-2017

Bread's mailbag is the only thing worth reading on the site. I eagerly look forward to it each week. Everything else is just noise & trash..

Comment by mattr on 12-09-2017

I agree that peak RJJ is one of the best ever, but what I don't like is that while you talk a lot about boxers tarnishing themselves with PED use (and rightly so), I have yet to see you mention…

Comment by Fire4231 on 12-09-2017

The Daily Bread is the most complete meal the boxing public has access to. If this mailbag were indeed a restaraunt it would be 10 years solid on the Michelin Star List.

Comment by Steven Mccowan on 12-09-2017

Appreciate the mailbags. Best thing on this site really

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